Forever Affiliate By Andrew Hansen?

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Has anyone bought this course yet?
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    I'd like to know if anyone bought it too. Wonder if it's the same old same old.
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    Hey all,I just purchased and haven't even got a chance to go through it yet ,but FYI he gives you the option to try it out for $1.00 for five days and then 2 payments of $33.00 after 5 days if you decide to keep it.that option appears when you go to leave the page.

    All the best,

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      Originally Posted by jfrates View Post

      Hey all,I just purchased and haven't even got a chance to go through it yet ,but FYI he gives you the option to try it out for $1.00 for five days and then 2 payments of $33.00 after 5 days if you decide to keep it.that option appears when you go to leave the page.

      All the best,

      Hi Jerry,

      This product sounds promising and I would like to give it a shot. The "try it out" option for $1 seems save, but I don't get the response that you got when leaving the sales page. Could you provide me with the link you used?

      Thanks and regards.

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      Affiliate links are not allowed.
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    I can't use paypal due to my account has not been resolved yet can I use another way to purchase?

    Zack Sprague

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      You don't have to pay with paypal even though you are sent there. There is an option to pay with a credit card on the payment page. It's in small print. It's on the right hand side.
      Hope this helps!
      Geri Richmond
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    Or can I make the purchase with no paypal account with my credit card?

    Zack Sprague

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    I just talked to paypal it seems like I got my account back .

    Zack Sprague

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    Going to check it out for $1... let me see if Andrew has anything new to share.
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    I'm probably going to buy the $67.00 option. Does anyone know if the $497 coaching still available after you have checked out the $67 product? Or is it a "one time offer" type thing?

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    Highrider21 -

    I can't be sure, but I think the offer disappears for good after you decline it. I bought the program but didn't take the coaching.

    Unlike a WSO confirmation email that allows you to navigate back to OTOs, this confirmation does not point to the coaching offer. I've done some looking for you but I can't find that page.
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      Originally Posted by Doiron View Post

      Highrider21 -

      I can't be sure, but I think the offer disappears for good after you decline it. I bought the program but didn't take the coaching.

      Unlike a WSO confirmation email that allows you to navigate back to OTOs, this confirmation does not point to the coaching offer. I've done some looking for you but I can't find that page.
      That sucks. What I usually do with OTOs is save the url of the OTO page when it first comes up so if it isn't offered again I can go back to the url of the OTO page. But you would think with a $497 price tag he would let you buy it after you have checked out the $67 product. Thanks for letting me know though.

      I also wanted to know what other costs are involved to implement his methods. Like how much will it cost to outsource the articles and create the backlinks. The backlinking services that other courses recommend are usually pretty expensive (for me anyways) like $67+/month.

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    I bought it,but decided to pass on the upsells.

    It's a bit early to give a real review-the course just launched today, and I'm only on the second "theory" video.

    With that said, I suspect (based on what I've seen so far) it will be similar to Andrew's last course in overall strategy, although some of the technical stuff will be updated. It also looks like he is focused more on a mix of authority and minisites as a long term business philosophy-something I agree with.

    He seems to be focusing more and more on building an online business, versus just an income stream.

    As much as I'm hesitant to say much until I've gone through the entire course, and taken action on it, I will say that this is not the first time I've purchased Andrew's materials. He is very detail oriented, explains things well without sacrificing depth, and his info is always top notch.

    I have no doubt that this purchase will be worth it.
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    I have done a full video review (I had early access, which is a good job as there are over 50 videos.
    - here with no affiliate link:

    Here is a full written review:

    Forever Affiliate is a training program, from Andrew Hansen, that will teach you how to build a genuine long term and sustainable online business from affiliate marketing, where you can get to a position where you are earning a genuine PASSIVE Income – i.e. earning while you sleep. But you need to get there first.

    Andrew Hansen has been around some time, and his previous training course from a few years ago was UNSTOPPABLE AFFILIATE was highly regarded (in fact one of my top recommendations).
    HOWEVER, Forever Affiliate is NOT just a re-hash of old stuff!!! This is ALL Brand new training, developed for all aspiring affiliate marketers NOW. Many courses I review, even new ones, tend to be just re-hashes of old techniques. BUT Forever Affiliate is ALL NEW. And this is important to understand.

    You see last year GOOGLE made some major changes to the way its search engine algorithms work. Any existing affiliate marketers out there will be acutely aware of these. These were the so called Google Penguin, Panda and EMD updates – and it had a MAJOR impact on many affiliate marketers – even me! Those old techniques – just don’t work effectively anymore, and over utilise them and you will get GOOGLE slapped.

    That is why, for me, FOREVER AFFILIATE is so exciting – it is the first new training that is based on this new post-Panda, Penguin and EMD era.

    Upfront I want to establish a few things about Forever Affiliate:
    If you think that just buying the product and sitting there doing nothing your problems will be solved – this is not for you
    If you think buying this means you will be earning £100 per day by tomorrow, this is not for you.
    If you are looking for a “push button” magic bullet solution – this is not for you.

    Make no mistake ….
    Forever Affiliate DOES require an investment of YOUR time. There are nearly 50 videos here, and you need to go through each one. Each video ranges anywhere 5 to 20 mins long.
    BUT THIS IS GOOD. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED. It is because the training is SO detailed and thorough *(a trademark of Andrew Hansen’s previous courses). And why I like Andrew Hansen’s training. Even for an old hack like me, there is always so much NEW stuff I didn’t know about.
    But it is all about QUALITY not QUANTITY – and the content in here is all QUALITY, believe me.
    Right, now I have that off my chest …. Let’s get started and go to the members Area….

    Members Area is pretty standard, but I like the simple layout. I have seen some membership areas that are just too confusing. This is very straightforward and perfect for beginners as well as old hacks like me.

    Simple MENU navigation across the top, and the main training is split into 3 Key areas of “Phases”.
    But here is the THEORY – now it really pays to sit through this, and really understand WHAT it is you are trying to achieve and HOW you are going to achieve it. This helps when you come to the main part of the course.

    PHASE 1 – Is all about research, creating the framework for testing whether affiliate offers are worth pursuing, and also How to find great affiliate offers.
    There are 15 videos
    PHASE 2 – Testing, and setting up your blog, using Wordpress, what plugins you should use, Initial On Page optimisation
    About 20 videos
    PHASE 3 – off page SEO, SEO for 2013 an onwards, i.e HOW to avoid the nightmare of Google Penguin, Panda . This is not old re-hashed stuff using techniques developed before GOOGLE introduced its Penguin and Panda updates. This is all NEW SEO, and how to succeed and get ranking and traffic in 2013.
    About 10 videos
    In all the videos Andrew sets up what it is you will be learning, then he shows you how to do it, with “over the shoulder” (i.e. screen capture) view, then sums up the key points at the end in a slide. So all very easy to follow.

    PHASE 1
    Phase 1: Goes into real depth on two key areas
    All about Creating an Analysis Funnel - basically a bench mark, or criteria to dramatically increase the chances of success when promoting a product.

    This is what you use to test whether promoting a product is going to be worth your while.

    This is what makes Forever Affiliate so effective. Many courses, just tell you how to find keywords that can rank easily, and have little competition - and then leave it at that.

    But just because you find a great keyword - that meet is the search and competition criteria - does not mean you will make any money from this.

    Forever Affiliate goes into much more detail in its "Analysis Funnel”. After all, if you are going to spend time creating site, or writing articles – you want to know that all that effort will be worth it. Or, if you are going to pay someone to do all that – again, you want to know that you will get a return on your investment.

    This is why finding whether it is worth pursuing an idea is CRUCIAL – and what sets Forever Affiliate head and shoulders over anything else I have seen.

    But, as they say, there is MORE. So you know how to analysis whether a product or service is worth promoting …. HOW DO YOU FIND what products or services to promote? Again, another area overlooked by so many courses.

    Not this. The second part of Phase 1 is called “Putting Stuff Into The Funnel” – it is all about finding those PROFITABLE affiliate offers you can analyse. This section taught me so many techniques and ideas in finding great affiliate offers, (that aren’t just about tired all competitive products from Clickbank). There is NO ONE else teaching how to find great affiliate offers to promote – in this kind of detail.

    Believe me if you have been around the block a few times with affiliate marketing, and put in all the effort only for a site to not make sales, or for all the best affiliate offers to be too competitive – I can understand your disillusionment. I know a lot of people struggle trying to find niche markets and affiliate offers to exploit – well, the training deals with this.

    But the training in this part is so much more effective and so much more detailed than anything I have ever seen before. Really powerful stuff. You will discover loads of amazing affiliate offers to promote – that so many affiliate marketers do not know about – so low competition. If you take affiliate marketing seriously – this stuff is gold. You won’t be chasing after the same old tired and competitive affiliate offers everyone else is! My eyes have been truly opened to a whole new world of accessing affiliate offers I would never of come across.

    I cannot recommend the training in this section enough. And it is worth going through all the training videos first, before going back and watching them again and then apply the techniques. Finding product and niche ideas – that are profitable is absolutely KEY to success as an affiliate marketer. And you get the training in shed loads here….

    It is so worth spending time finding lots of products, putting then through the Analysis Funnel to see if they are worth it. When you have a handful – you then have a set of real potential affiliate offers to start building your sites.

    Phase 2:
    Testing - i.e. setting up your initial sites to see what works
    This whole section includes, finding a hosting company, buying domain names, and installing Wordpress - and what the best Wordpress theme to use is - with both a paid (THESIS) and free theme that is recommended.

    Andrew Hansen shows you what the essential Wordpress plugins are, how to install them, and where necessary configure them.

    One Wordpress plugin - the All In One plugin- has its own video - explaining, in the clearest way I have ever seen, how to set it up. Even for an old hack like me I had an “a-ha!” moment.
    Phase 3 also covers, the real importance and setting up of Google analytics - so you can optimise your earnings, and how you go about it.

    Next part of this section, Andrew Hansen explains the difference between a mini site - and authority site - and how to lay them out accordingly.

    There is a lot of focus on Creating content for 2013 onwards in this course - and it is VERY important. This is ignored by so many courses, or just plain out of date. It is all about providing quality content that is NOT over optimised or too short - which is a big mistake post Panda/Penguin.

    But, it doesn’t leave you hanging there - there is a video that goes into great detail on how to actually WRITE an article, the style, tone and flow. Then how to layout and optimise the post for both the readers and the search engines accordingly.

    NB: IF YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED WITH ALL THIS you can get it all done for you !
    For $15 you can get the Wordpress site all set up, plugins installed and optimised as explained, and for just $10 you can get “Forever Affiliate” style article written for you.
    You just say how many you want, pay the money, and off you go. Simples!

    Finally this section starts the traffic generation and link building process. Special focus paid attention what to do RIGHT, and what to AVOID in 2013 onwards. Really important stuff, in the light of GOOGLE’s changes last year. So all about avoiding “red flags” to Google. i.e
    Rule 1 - Build links “slowly” and gently and only with NO use of anchor text links in the first 4 to 6 weeks. Initially just 50 of these unique high quality backlinks in the first 4 to 6 weeks. All very Google friendly. And more importantly - dead easy to do.

    PHASE 3:
    All about building on the now proven success of the mini sites tested in Phase 2. Driving traffic and building on what you now know are money earning sites. These are your “assets”, and it is all about maximising those assets.

    Again, all post Google Panda/Penguin/EMD update friendly off page SEO methods.

    This course is very detailed – and there is a lot of it. It took me a few sittings to go through it. But it is all quality, and at a level of detail that means you will find success if you follow the training. What I like is how Andrew sums up each video with the main points at the end.

    If you are new to Affiliate marketing - then it may seem overwhelming at first. But I say - stick with it. Go through it ALL once, then go back and start applying what he teaches step by step. Don’t just jump in at the beginning.

    The SEO and training is ALL NEW, not re-hashed old techniques that are less effective nowadays. This is all about succeeding in a post Google Panda, Penguin, EMD era – but more than this. It is future proof, and gives you a robust approach to if Google change the goal posts again.

    Great for beginners and people new to affiliate marketing, but just as valuable to people who are more experiences, as will find a raft of products to promote you didn’t even know existed. This is so much more than just promoting the same old Clickbank products that EVERYBODY seems to promote. In addition, the techniques to rank, and drive traffic are geared for a post Panda/Penguin world.

    If you are looking to build a genuine, long term online business, with a firm base, that will earn you a passive income of thousands a month, then this IS the course. It is not going to happen overnight.
    BUT, If you are prepared to put the work in and follow the videos very carefully, stay focused, have the commitment then YOU will succeed. This is why I think this is the most exciting affiliate training I have seen– AND WILL get results, and get you to a place, where YES, you are earning thousands a month, doing nothing.

    I can’t recommend it enough.

    Just trying to wade through the Internet Marketing hype, find the good stuff and keep it simple - with the Internet Marketing Bootcamp

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      Hey Lewis,Just wanted to say thanks for such a great and thorough review.
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      Hi lordkensal,

      This is one of the best and most detailed review I have read so far, on this forum.
      And I have been here a very, very long time. (Don't mind what is being
      shown as my starting date) :-)

      But thanks to you, I now have a pretty great idea of what this offer is about,
      before I actually buy it. And it sound real good.

      And I have dealt with Andrew over the years. He is an honest guy. Nothing
      phony about Andrew Hansen.

      Once again, great job,

      "Providing personal and business transformational information: Working hard to always give the kind of value that will produce the best results for my customers. Because, the success of my business will depend on my customers' satisfaction."

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