2013 Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Self-Hosted (versus thread)

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There are lots of threads about this subject but this one is for 2013 comparisons. These services have made many improvements over the years I'm sure so this is the new and improved thread to discuss, compare, contrast these services as they are now in 2013.

Any comments are most welcome.
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    Hi BG,

    It may be early in the morning (I'm at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Vegas right now), but I think I can only really answer one of those questions. Yes, GetResponse has an RSS to email feature. In fact we just released a brand new one a few months ago. Here's a link to a video explaining the features. I think you will like what you see: Watch | GetResponse.tv

    If you want, please PM me any questions and I'll get you answers for your client. Happy to help.

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    Yes, GetResponse now has blog broadcast via RSS. I've been using them since 2009 and I'm very happy.
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    Maybe you could simply edit your first post so that the parts which are not directly related to your question are removed, or ask a moderator to delete the thread.
    Personally I use aweber and I'm paying the same as you but in about 100 new subscriber I'll go to the next stage, paying more. I don't see it as a problem, what you should do instead is try everything to increase your number of subscribers instead of trying to get something cheaper, because the goal is that the cost of the mail service will be cheap compared to the value you get from your list. So keep that goal in mind.
    Also for your customers in the future you can all refer them to aweber though your own affiliate link, that way you'll be paid back on a recurring basis.
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    I tried a self-hosted script last year and even using private smtp services, the delivery rate was poor so I switched back to aweber
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    So, getresponse and aweber are still the most preferred autoresponder. That RSS to email feature looks good.
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    I've found my hosted solution, using Amazon SES gives me MUCH better open rates that using AWeber - not to mention is a damn sight cheaper once you start piling on the subscribers.

    In 2013, I think self hosted is the way to go - as long as you pair it up with a decent SMTP provider like Amazon or SendGrid.
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    I've use aweber , I would like to try get response It's just a good idea not to have all your eggs in one basket
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    Avoid MailChimp they hate email marketers (I am speaking based on my own experience)
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    Nice Thread! Actually I'm not fully satisfied with get response. The mail delivery is bit slower than the aweber. Try to move on a aweber free trail.
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    MailChimp will ban you for spamming too many emails.
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    I use Mailchimp, but it's only downside (in my eyes) is the inability to have automatic list triggers like Aweber.

    i.e. If a prospect signs up to List A, and then buy product B and is added to list B...in Aweber you can have the prospect from List A added to "buyer list" B so and AUTOMATICALLY removed from List A to stop them from receiving additional "buy this offer" emails being sent to List A

    Too bad Mailchimp doesn't and won't implement such a simple (and beneficial feature)

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    Two thumb up for getresponse. Don't know with the others.
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    aweber is pretty good, I've been using it for a while a now.
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    +1 for aweber
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    Aweber hands down!
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    I'm going to be moving to Aweber soon I think! GR has way too many bugs for my liking.

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