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I was wondering if anyone has purchased this or has any review on it?

Any information on the tracking analytics too?
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    I wasn't able to make it to the webinar... Do you have any information on the traffic source and how the tracking and analytics work?
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    This is as close to scam as I’ve seen known Warriors attempt. Do the math -- it's terrible. That's why they didn't have the balls to post it on the Warrior Forum. Too many people here know how to run the numbers. The ads are 120x60. That means only about 120 of 1000 ads (1200x720 viewport) are visible on any given impression, and when was the last time you scrolled on a pop-under? Seriously.

    Look, if you could buy traffic that converted $1.00 into $1.50 on average, how much would you buy? The correct answer is of course, all of it.

    But what if you found an untargeted traffic source that didn’t convert for anything? How could you make money on it? The correct answer is of course; sell it to morons who don’t have a clue. Hence, 10 Million Visitors. It’s sheep to the slaughter.

    10,000,000 pop-under impressions to untargeted traffic. Your ad is visible 12% of the time if 120 ads fit in the viewport = 1.2 million impressions for your ad. The odds of the wall getting clicked when your ad is visible = 1.2 million impressions x 4% click-through rate = 48,000 clicks on the wall while your ad is visible. But your ad is 1 of 120, so you have to share the 48,000 clicks with 119 other ads. 48,000/120 = 400 clicks on your ad. If you bought the Silver package, that’s $0.63 per click. Your ad converts to untargeted traffic at 1%, that’s 400 clicks x 1% conversion rate = 4 sales. Your cost per sale with a Silver ad = $62.50. Nice work, Einstein.

    Note that if a percentage of the impressions are on mobile devices, the numbers will be worse.

    I hope I’m proved wrong, but the calls for refunds will be on a scale heretofore unseen.
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    They are probably fiverr comments/reviews.
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    A lot of the cheerleaders are affiliates of the program. Just like the WSOs here with all the inane, "this is a no-brainer" comments. No-brainer is right.
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    That's why I LOVE the warrior forum
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    check this link and you will understand much better :

    Login Required - StatCounter
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    So funny this is a product review thread with no actual buyers just speculators.

    You guys must all be really successful.
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    Here is a real picture of the traffic we are currently sending our buyers…

    Summary - - StatCounter
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    Glad I didn't spend any money buying this product and I will no not buy anything Anthony Aries promotes either.
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    You know every time I lose money buying media from Facebook I don't call them a scam I look at my marketing and shift gears.
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    YES We're def here to help. Brad thanks for taking the brunt of this....Yes the offer is closed, and yes we have nothing to gain by helping now, and of course we want you to have success.

    Sadly we cannot control what our partners say in their emails. Our promise has been to deliver 10 Million Visitors to the offer wall and that's what we're doing.

    There's plenty of time to optimize your ad, and your offer. Some folks are getting high CTR as high as 8% to their offer (I've yet to run a FB campaign that has 8% CTR)

    Please hit us up we're here to help.


    Anthony Aires
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    Interesting stuff - since I spoke with Brad yesterday and changed both my banner and landing page in line with his suggestions, my 10 mill stats have improved somewhat.

    According to yesterdays figures, I have now had 28 clicks purely from the 10 mill campaign and 1 signup.

    So it would appear that this is a viable source of traffic, providing you meet the criteria of advertising to cold traffic. I can now see other banners on the 10 million wall and know which ones are converting and also which are not.

    Sure, there is work to do on further optimizing my campaign to improve CTR and conversions, but there is no denying that the principle is effective if implemented correctly.

    Actually, Brad did cover this in a webinar before the campaign went live, which I missed (and judging by the other banners, so did many others), so I would suggest that if anyone is wondering why their campaign is not converting that they a) take a look at the wall and their banners b) watch the replay HERE

    Right - now I have been made to look a p**c, I'm off to hang my head in shame.....
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    Jon you are a BIG man for coming on here and letting every one know about your update...and that's why you'll have massive success ... in what you do in the future.

    Yours Prosperity,

    Anthony Aires
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    There is no doubt these 2 cats, are the real deal and willing to bend over backwards to help people if they actually accept the help, they know what they are doing and willing to help even after the offer is closed that goes a long way in my book.

    Great job guys keep up that awesome customer service.

    Gaz Cooper
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    I remember when I first got into paid traffic several years ago. I paid $700 for a course on PPC and I soon lost $3000 in the first month.

    Like Brad, the seller was honest and helpful, and I re-reviewed his training and looked for his advice on common mistakes.

    Then following the advice I found a winning campaign making me $2000 on autopilot. I was absolutely thrilled.

    That could have gone completely the other way! I could have shouted scam, played the victim and blamed others, like so many do.

    A trait I have seen in so many successful entrepreneurs is they look to fix their own actions first before blaming others, and admit when they are wrong.

    Congrats Jon for being a good person and apologizing to Brad. I wish you success! Brad's webinar on converting untargetted traffic is worth the $200 on its own, Google or Facebook has never helped me like Brad is helping his customers and I've spent a lot lot more with them.

    What Jon did is very characteristic of many people. Its human nature to skim material, or in Jon's case not even review it, and just dive right in with excitement.

    Unfortunately when doing so you can make some serious mistakes, and like me, you might lose $3000 by flying blind until you take the time to review the training thoroughly.

    Too often people are quick to accuse others, when the reality is they are the ones doing wrong.

    It's a shame all those people who jumped on the 'he's a scammer' wagon who had never seen the product have not come back to apologize.

    I hope they think twice next time they give their uneducated and incorrect opinion. Hopefully putting their efforts into growing their business, instead of wasting time on an internet forum giving opinions on things they have not studied or implemented.
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    Way to stand up and own the situation - big respect for that.

    It's rare and it's also a quality that leads directly to the results you're after.


    Great post - how'd you get so smart, so young? DAMN YOU!

    Kiss that beautiful baby of yours (who's probably already running around now)


    Brian McLeod
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    Jon, I'm real excited for the results you're getting on your changes...

    BECAUSE you now have 9 Million MORE visitors coming!

    NOW you're NEXT goal needs to be to beat that banner's and landing page's results

    Have at haus, you need to keep going with your testing.

    I know you'll be pleased with your efforts.

    ESPECIALLY when you leverage the results of your data onto other traffic sources and do a ROLLOUT!

    Chaaa Ching!

    Let me know if you're following what I'm saying because this is when the floodgates to cash will come tumbling into your life, and I want that for you.

    Yours For Prosperity,

    Anthony Aires
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    Hi guys

    All I can do is re quote what Chris Munch has said:

    "Too often people are quick to accuse others, when the reality is they are the ones doing wrong.

    It's a shame all those people who jumped on the 'he's a scammer' wagon who had never seen the product have not come back to apologize."

    At the end of the day.... are these guys running successful businesses ??? If they were, would they be on here taking pot shots at people like Brad and Anthony who are out to help and support others.

    As soon as I've got some capital I'm jumping strait on this offer. WITH the right banner ad as well

    Keep up the good work Brad and Anthony



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