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Jeff Lenney 23rd June 2013 02:43 PM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal

Originally Posted by haslow (Post 7971440)
I can see why Lenny has commented on this thread as a advocate for ImTarget since he hosts some of the webinars. The other host is a Indian guy Ribotan or Riboflavin something like that. The webinars are really just Lenny or the Ribo guy going through the program. I find this redundant because ImTarget members can do it themselves. What I find the webinars are is just a way to try to get a plug for something else to sell as there are always sales pitches for something different in each webinar. Ribo is the main guy, Lenny steps in once in awhile and Anik is nowhere to be found......Oh yeah, Anik did make a webinar to sell a different program a couple of weeks ago.

Just to start things off - I do NOT work for Anik, but I do do 2-3 webinars per month for the IM Target advanced VIP classes, and I do fill in on occasion for some of the main webinars as well. (I teach some of the very stuff I do myself to make money as an affiliate)

Anyways, having said that - Hey Haslow - all I'm sorry for takin 2 months to respond, I did not see this thread or blatant attacks on me until just now (By the way, It's Lenney - but it's ok, I'm used to the misspelling and won't hold it against you :) )

Anyways, there were only TWO Webinars where we talked people through the members area - 1 was by Ritoban I believe, there was a lot of demand for a second one - so I was asked to do ONE webinar walking people through the members area and explaining everything. Believe it or not, the comments and questions (live) on that one were GREAT.

A lot of people didn't understand the traffic modules, or how to find them. Many people were just building a ton of sites, and were curious why they weren't making money yet. Simply put, they never looked past the site builder into the training itself. I was able to better explain solo ads, and even guest posts - and people LOVED it. If you say that ALL of the webinars are like this, then I say you've only watched two of them and should give the rest of them a (first) look. :)


Originally Posted by haslow (Post 7971440)
Jeff Lenny, I feel you are not interested in anything other than lining your pockets with the green and wish you would really stay out of this forum. This is a area for uninformed people trying to get honest advice. You will sell anything you can get your hands on and I am not saying this is wrong, but this is not the place for you. Go play with the Hempower Network boys you so dearly support, that is your kind of home (very unethical). You are a very successful but I feel unethical IMer. Your advice for the newbies to go buy has one interest to you and that is your monetary gain. Maybe you are pissed because you got taken on a lot of worthless products when you first started or just plain don't give a rats ass, either way let the newbies have a place they can get real advice without the experienced hunters like you misleading them.

Just curious, but do you know me or know anything about me? Google me, believe it or not - I'm one of the good guys. I got my start in the IM Scene 2-3 years ago with my former youtube channel "superhomebrewer" - I did honest reviews on products, pointed out the scams (with proof) and recommended LEGIT products that people could get started with. For some reason, that gave me a reputation as one of the good guys - go figure ;-)

As for the Empower Network? How is that unethical? (That's really a whole other discussion). Their products are good, I'm able to make posts on the blog and get them ranked on google VERY easily. I get a ton of traffic for anything I make posts about, AND the training in the Inner Circle, Costa and 15k products really ARE good - otherwise I would not recommend them. Shoot me a PM on here if you like, I"ll be happy to make you a quick video showing you the members area and the training. It's good, better than MOST WSOs or IM product I've seen. It's expensive because it's legit. $100 per month for the Inner Circle (over 100 hours of audio training), $500 one time for the Costa Rica Training (10-12 hours of video training, and $1k (one time) for the 15k formula training (over 40 HOURS of awesome im training). Nothing push button about it, it does take WORK to learn and implement their methods. The people I see failing at that either don't try, or simply expect the money to come flying in without applying what they learn (Ie: they don't try).

As for my selling ANYTHING - can you let me know please the last scammy IM product i've promoted please? I'd love to hear this, bc last I checked - I've always only promoted LEGIT products and methods that work, and people can have success with if they apply the methods and teachings they learn.

At any rate, I know this is not a thread about Jeff Lenney, but merely my involvement in some of the IM Target Webinars - but I saw it fit to respond regardless. Let me know if you have any specific questions about IM Target, or the Empower Network for what it's worth - and I'd love to see your list of scams I've promoted personally.

Oh, one last thing, what am I pissed about exactly? Yes, I spent money on scams in the beginning - but then I took that knowledge, started my youtube channel - and was able to educate a ton of people on both scams, and legit IM products. I've received MANY Emails and Messages from people stating that they got into IM because of me, or even made their first $10, $100 or $500 online because of me. Why would I be pissed or upset about that? I love helping people, I love hearing their success stories - and it upsets me to hear you flat out say otherwise.

At any rate, Thanks for your time - and enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

Jamie Lewis 23rd June 2013 07:38 PM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal

Originally Posted by Greg guitar (Post 8203584)
I edited out most of your post and bolded and underlined your remarks on race, because I only wanted to respond to your emphasis of it, and your implication that other reviewers' negative comments were fueled by racism.

I don't think Haslow is racist towards Anik, unlike many others for one reason.. His complaint was that he didn't get the Indian. So this shows he wanted the Indian but got the white guy instead hence his frustration.

gefflong 25th June 2013 09:14 AM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal

Originally Posted by Kamikazee (Post 8131884)
I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say there are a few OTO and upsells to "make the product work for you"

Tell me, when you buy a car do you buy it without working headlights, or a gas tank, or even a steering wheel?

But we have no problem buying a half finished product.

I tell ya once you see past the smoke and mirrors, it all looks like Hollywood. Great on the strip, but 3 blocks over, reality starts to set in, LMAO

While I do agree with your previous post that the 30 minutes no-hype videos with 3 minutes of actual content are annoying... I do think your post comparing buying a car to OTO's is off the mark.

We don't buy a car without working headlights or a gas tank, or steering wheel. You get all those things when you buy a car. But you can't tell me they aren't pushing "luxury" items during or after the sale. Car mats, Steering Wheel covers, tinted windows, tires, the "towing package", heated seats, a sound system, a sun roof... the things go on and on and on.

There is nothing wrong with that. That is selling. That is upgrading something. In then end they are "luxury" items. Much like most things that are offered in the OTO.

If you don't take the OTO that offers the software with your purchase, you can still succeed. It may take longer or be a little more work, but you can still succeed. If you don't take the coaching OTO, you can still succeed. It may take a little longer and you may have questions on how to do something... but you can still use the product and succeed.

or you can equate it to the food world...

Try going to McDonalds or any other fast food joint and order just a sandwich. What happens? You hear some form of "Would you like fries with that?" "Would you like to make that a combo?"

You don't have to take the offer, Your sandwich will still be a sandwich all the same. You just may like yours by itself and someone else may enjoy it with fries to enhance the meal.

JB 26th June 2013 04:13 AM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal

Originally Posted by yeligaysom (Post 7938653)
A really good review. I really do not understand people hiding their OTO's and Upsells. Not only that many times people hide the other expenses that are really required.
I wish these marketing GURU's disclose everything in detail so that people can decide whether to buy their products or not?

The theory behind upsells and OTO's works in reality as a selling technique but I agree they are extremely annoying. I wonder how long they will continue in their present format eg sell a $7 product that promises to deliver everything only to be confronted with a $47 OTO that fills in the necessary parts of the puzzle, followed by a $197 turn key system that a few weeks later comes with a $1000 offer of amazing coaching with guaranteed $20,000pm revenues (with plenty of caveats in the small print of course). Oh yeah, then there are the 'webinars' with critically important training... these generally impart a few good ideas which transform into yet another pitch for an additional product at the end. Rule of thumb: Guru webinar = hardcore direct sales pitch for yet another product to get a hold of more of your money.

People seem to forget that these guys are only in this to make money. They make money through carefully crafted sales pitches which almost always far exceed the quality of the product. For the most parts, these products are built by a 3rd party who does a JV with the guru to access their list. Mostly, all the guru does is the sales pitch. The proof of this is in the constant barrage of new offers and 'ultimate solution' courses which seem to outdo the previous weeks offer.

Ask yourself this, why on earth would anyone share their 'secret method' with thousands of other people who will then take that information and increase competition in their supposedly successful or virgin market? The answer is that they are not operating in these markets in the first place. There is simply not enough time to make such fabulous earnings and then run full time promotion of these courses.

Unfortunately it takes going through a funnel a few times when starting out to recognise this. The good news for these 'gurus' is that they have an evergreen market of newbies who will dabble in their stuff before moving on. Long term relationships are not their concern, it's mostly snatch and grab. In my experience there are very few 'gurus' out there who actually put their products into use. For the most part, they are simply selling other peoples products and dressing it up with fantasy stories full of psychological manipulation. Not all of them are like this of course but the fact of the matter is, most are. The best thing you can learn from these guys is the importance of list building (the bigger the list the more profitable and numerous the JV offers) and how to craft an effective sales pitch.

amuro 26th June 2013 05:20 AM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal
Though they provide ton of information and different niches for you to work and make money from, they do NOT have a step-by-step action plan.

For me, I have no problems going through and understanding them but to a complete newbie - who has never done IM before, all this information about niche marketing, social media, Warrior Forum Special etc could be overwhelming.

If I am Anik, I will certainly create one more course as free bonus specially for newbies with a 30 day step-by-step action plan which is so critical to our success.

This site is like an information exhibition hall with so many arrows pointing in different directions when all we need is just one arrow pointing and guiding us in the RIGHT direction.

certifying 13th December 2013 01:38 PM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal

You hurted them by this post hehehehe

certifying 13th December 2013 02:22 PM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal
Regarding to all negative posts and after i have done some researches and i browsed IM target, i realized it is a true and good product which would help me.

Thanks any how

DubDubDubDot 13th December 2013 06:34 PM

Re: IM Target - from Anik Singal
It's been several months since this thread was started. How much are buyers of the product averaging per month?


Originally Posted by Lyanna (Post 7859235)
The email claimed Anik made $50 million in 10 years from affiliate marketing. No proof.

That kind of activity leaves its mark. Evidence should be easy to spot with a little poking around. I assume it was an affiliate that made this claim and not Anik himself though. Affiliates tend to lie about a lot of things.

This article says Anik jumped from newbie to "guru"...
Affiliate Classroom - BusinessWeek

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