Amazing Selling Machine – Anyone Else Had Problems Getting a Refund?

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Paid the first installment ($997) of four to
Amazing Selling Machine on March 17.

But when I started doing the course, discovered
there was further expense and more complexity
involved than was mentioned in the initial videos.

So last Friday (March 22) I asked for a refund in
their support section (there's a 30-day guaranteed
refund period).

I also (politely) asked Jason Katzenback for a refund
in a private message (no response from him).

Today (Monday) I checked my emails and get this
from their support section (even though I'd previously
asked them NOT to try to persuade me to change my

"Hello Eldo,

Is there anything we can help you with? Do you need
assistance with the training or are there any major issues
we can work out for you before you cancel?"

Then tried to login to my account at ASM and it says
"account deactivated"!

But I've received no email from ASM confirming
my refund.

Today phoned my credit card company and they say
I've received no refund from ASM.


With each day that goes by my credit card is racking up
more interest (I asked for the refund last Friday, but still
no response).

Has anyone else on the Warrior Forum had this problem?

I'll keep you all updated about this.

This is VERY worrying.

If Jason or Matt read this, could you let me know why you
haven't yet issued my refund?
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    A few minutes ago I somehow managed to get into the
    ASM support section (even though they've deactivated
    my account) and have just submitted a new ticket
    "Why still no refund?"

    Will keep you posted about their response.
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    As someone lived in China and quite familiar with samping and shipping processes, I'd like to chim in a little,

    1. Sampling does have cost, at least for first time customers who orders smaller quantity and cares 'minimum quantity' a lot. But in most cases, it's not big cost because all suppliers willing to sample for you expect to make money on the following orders, not the sample itself.

    2. As for shipping. Courier is mostly used for samples, both for time reason and difficulty you will get yourself into to ship anything less then 1 cubic meter by sea, let alone all the custom clearence documents you need to cover. It's simply not worthwhile to ship sample by sea, or any smaller quantity products(considerring AMS covers mostly smaller products, 1 cubic meter could be thousands).

    3. I'd recommend everyone consider the shipping factor in sourcing products. Personally I would strongly tend to look into smallest and lightest products which could still make a profit by courier shipping, it'll save tons of trouble to everything.

    Lastly, since I'm very much interested in this program and I have missed the time to join, if anyone in the course is interested in JV with me, feel free to let me know. Since I'm in China, I could get you anything in a better term as a local. I could even do it free, if you let me understand how you sell it well throgh AMS so we help each other to succeed.

    PM me if anyone is interested.
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    I got my refund very fast, no problems on that score
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    I got on an email list from someone promoting this and he claims he's making $50k/month with it.
    I had no idea what it was so I came here to see if I could find out more about it. Glad I did. Thanks, as usual to the Warriors who give some inside info on a launch like this.

    I had no idea it costs $4k and now that I know I'm definitely not interested.

    $4k to invest in a business is fine if you know it's legit and will very likely work. But not really okay when it's from an Internet Marketer who is looking for a $2k payday for each person he gets to sign up. I actually trusted this person who sent me the emails about this but now I'm going to get off his list.

    Why? Because I can see from the comments here that this is a risky business. I can see that one could easily spend $4k+ and end up losing money plus be driven mad with all kinds of headaches. I have had some small experience with China and it wasn't good.

    Will this work for some people? Probably will. Will a lot of people invest money in it and either lose that money or struggle like hell to even break even? I'll bet you dollars to donuts that a lot of people will.

    I think the main thing is that it's a very slick marketing campaign with a $4k cost and a $2k commission for each sale. Like someone said above, that tells you a LOT about what is going on here.

    No thanks, I won't even bother to watch the videos or read the pdf's thank you very much.
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    It's not worth the $$$ - Jim Cockrum has a better course....he occasionally has it discounted to $99....I bought the Amazing Selling Machine....was NOT what I needed - got a refund....bought Jim's and have grown my business to about $2,000 (take home) per month part time.....
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    Been getting approx 3-5 emails a day from marketers marketing this new launch. after reading this post from top to bottom it is clear to me its over priced and very hypey indeed.
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    Its very funny the people who have chimed in positively is people who have no track record in the forum. The way I see it there is a sucker born everyday and if you buy the course .... "THEN GUESS WHAT YOU ARE THE SUCKER FOR THAT DAY"... I remember the times when there was testimonials of people who took the courses and said they actually made money.

    Now it is the norm to forget about testimonials of students who went through the course and have made some money with the course.

    It is the norm for the product creator to talk about his success and his wealth ... but any good program or teacher would have some success students to validate them.

    Guys stop buying products because it is good information ... If you cant take a product and beginning taking action right away then DONT BUY IT.

    Originally Posted by tadco View Post

    It's not worth the $$$ - Jim Cockrum has a better course....he occasionally has it discounted to $99....I bought the Amazing Selling Machine....was NOT what I needed - got a refund....bought Jim's and have grown my business to about $2,000 (take home) per month part time.....
    Yes if you really looking to get into this business and some real hand holding .. I agree get Jim Cockrum course ... Its called "PROVEN Amazon Course" You want to be able to make money ... Please stop buying shiny object ... Just learn to make $5 dollars consistently .... And watch who you follow .

    Oh I highlighted proven because ... its been proven by other STUDENTS
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    Matt and Jason have great reputations. I do not vouch for the product because I haven't tried it (never recommend something I don't personally try unlike other affiliates).

    However, just because something is "expensive" which is a relative term, doesn't mean there isn't tremendous value in their teachings; if a $10k investment gave a chance of yielding a lifelong ecommerce business, most "rich" or financially secure people would jump on it. Let's face it, Amazon is the now and future of commerce.

    I discovered the content through WP Zon (which is a fantastic wp plugin). I felt the initial 3 videos were eye-opening to some possibilities, and I'm sure the members area holds your hand through the process. I simply don't have the time and motivation to begin a completely new business model, but that doesn't give me the right to bash them for selling information and expertise into one of the most competitive and lucrative markets in the world - selling physical products.

    Faint heart never won fair lady, and sour grapes are good expressions that apply to this thread. Yes, buyer beware is one of them but don't read something and say AH HA! I knew it wasn't good, or I knew it wasn't bad. That's like a republican watching Fox to validate his views, or a democrat watching CNN. If you look for something you're going to find it...but what you won't find is the potential to make more money and add more value to others lives.
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    nvsjr - congrats on your first post!

    You're right some won't make it. Most that have provided their thoughts on this post and the other in this forum don't even sell a private labeled product on Amazon.

    It's good to hear that you were able to take the plunge and I hope it works out for you. Not sure if you saw my review I created about ASM. I was part of the group in March.

    I posted it in this thread before with a few other comments, but all the posts I created are gone on this thread. Very odd.

    If you click on the YouTube badge under my name you'll see the review video about Amazing Selling Machine review and my 8 simple & complete step-by-step to getting started selling on Amazon.
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    Thank you everyone for all your helpful insights.
    On the positive ~
    The course is very thorough from what I've seen of it
    I quite liked the main guy and he did say it needs be a worthy product.
    Some folk will succeed
    (less than 20% by my estimates from available stats)
    Those who do have the right mindset and abilities to keep on keeping on through the many hurdles combined with luck.
    They also need to not be effected by the high cost that may not ever be returned.

    Then there is Average Jo who most of us are and we needs be very honest with ourselves
    on whether we have all the qualities needed and can afford to gamble with such a large amount.

    As many diligent folk have not even recouped their outlay after 8 mths and they only have access to the tools for 12 mths
    then no doubt would have to pay another astronomical cost to keep using them.

    Why? when 4,000 members x $4,000 = $16,000,000
    (not bad for a few mths work, much more than most even at the very top will make in that time )

    Up to half goes out to affiliates (so they do not have an incentive to see this clearly)

    I have been a member for a month and here is why I am going to leave,
    I've recently done due diligence off site including here
    this was delayed because I trusted the biz savvy person who recommended it without an affiliate link.

    However it was firstly because of what I observed on the site,
    as it is set up to only show the top 25 out of original 2,000 plus

    the FTC is very clear that you can NOT personally share the results of students unless you can give 100% of what the average of everyone is.

    The Badge system is a very, very clever way to get around this as they can get past not showing the average via it
    and everyone is encouraged to become a sort of cheerleader,
    eventually a mentor basing their encouragement on look at all my/the badges.
    There is no way to see the real stats on those badges.

    Everything on the site was aimed at one seeing the top stats
    and mutual confidence boosting
    I asked for the average stats on the site and was not answered.

    That badge system is very clever.
    It also binds you into their site system
    (and to Amazon, which if you have the view of many re the Bismuth company steam rolling over the little community based biz
    and making money from abusive porn, is not so good to feel bound to, to recoup your outlay.
    They are not an ethical company)

    I found a way to get around my concerns about Amazon by designing more ethical greener versions to find white label for
    OR have manufactured and I would have liked to have started a trend that way.
    I can not source and test that in the too short trial time frame.

    There are many March people still not made their money back
    they only have a years lease on using the software so 4 mnths left
    else they are on their own or paying again.

    The concept may well work but from the stats I could find
    There is a thread on member achievement
    149 topics some by the same people
    many of them for minor achievements
    All adds up to only a few will recover their outlay let alone make money via this course.

    The course itself is well done and thorough from what i saw, if you do not mind being bound into them and their cheerleading system via their moral boosting, boasting badges.

    Although i quite liked the main guy, the emotional manipulation stood out to me.
    Great for motivation,
    not so good for discernment, assessing the stats needed to base sound biz decisions on.

    Basically most do not have all they need to succeed in this as it takes a certain temperament and energy to persist until it works.

    I'd share more on the stats I found, however I am needing to put myself to escaping this in time ( by the 16th was the date I was given though I see others say a month past date of buying it)
    and hope this helps some who need to see it
    Look to all you have in written form for your bank, if they needs open a dispute. If your affiliate has misled you on that
    well my bank seemed to think that was important ie they probably become who it's claimed from.

    I have explained the situation to my bank
    after requesting a refund via the affiliate
    I was eventually given a link to do it from.

    I do wonder if this is going so well for themselves in the biz model they promote, why they needs ask so much for it
    It's the same story as usual~ Blind Greed and that is one of our emotions they play with,
    though the desperate in need of hope is the one that seems most prevalent and the folks who will get most hurt from this.

    Keep vigilant, google search ... is a scam whenever the stakes are this high

    If you need links including to refund leave a message here

    I wish you all the success you need
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