The Easiest System Ever

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I am thinking about buying this program from Devon Brown.
But i wonder if anybody in here have had some experience
with this program?
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    I've bought in. It's a good system. The bi weekly training is quality. You keep all the leads you generate, they are not co-reg. the Facebook customers group is the best I participate in. If you have other questions feel free to PM me for more details.
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    It all depends on you..& what level you comfortable in.
    With the right can recoup your money pretty quickly.

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    What is the real monthly cost of this program?
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    It's a complete list building internet business all set up for you. Seriously, everything is taken care of.


    Originally Posted by Cobaki View Post

    I'm not too familiar with this system and wanting to know more about it. It will be greatly appreciated if someone can inform us what the real benefits are. What they can offer that we don't have already. Things like that.
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    robo916 great info and stuff but I recommend that you get rid of all your affiliate links you have in a few post of this thread first because is against the rules and second because we are here to help each-other not to make money of each-other
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    I'm interested in ESE and spoke to a gentleman on their sales team for nearly an hour, but I've since emailed him a couple of times with some questions and have not had any response in a couple of weeks, which doesn't fill me with confidence.

    Seeing ESE are not forthcoming, maybe an existing member can answer a couple of questions I have?

    Firstly I'm not clear about the compensation plan. If you are a bronze member and someone buys a diamond membership through your link, do you only get paid $120? (For those not familiar with ESE I say 'only' because the diamond plan costs $19,970). In other words do you need to be a diamond member yourself to make the $4,800 commission on the sale of a diamond plan?

    My other question is what happens if ESE fall over for whatever reason? I presume you don't actually 'own' anything tangible (like an website), so if ESE shuts shop and you've just paid 2 grand for diamond membership, then tough titty.

    I've been burn't by a couple of IM systems that fell over (One being Norman Freeman's Site Sales which was backed by Mike Filsaime, which was $600 down the drain), so it's a fair question.
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    this "easiest system ever" was the same as EN?
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    I considered to join, based on a webinarium.Filled out an application,get accepted,but still did not get a phone call.Also how much today for the cheapest (bronze?)level and what do I get exactly for my money.
    Can I pay with Paypal?
    With this much waiting I only get discouraged.Why is not there a webpage to explain and let us pay if we wish to join or leave if not.Even if there a team to call us still would be nice if a webpage upfront would explain us the exact packages, and let us pay(If we want to pay for the service)
    Can someone help with my question?
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    -Red Eagle-

    1. I never said the ESE labels its investors as 'lazy'..etc.
    I was just stating a well known fact in this business.

    2. Traffic.. as you.. with your experience.. will know you cannot convert every visitor.
    But quebequoi1 now has 164 people on her list.
    She can now promote other things to them..( right here is the 'lazy' bit )

    And Finally.
    As you've been earning a 'great' income since 2001..
    you should know & understand all this..
    instead of jumping on these forums & 'bashing' programs you have no idea about.
    And the only 'Red Flag' that's been raised here is..
    You been an experienced marketer since 2001.. & just now ( 18 posts ).. have just discovered the Warrior Forum..
    and the fact that you hide behind you computer.. & don't even disclose your name !!

    As for me.. I'm not one to brag.
    Yes.. I am in the ESE.. and enjoy it's simplicity.
    Yes.. I've made some sales..( one offs & recurring monthly )
    Would I like more..?? Which marketer wouldn't..??
    But I understand that it's all about Trail & Testing.

    So.. if I were you.. & so interested in quebequoi1 welfare..
    with so much spare time available.. because you outsource everything..
    maybe you should take her under your wing.. & show her how to do it..
    since you've been sooo successful since 2001

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