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Chris Winters is a respected honest marketer in my opinion. You don't see him just endorsing all kinds of products in this forum. Saw somebody tried to rip this off in this for earlier this year. Must be great training? Is anybody willing to do an honest review? Better yet has anybody made money from implementing these tactics and is it worth the price tag ? Just curious!:rolleyes:
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    Forgot to mention this product is $497
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    I would also be curious as to any reviews/comments on this product...hmmm $497 for something with "Ninja" in the name. I suppose the name is par for the course in this crazy world of ticky tac online business.
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    I was also a little worried about his claim to rank high, I did get there later in the presentation, but they took the time to answer alot of my questions at the end. They don't claim to be able to rank in the top.. it was a good sales pitch though, I had my all info typed, just ready to fire. I wimped out :/
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    I've seen his video. Good pitch and good business plan, but the claim of high ranks with no backlinks is not true. If you research some of the domains he shows at the top of google, they all have plenty of backlinks. I didn't see any with none. So the course may be good, but backlinks and seo will be necessary.
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    That is the whole point of a money back guarantee would you not agree?? LOL

    I can never understand this thing that people do on this board. its like a herd mentality.

    if something interest you.. you may do a little diligence.. yes.. to check on the guys credibility.

    then you go and see for yourself.

    do you know that 97% of the people that buy any course never do anything with it.?

    anyway. Its a great course and Chris Winters is the real thing.


    PS. Another point.. Chris Launched this course back in October 2012.. and he has live weekly webinars.. that he still does to this day. answering questions updating strategies..that's 8 months of continuing education in real street experience etc

    he has archived more than 50 hours of webinars. better than a college education thats for sure.

    imagine getting access to this guy whos company does more than 4 million a year..

    for what $495?? a pittance.. the problem with the warrior forum is that people here are accustomed to these $7.00 WSO's and demanding the world for 7 bucks

    PPS. think about this... lead generation for offline business with the upcoming recession.. more and more businesses will be needing these services.

    this is a great model because its easy to explain to business people. they don't care about SEO, facebook, etc.. all they want are new customers.
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    Can I use Pay Per Call Ninja in Canada? Can I use my twillio canadian tel numbers in his software?
    Has anyone purchased this yet? Is it good?
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    How much will it cost to set up these EMD lead gen sites? How much more do I have to invest after purchasing the course assuming I want to outsource the articles and most of the backlinking?
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    I purchased the Chris Winters PPC program at the end of April. It cost me $495 which is way more than any "flat rate" program I bought before. I can honestly say, I think the $495 was well spent. Chris has so many videos and weekly live conference calls that you really can't digest all the information...and it's good, honest information, especially the weekly coaching calls!

    Comments have been made that there's more to it than Chris is selling...and there is. It's not a plug and play, push a button and make money type of business; but what is?! It's a business model that teaches you how to generate passive income... if you do it right. Just like anything worth the time; you have to put in the work, know your market, do the research, put your plan into action, learn as you go, adjust accordingly and then maybe it will payoff. Sound like a "real" business?

    Have I made money since I bought the program on April 17 and now, Aug 2? No. I've built 8 sites. 2 are in the top 2 on Google, 2 are on the first page, 1 is on pg 2, 2 are around pg 19 and 1 is no where to be found. 1 of my Google first page sites has generated 4 calls and 2 have generated 1 call each but unfortunately I didn't have the right customers answering the calls and all 6 leads were wasted.

    Does it work...yes! Does it take practice, a certain level of experience and time to work...yes! Is it a long term, lead generation system to build a REAL business around...I believe so! Is it for! Do I think my $495 + $3mo for phone numbers + $25mo for hosting + $12yr for each domain was well spent...not yet! Obviously when I turn a profit, that will convince me, but this is the first program that I can envision building a legitimate long term business around that provides value to the marketplace and creates a steady, diversified, passive cash flow.
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    I never tried Christ Winters product before is it really worth to spend $497 any proof that people made money here? If you guys can post it, it would be of really great help.
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    Chris Winters' Pay per call ninja is real, I have a site that is now ranking in the first page of Google for few months, and I am selling this for $1500.. i can transfer to you the number, earnings is around $40 - $70 per week...

    this site is ranking for several keywords and Chris also taught how to rank YT videos in Google that can be use for pay per call, and this website has YT video that is already ranking in first page of Google..

    I can send you invoices what was earned by this site. PM me to know the URL of the site. thank you.. more sites coming for sale..great business model.. earning almost $500 in just two months time..
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    spend the 497 then put it to sleep inside your computer - that's what most people here will do - just another charge for the CC company

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