Mass Money Machine by Bill Hughes

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Just wondering if anyone else purchased Mass Money Machine by Bill Hughes and what they thought of it. I usually don't purchase these hyped up sales letter and hyped up clickbank product names, but because I'm recently interested in trading and stocks, I decided to give it a try.

Would love to hear from anyone else who puchased the product.

One thing that is mandatory (and not mentioned in the sales letter anywhere) is that you need to open a trading account at a given website and deposit a minimum of $250.00 before starting and making this work (and of course the link inside the program is the owners affiliate link)

PS: Also....just as I anticipated before purchasing, there is a $147.00 OTO and a $97.00 a month second OTO.

Even though it may be a good program(which I think it probably is), don't let the low front end cost fool you. With the front end price, 2 upsells and the mandatory $250.50 trading account, you will be spending upwards of $450.00 plus $97.00 a month(second OTO) even before starting

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    Still wondering if anyone purchased this and if they have any input or opinion...thanks
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    I was sent an email about this binary trading product but have not bought it. Thank you so
    much for the full disclosure on how much it really costs. Looks interesting but I don't have
    that much extra $ right now. Sorry I am not any help.
  • Profile picture of the author Gary Pettit
    I'm actually making money with this...if you buy the OTO it becomes a lot easier and it puts cash in your account instantly...pretty cool
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    There is a product launch today for Mass Money Traffic Machine.

    I was searching for a review and came across this thread. I guess it is a different product and it's on Clicksure.

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    I found a product on Clickbank for $7 that suggests somebody made $50,000 in two days.

    I'd rather give my $7 to Starbucks.

    It's typical of the "get rich quick" promotions that I though Clickbank was sweeping out the back door. From their affiliate signup page:
    We're handing you 75% on the front and 50% on all the ups and downs, including one recurring offer in the funnel to keep you in the commissions every month...

    We're breaking the mold to generate HUGE sales right out of the gate plus a passive recurring commission too.

    Here's how that works out for you...

    Front End Offer: $47 sales price - 75% commission

    Upsell #1: $147 sales price - 75% commission

    Downsell #1: $97 sales price - 75% commission

    Upsell #2: $97 monthly - 75% commission monthly

    Downsell #2: $97 one time - 75% commission
    The doubletalk on the affiliate page says that they pay either 50% or 75% on the upsells and downsells.
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    I am planning to purchase this product. Please give me an update. Can i go ahead?
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    I take it that the silence in the thread here confirms my immediate suspicion anytime I hear someone on a sales video tell me they're about to hand me a million dollars, in a chrome briefcase, and all I gotta do is ship them $7 (quick!)...
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    I've also been looking at this product for a while. I'm going to purchase this product today, 7/16/13, and i'll give it a test run for about 4 weeks (give or take since my Fall semester will start before 4 weeks) and i'll post my results, pictures and videos on here and my website.

    P.S. I also hate when people say that they're making money with a product but never show any proof/evidence.

    Update (9/15/13): I thought about buying the program, but after seeing little to know legitimate reviews about Mass Money Machine, I put it to the side and decided to leave it until I find true reviews about it.
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    Hello Gary, In response to your question if anyone has tried the Mass Money Machine, I can say I've purchased the basic program but not the upgrade. Inside the members area, step 1, Bill tells you how to get both upgrades Free. To get them free, you just need to sign up to the CitiTrader trading platform with his affiliate link and you'll receive both upgrades free.

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