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Anyone joined this or have an honest review on it?
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    The sales video seems so fake and full of actors. Big house, nice car, probably a ton of upsells - I see the same thing over and over again. I'm not saying it's not a legitimate product because I haven't tried it, but just being honest about what I see. Has anyone actually bought this Mobile Money Code? Strange how no one has anything to say. Anyone that has bought it - Does it even seem like it has some potential? Would you have to buy into pricey upsells to get it to work?
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    it is on Clicksure and the Gurus are promoting it heavily!

    i heard that they make a few thousand sales just yesterday alone?
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    Longest boring video I have seen this year that tells you nothing to do with the product ... be careful with this one...
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    Please learn from all the poor souls on this forum.
    1. say no to clicksure (ANYTHING)
    2. say no to gurus with heavy promotion (they just want to win the prizes, duh)
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    Man that video was sooooooo scripted. I mean c'mon, he brings the wife and the son and the overly dramatic daughter who really went over the top with the acting.

    I havent tried this but based on the video it sounds phishy. Proceed with caution.

    I stopped watching after the daughter finished. Ill wait for someone to take the plunge and give us their feedback but I wont expect much.

    BTW, in the beginning of the video the guy says "this is 100% free" but when you X out there is a second chance offer for $40 than a third and fourth and finally a fifth for $9.

    That should tell you all you need to know about this "free" program.
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    The saying about "Empty Vessels" springs to mind, and the one from Hamlet.
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    Just thought I'd chip in to let everyone know that it is actually sold through SWReg not ClickSure

    So judging by the logic in this thread, SWReg must be a scam too..
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    I'll comment as I was curious about the Mobile Money Code as I have a following to promote to..

    Basically- I'll share what I found:

    First- Once you get past the "getting started funnel" which seems to include things like a start up specialist, to hosting offer, and a few others.. you can get started.

    Yes - they are trying to upgrade and monetize- it's normal. If this hurts your feelings- get over it.

    Main Product:

    Mobile Money Code- A pretty neat and easy to use drag/drop mobile creator. It seems to be catered towards local business marketing. It's really neat and easy to use. Drag, drop, click.. upload.. boom done!

    Also included were 3 extra mobile training which seemed pretty comprehensive.

    He also includes 6 weeks of "bonus" weekly training- not sure much about what he's teaching but i'm sure that alone is worth $49..

    Also I found Bonus softwares:
    - Mobile site generator- turns any wordpress site to become mobile friendly
    - QR Code generator - self explanatory
    - 50 done for you mobile sites (haven't looked at these yet)

    Upsell #1: Done for you.

    REALLY REALLY neat- it's not quite "done for you" as you need to plug in your info and so forth, but it lead me to a neat interface where these pre-made templated sites were created. You still need to fill in the usual stuff, but it spits out pretty neat pages. I did not upload to my server, but I found it overall interesting.

    Also includes 43 more done/templated sites for you.

    Upsell 2: Traffic Money Code

    3 softwares:
    1. Backlink finder
    2. More backlink finder
    3. Indexer

    *I did not play with these 3- I am now just listing things out*

    Upsell 3: Social Money Code

    It's 3 nicely put training video modules on:

    * Overall here's my thoughts.

    IF you listen to the video and think you're life is going to change from this product. It won't.

    Could it make you money? YES.

    I could see this local marketing tool/mobile marketing tool be a very nice tool. I could make a professional page in minutes- yes minutes and have it uploaded pretty easy.

    The training is good- gave me a good outlook on mobile- something I've been looking into recently.

    With that all said.. DON'T SPECULATE - someone part hard work into this.

    The product was on Digital River - NOT Clicksure.

    And with that being said- you have 60 days.. and yes you have to go through upsells- welcome to the world of marketing outside of the WSO world
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    OK, I took the bait, just because I was curious. I think I paid $17, not the $47, because of the second and third requests when I tried to close the browser. Anyway, what he is selling is a tool that allows you to create mobile websites really fast by simply data entering all the info. It really is an excellent tool and creates really nice mobile web sites. However, the way to make money is to go out calling on local businesses and create websites for them. He recommends selling the sites for $250 to $500. It seems like I have to do quite a few of these in order to make my Maserati payment each month. The other thing he seems to be doing is building community around the people who sign up by doing webinar trainings and selling other tools later on.

    So, my conclusion is, that, the mobile money code software is pretty solid and definitely worth $17. But, it is misrepresented in the fancy videos. My guess is that about every 20th person that buys the software actually follows through on his business model.
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    Didn't buy it. Don't plan to buy it. But, if you will read the disclaimers which are conveniently and intentionally spaced well "below the fold" so they won't be visible to most users without scrolling down, you learn that "in some cases, actors were used," and that the "testimonials and examples are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser. . ." etc.

    So, some or all of the people in these videos are actors and the hyped up results of $1,000s per day don't apply to the average purchaser.

    I am in total agreement with other posters who point out that this has red flags all over it.
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    It's a shame they have to resort to this kind of marketing to get sales. If the exit pops as a last resort offer the product for $9 and as Josh (the affiliate) is saying 'the marketers don't care about the money off the front end' then start the price at $9 and pop exit for their email and give it away!

    They start the price higher hoping to get newbies, and know some will backout and keep hustling until the $9. Then once they have been hooked, the real fun begins with all the upsells. And if the customer shows they have some money buying the upsells, will likely at some point get offered some type of coaching where you can expect true success or something like that.

    The product might be okay and work well at creating mobile sites, but why does the video talk like it requires little work to earn huge amounts money, and in reality it requires a lot of work selling offline. Showing a load of stats from clicksure, which I'd love to see is actually from selling to local businesses and not just sales from other similar promotions.

    I wouldn't be surprised if SWREG drop these type of blind offers soon, just like other networks have done so already. Meaning another service marketers can no longer use.

    Anyone promoting these blind offers to their customers/subscribers shows only one thing is important to them and that's get the money, get the money, oh and not forgeting their name on the leaderboards!

    And Josh, using the dealership example doesn't really compare to the kind of tactics being used on these offers. Now I would compare it, say if the dealership had revolving doors, through here sir, that's the exit [offer] no thanks, okay through this door sir [offer] and so on.

    Originally Posted by Josh Monroe View Post

    It's EXACTLY the same as the dealership example apart from one thing. A car costs money to build, then you've got the overheads of the dealership and so on, meaning you can't come down that much on the price - not to mention that a $5,000 discount on a $49,000 product is pretty much the same as offering a $40 discount on a $49 product.
    Doesn't the software cost money to develop? doesn't the seller have costs such as customer support, updates, fees and so on.

    Stop with the offline examples, give some online ones that remotely come close to tatics we're seeing with these blind offers?


    Mods, I didn't purchase of course but seeing as affiliates are posting! :rolleyes:
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    I bought it - had to see what it was and was keen to get a look at mobile sites in general as they interest me. I paid either $17 or $19 but also bought upsells and probably paid too much for those.
    I hate the video's - can't believe I actually sat through most of them - just wanted to see what they were as it arrived in my mail box so many times.
    But the product is ok. I could go and sell some of those sites and be comfortable with that. I won't be pretending that i am building the flashest site in the universe and I think it's very applicable to local business. But - I doubt that $250 to $500 per month to build, host and maintain would be viable in the community I live in. Might target elsewhere though. I think I could sell these sites for $100 /m with good reason. The 6 webinars are reasonable - targeted at newbies I guess - I am slightly more than a newbie but not as experienced as many of you posting here so I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

    I think that there is some value in this - but not to make the type of $ they say. Who believes that anyway? I am over it when it comes to seeing peoples sales figures in video's.
    And support answered my questions.
    It's not so bad - I got totally ripped by someone else recently and that experience makes this one look fabulous.

    will post about that I guess.
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    Thank you for your sharings.
    It's awsome that we were discussing about a promo video that starts with "get thousands of $ with a few clics" could anybody believe that with a few clics someone can get money immediately?
    I'm really fascinated that we continously search for the "Saint App GRAIL" that we'll free ourselves to have to like the lottery market, buy every "push of a button" product that is launched and maybe one day somebody will deliver what he promisses! But never will happen because our comon sense told us (but we didn't want to listen to) that if was so f++king easy they don't need us to push a button...
    Good luck!
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    Don't Buy Don't Buy! i bought the program and what you see on the salespage is not what you get on the backend. The whole program is setup for you to pay for hosting thru them! the hosting package they are trying to push is over $100. Not to mention all the links in the backoffice to buy stuff. Save your money! i wish i did
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    Phewww! Does anyone believe in divine intervention?

    I attempted to purchase Mobile Money Code this morning - in fact, I attempted three times! All three times PayPal declined my purchase. I know I have sufficient funds, so I finally backed off.

    I Googled Mobile Money Code, and ultimately found this thread after wading through those pseudo-reviews.

    Initially, I felt like a fool, but soon I felt blessed to have found your comments.

    Thank you all for the heads-up!!

    If it sounds to good to be true . . . .

    Sometimes we want to believe. 8^)
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    I got it about a month ago. I was was really pissed off because I
    could not download what I had paid for until I listerned to a video
    which was about 30 minutes or more telling me what I brought was worthless without the special blah blah blah upsell, after I turned that down there was ANOTHER lengthy upsell, then ANOTHER one
    all telling me what I just purhased is no good without blah, blah,
    blah. So I asked myself if the product is no good without spending
    hundreds more I will get a refund. I was also very annoyed at their
    over the top sales tactics.
    I found two support emails and requested refunds over the course of a few weeks NO REPLY to about 5 requests. I then initiated a dispute
    with paypal. That got their attention and the money was refunded.
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    Save your money. Big mistake i am having the worst problem getting my refund.
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    Don't buy. It's a fraud. I bought mine for $49 and it hurts my heart. All false promises. No customer service as the discontinue their phone service, and worst they never answer my emails. I have been requesting a refund and non-one respond. Please stay away from their offer
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    Got sent the link a few days ago opened it up before watched the video, wasted 1 hour of my life, every thing was so ridiculously fake, but for some reason I was intreged at what it was, I knew that it you are not going to make any where that, had 60 day refund so didnt have anything to lose. But the worst part is that it never tells you what it does, how it does it or even give a brief description. As soon as I to to the first upsell about purchasing pre made sites I knew right then it wasn't going to work nor was I going to waste my time with the app... I declined all the up sells then immediately rang click sure and got my transaction cancelled...hadn't even got my account set up to access the app... But by the looks of it, I wasn't missing out on much.

    I will now be unsubscribing from the persons list who sent me such crap.
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    I have bought the product and attended the first webinar. I made a site and sold it to a customer. On the second video I told the presenter about the site and they reviewed it on the second webinar. The site url is View it on your iphone it looks pretty good and it was very easy to do.

    But the problem I am having now is I cannot get the program to run. I emailed tech support 4 times but no response. The telephone # doesn't work anymore. I sent an email through the kyiak support but still no contact.

    Has anybody been able to contact then as of 6/15/2013. If so would you please give me the contact #.

    If anybody has any idea what the problem could be would you please get back to me.

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