Thoughts about Mark Ling's Affilorama?

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Just saw where Mark Ling has launched his membership site for Affilorama. I guess that he has done this before. I am interested in hearing what others have to say about his program. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    I an interested in hearing comments about this too. One email promo I got compared it to Commission Blueprint but focused on getting free traffic vs. Adwords like CB does.

    Since this is version 2.0, I'd like to know if anyone has experience with 1.0 as well.

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    I used the first release last year, and though its pretty good.
    The new release should be better. Mark seems very genuine.
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    Affiloblueprint is just that. A blueprint, or if you prefer, a step by step roadmap that can take you from where you are right now to earning $300, or $1000 or more per month.

    I know Mark Ling since 2006, and he over delivers.

    He helped me a lot when I started (kind of giving me the foundation and the plan I needed), and I can only recommend that you get this right now.

    If you are not interested in making a living with affiliate marketing, it may not be for you, but if you really want to learn how Mark runs his affiliate business and earn more than $50K per month, you need to grab it now.

    But will this work for you?

    As I said above, it worked for me, and it's working for hundreds of other affiloblueprint members.

    Mark is a True Honest marketer totally under the radar by the way, as he promotes mostly in non IM niches.

    I'm a member of the Affiloblueprint and Affilorama (since 2006), and I can tell you that no other affiliate course come close.

    How do I know?

    Well, I tried many of them, plus in the affiloblueprint, there are members from many other (famous) affiliate marketing sites on the net, and the ALL say that there is no comparison... and this is since 2006! Mark has totally revamped the site and his 90 day roadmap (now Affiloblueprint).

    I hope to see you soon in the forum (my name there is Superaff, you can PM me if you want, and I will help you to get started if you need.)

    All the best,

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    Yes, thanks Franck, that was very helpful.

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    I've been a member of Affiliorama for a couple of weeks and I think it's great. There is a ton of great info and I highly recommend it.

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    Mark Ling is the man, in my opinion.
    Ethical, great content, and seemingly concerned that his customers are doing what they need to do to get the value that they should to justify their costs.
    I think he and his products are quickly gaining a large amount of respect across the IM universe.
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    I have many Affilorama sites, Mark taught me how to make money online!

    He rocks.
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    After a couple of weeks of struggling and floundering around trying to figure everything out - setting up a website, writing Squidoo lens, trying NOT to spend any more money on yet anouther *GUARANTEED* system - I stumbled across Mark's programme yesterday, and I am SO glad I did!

    In less than 24 hours I have learned more than the last 2 weeks total.

    Mark has loads of free info including videos, links, articles etc that I have found very helpful. It may seem basic to the more experienced IM people out there, but for me it's really been the equivalent of *IM For Dummies*.

    And no, I'm not selling the programme - just wanted to give some genuine and honest feedback based on my own experience so far.
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    What is the Differences/Advantages between AffiloBlueprint and Affilorama Premium ?
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    Thumbs up from here.

    I always check out IM stuff that get popular before promoting them. They
    have some really good info, and I think it's great for newbies.
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    Affilorama has a lot a great information for free. The information is updated and I found it full of lots of useful information.
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    There isn't much I can say that others haven't, but I will chime in as support for Mark. I originally signed up to use his Affilo Tools (Internet Marketing Tools - AffiloTools | Affilorama) as a dashboard to track my keywords, website traffic, clickbank, etc. It is still in beta but I like it more than mostly every other tool I have tried. Also, in the monthly price is access to all of his video tutorials and other goodies I highly recommend checking it out.

    If you have questions let me know and I will be sure to answer the best I can!
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