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Apparently something new- this guy claims he has a method that gets tons of "secret- laser targeted traffic" to any site or link.

Any opinions or comments? Thanks
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    1. Download Viral Video
    2. Add your affiliate link to video
    3. Upload to FaceBook
    4. Wait for it to go Viral (Get shares etc)
    5. PROFIT????

    Yes I'm being serious. Nothing we haven't seen a million times before.

    Can you make money with methods like these? Yup.
    Is it as easy as they say? Not really.

    To be honest I would say there are countless more ways to use your time more efficiently and effectively online to see some actual REAL results (not just a random commission here and there)

    If anyone is familiar with Kevin Sousa's Viral FaceBook strategy this is pretty much the same thing with worse training.
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    I bought this product and am sorry I did. It is actually Facebook Viral Formula. It is targeted to beginners and when I went through the set up process, I could see why. Experienced marketers could see right through it. It is a collection of videos promoting Facebook viral formula and the rest of the program is basically promoting other products.

    The first 'red flag' was the first step of the setup process which is acquiring a domain name and hosting. We are almost forced to buy expensive hosting from Hosting Genius as a compulsory step to get a free lead funnel.
    You can check out the review I posted on my blog,
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    Thanks for the heads up Warriors this landed in my inbox and sounded to good to be true sat through the sales blur then got a download link for $14. When you try to close the page it eventually takes you to a Binary Options trading video which you do not want to get involved with.
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    Thanks, guys, this saved me a lot of headache...I had watched the video, was intrigued but skeptical. Then I came here and did a quick search. I was hoping to see the person who is promoting this, but found nothing. That was a red flag to me.

    A big shout out to those who purchased and found it not to be what it claimed. My hat's off to you guys.
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    Great work people: those who have called a scam a scam.

    This is what being here should be all about.
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    You guys really know how too break a heart, but I would rather have my heart broken because I am falling in love stupidly with an idea, than to lose any more money on garbage software, or something that just blatantly is not gonna work as promised. I appreciate the Forum (big time) and for all of the advice and guidance provided here.
    Thank You guys a million
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    Watching this right now (sale's pitch)....

    I must admit that the guy's good at it lol
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      Originally Posted by chas4116 View Post

      I also bought traffic fortune paid $47.00, I never got the product sent email to F parker through the clicksure program, heard nothing submitted a ticket to clicksure heard nothing from them, submitted another ticket for a refund through clicksure, but that message goes to F Parker. funny thing is there is no means of contacting any operative at clicksure upon searching and I find that the registrant isn't F Parker, but Aaron Darko, and if he is the owner then that is where the payments go.

      Registrar: MONIKER
      Registrant [4117698]:
      Aaron Darko
      15 Coopers Drive
      da2 7ws
      I got an email from Frank Parker with this address,

      Two Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong,

      upon visiting this adress I see you can set up a business and get a prestigious address there, one of the benefits for this address is...

      The Executive Centre can offer you a virtual office business address in Grade A CBD locations that are ideal for your business identity. Besides the virtual office business address The Executive Centre can also offer efficient, professional support services.
      With The Executive Centre as your business partner you can expand your global business, taking advantage of the virtual office and its business address benefits.

      my opinion is this is a place for the worlds thieves to get a fancy address for any kind of business. And anyone that hides themselves can't be trusted.

      You can contact the seller regarding your issue by going to:

      Here you simply need to fill out your details related to the transaction and then the ticket is posted directly to the seller.

      I hope this helps,
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    I also received VVX link in my inbox, and here I am.
    NO! I would never spend money on Frank Parker's products as I would never spend on Anthony Morison's. Stay away from them, guys.

    Want targeted traffic?

    Go to Safe-Swaps and choose your solo ad provider. Be wise. Read the reviews and choose someone with the highest rating. It may take you a few hours, but it's worth the time. Then, make an order.

    Another way to drive massive quality traffic and make your ROI, try Advertise To Millions. It's the easiest, as well. Over 80% of my customers come from Advertise To Millions.

    I've tried most of the "Push Button Magic Software" devices, regular solo ad mailings, safelists, traffic exchanges, Anthony Morison's YouTube marketing, PPC, PPV, FB marketing, LinkedIn, Free and Paid Classified Ads... Nothing, I mean NOTHING worked, accept SS and ATM.


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    Lot's of good reviews on this thread!!!....& a ton of Honesty...Thanks!!!...
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