Massive Traffic Hits Review- Is it related to Submission Works?

by raywarrior1978 4 replies
Hello. I did a search on here to see if there was a review but didn't find anything.
I also did a google search and a youtube search and nothing neither. That's strange for some reason.

Well the reason why I am asking is because there is a thread in here about submission works and on post # 252 by anderseriksson he mention that submission works uses popunders from their supplier

I went to that site and they have 25,000 USA targeted visitors for 59 dollars.

If that's the case, I wonder how you can split 7 urls divided into those 25,000 visitors? Because submission works is $59.95 per month service and they supposedly drive targeted traffic to 7 of your urls you put in their software.

Can anyone confirm if massivetraffichits in their supplier and also if they have used it before?

I wonder if their popunders are effective?

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