Is TradeBit Legit?

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I really don't know whether or not I should actually buy from them. The link is SELL DOWNLOADS: Stock Photo Sales, Sell MP3s, Sell Software and they are selling expensive stuff at ridiculously cheap prices.

Are they ok to support?

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    Looks okay to me from a brief review. I don't see any complaints right off the bat.
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    The site is legit. I personally sell some products
    on it too.
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    They are a german site and very legit..and they pay to!
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    Very legit!!! Don't worry about a thing.
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    I love to see if there is already someone who makes big bucks on Tradebit.
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    I've been using Tradebit for quite some time now. Currently, I can earn a couple hundred extra a month from my online store. Sometimes a bit more. However, if I was really applying myself to this endeavor, and not being lazy, I could earn lots more.

    Before the whole recession thing, I was able to earn around $1,000+ a month solely from Tradebit sales. Obviously, due to the economy slump, and the influx of new store owners, this has gone down quite a bit. But still, that extra few hundred comes in handy for the little extras I want each month

    Adding to that, I was with Tradebit almost from the beginning and during those years, you were charged a monthly fee, sort of like hosting, for running your online store. Now, the owner(s) have sinced moved to a 20% fee for every product you sell. Smartest thing they could have done IMO because they are now earning hand over fist from all their merchants.

    Even so, you can find some good bargains via Tradebit. But I suggest you use caution when buying as there are some merchants that try and resell products they have no rights to.

    With that said though, the site administrator(s) do a very good job of removing these products when they are reported or found not to be 'legit'. So, to answer the OP's question, yes, you should be safe when purchasing products from Tradebit merchants.

    If anyone else has any questions about Tradebit, please send me a PM and I'd be happy to chat with you about my own personal experiences.

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    Yes and no Traffic-Bug.

    Yes because Tradebit has a "built in" affiliate program that you can utilize when you sign up with a free account and then promote certain merchants you select. Merchants will have the ability to turn their affiliate programs "on" if they choose to.

    Now, if you make an affiliate sale for a merchant, Tradebit will take out your 'cut' of the sale and send it to your PayPal account.

    No because utilizing the affiliate function as a merchant isn't a requirement to participate in. Personally, I don't really use this function, so I don't know if the payout schedule is the same for merchants, but I assume it is. With that said, payout days for merchants fall on every Wednesday of the week.

    Tradebit makes the payouts directly to merchants PayPal accounts for the amount of sales brought in for the previous week, which ends on Sunday. I know this sounds a bit confusing, but once you get started with Tradebit, you'll get to know all there ins and outs.

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    Tracy, if you don't mind, I want to ask you these questions:

    1. How many files you sell on Tradebit?

    2. What is the average price for the files you sell on Tradebit?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have a couple hundred products up for sale via my Tradebit store, and without huge limitations on size, file and store allotment sizes, I am always free to add more.

    The average price is around $10 for most products I sell with others being priced higher. And of course some priced lower, depending on the products.

    I try to stick to the author's suggested selling price as much as possible. But sometimes I do offer pretty good bargains. Although, I don't sell my products as cheap as others on Tradebit.

    I try to keep within a reasonable price range for my products.

    Even though Tradebit was set up to act as a 'micro payment processing' type of set up, you can really charge any price you wish for your products.

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    Thanks Tracy.
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    I purchased an electronic manual from them through Paypal. The manual has missing units. I have been having a hard time receiving any support, refund or the missing units. I would be very careful before purchasing anything from them.
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    Yes, very legit! Ralf runs a very tight ship over there! If there are ever any problems, he's right there to rectify them.
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    Hi Tracy, thanks for your input. I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. Arrived while Googling 'Is Tradebit legit' a while ago. I see that a lot of people are undercutting each other by offering products for as low as 0.5USD. I did a search for some popular product names, and see that Tradebit has a huge list of users selling the same products. I have actually bought some of these products, and they way I do it is to simply scroll through the prices of the product I want, and eventually find the 0.5USD or 1USD one and buy that.

    I'm sure most consumers would do the same. I've also read your site ebook-porium site. Any advice on how to go about selling these stuff since a lot of people are already selling them at cutthroat prices? Is this profitable at all, since for resell rights products, anyone can simply give them away or sell at 0.5USD

    Would appreciate any input from others as well, and thanks all for the good read!
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    Tadebit is totally legit. I use it all the time to grab MRR and PLR products. Pay with Paypal, no fees, low prices. There's not a better place on the net IMO.
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    I'm just getting started with Tradebit, and here are my impressions so far...

    1) As a buyer it is a great place to find a rock bottom price ($1 or less) on some MRR or PLR product that you've seen promoted elsewhere. The marketplace is very competitive. It's like the eBay of digital products.

    2) As an affiliate, you have access to their entire huge catalog to promote from. I think there should be a way to use other people's rock bottom offers as lead generators, but I haven't figured out how to do this yet.

    3) As a seller, it's a great place to park the MRR and PLR products gathering dust on your drive. You can price them competitively and use them as lead generators, benefiting from their large traffic. Or you can promote your own links, driving your own traffic, and just use them as a hosting and payment provider. They even give you your own subdomain/storefront which you can customize.

    I pick up dozens of resale rights products from membership sites each month. There's no way I'm going to set them all up with sales pages on their own domains. Too much work. Tradebit provides a quick, easy and cheap solution to get them out in the marketplace. I think it is a great idea. Now if they only allowed uploading of html sales pages instead of plain text, it would be all you could ask for.

    There is also more upside potential for anyone who studies their markets and finds out what areas of Tradebit have the least competition and the most demand. For anyone who wants to learn more, I'd recommend Tamara's product, which I picked up as a WSO (not sure it's still open) and which I'm going through now.
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    The site is totally legit, used it for over 1 year buying and selling, some of the sellers are a little skeptical but Tradebit has the correct things in place for refunds/customer support and such.

    Overall excellent, and they pay weekly.
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    is there any other sites similar to tradebit that we could use? any good ones? Thanks.
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    I've used TradeBit to sell some items... it's very legit... unfortunately a lot of marketers there seem to think by lowering the price to $1.99 (or less0 will get them more sales on "reseller" items but all they're really doing is destroying the value of the product especially if it is a good one... mostly in internet marketing niche etc... that being said, if you're looking for an outlet to sell digital products it's definitely a good way to go... PayLoadz is another one you might want to look at also...

    Just my thoughts...
    Linda =}
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    Actually I have to say that I've had several issues with tradebit in the past. If you look around the net, you will see that tradebit has been reported for a lot of problems with scam or fraudulent like cases.

    Just type in scam, fraud, or tradebit scam, tradebit fraud into google and you will see some issues.

    Personally, they have kept money from me as a seller and have stold over a $1000.00 worth of sales money. Sometimes they keep the money to themselves and then report that the buyer did fraud, or that the buyer requested a refund. Paypal doesn't even refund on intangible or digital download items.

    Tradebit is a liar...
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    I'm sorry to hear you've had problems with TradeBit.

    I have been successfully selling on TradeBit for nearly 3 years and have never had the issues you claim to have had with them.

    Perhaps instead of spending your time posting negative things about TradeBit on the Warrior Forum, you should post your issues on the TradeBit forum, or better yet, contact TradeBit directly to ask them to resolve the issue.


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