SendReach Review anyone?

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Hi Warriors.

Did you guys had any chance to use Sendreach?

How is the user interface, the deliverability and the other features?

Is it as cool as the into video says?

Thanks in advance.
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    I know this post was at the beginning of the month but since then SendReach servers were hacked. They are trying to get it all back up and running but they are having to age the IP addresses which takes time. I would have thought they had better security measures in place.

    I built my list exclusively with SendReach and my subscribers are not getting my broadcast emails. It has been four days. Although I understand the problems they are having it is really hurting as I had just started developing my list.

    With that said their deliver rate was excellent and was less likely to go into junk folder. High opens and click throughs. I wish they could get things back up quicker.

    I am going to have to rebuild my list on aweber.
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    I just asked to cancel and get a refund. I don't understand how you can run such a company, leave your clients without service for more than a week or even don't offer a grace period or a discount on next bill.
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    I would like to update on SendReach. The service is now back up and working. I've been sending out broadcasts with no problems. With that being said, I would still do a backup of your list. Yep, I am paranoid but I can not go basically a month and not being able to send broadcasts.

    The open and click rates on SendReach are still higher than what I get on Aweber. I am going to stick with them but be cautious and have a backup.

    Service is still up and down. Sent Broadcast today and it is not going out to hotmail, gmail, etc accounts. So...
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    I can understand WHY he felt he couldn't offer something in compensation. Problem is: other ARs do. And people expect that. And frankly, they're right to do so. If I suddenly don't have service for a week, I damn sure expect a credit on my next bill, and that's not just ARs but any type of service. Doing otherwise just pisses off your customer base. And while not illegal, it certainly is unethical.
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    OUCH! Today I bought their 10K subscribers lifetime access and found that it's not delivering to hotmail, did a little search and... BOOM! found this thread! it's still hurting...
    Will keep you updated about my refund ($697)
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    The owner sent an update yesterday, I believe, that you can not use free email addresses as the "From" email address to send out broadcasts/autoresponders but other than that SendReach has been working very good lately.

    There may be a down time early in the morning when they need to work on something but other than that okay. I've been getting SendReach emails coming through into my hotmail inbox and another person I know that uses SendReach. Her emails have been getting through also.

    I am a month by month customer. Did not go for the lifetime access.
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    I just got an offer for SendReach but to even LOOK at the pricing, it's requiring me to give access to my Facebook profile AND friends. WHAT?? No thanks.
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    Wow, yep they want access to your Facebook.

    Watch the video all the way through and you will be redirected to the pricing page. They have changed it to a one time lifetime access fee.
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    Just an FYI

    I had originally signed up with sendreach when the program was called list animal back
    in December 2012.

    When the program originally started the idea was revolutionary and impressive to such a degree that I signed up and jumped on board.

    Everything was going great until their servers were hacked in July. Since that time the service was down for significant periods with no follow up or correspondence.

    Now for those of you who know me I am not here to slander or talk negatively on anyone but I respect the warrior forum and the reviews and feedback both good and bad and I feel you deserve an honest follow up and review.

    At least based on my personal experiences I am extremely disappointed with
    the service and personally regret ever signing up because the terms of service
    have changed so significantly from when we joined.

    You can no longer email more than 1x a day, you HAVE TO maintain a 4% open rate
    on emails that are sent out and SendReach at their own personal discretion can delete whatever subscribers they want.

    One of my business partners had over 500 legitimate emails deleted with no explanation other than to say they can do whatever they want- really? If let's say the cost per subscriber was just $2 then that's over $1000 they just deleted.

    I don't know about you but that's not good business, these were all legitimate emails and thankfully he kept his aweber account as did I.

    We are just getting started with the negative impact this has had and I think you
    deserve to hear an honest heads up.

    If I were reading this I would run not walk away from this service

    Chuck and company try to wrap these restrictions around how this is a GREAT benefit for you, really, this is a great benefit?

    Aweber and GetResponse has no such restrictions and no such open rate requirements, so if you are looking to get a sendreach account or sign up I can not recommend them personally.

    This is my own personal thoughts and use this information anyway you want I just thought I would share my personal experiences to better arm your own decision making.

    To your success,
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    man.. i almost got in with these guys.. actually paid for 1 or 2 months before it went to the lifetime only pay option. i never even used it, just wanted to get in on it with the cheap pricing before launch. well, the thing i hated about it, was you had to manually pay each month with paypal. every single month harassing me to pay, with no option to autobill or just have a cc autopay each month.

    i had pretty high hopes of this, but think i may just use getresponse. using PLS now, and its ok, but seems pretty limited so far. having an extremely hard time using it to promote anything else besides their own program. and cant seem to find any options to verify the emails or have any sort of single or double optin deal. just accepts any old email and goes to the landing page.

    anyhow, really glad i didn't get the lifetiime version of sendreach.. bet it's hell gettting your refund.

    and they were have completely ignored any questions i have sent to them lately, absolute silence. seems like possibly shady outfit or maybe just incompetent, not sure which.
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    This is what happens when 'marketers' design and manage a system that should be run by 'IT professionals' .. marketers know how to hype up features and get people to pay crazy prices, but they dont have the tech. know how to develop and maintain a solid platform.
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    I don't believe in bad-mouthing people, since the majority I deal with are truly well-intentioned and can explain and redeem themselves if given the chance.
    But SendReach has been a total nightmare from the beginning. I got the recommendation from Andre Chaperon, whom I trust, and went to check out the overhyped webinar. After buying, I realized I couldn't use the software because it wasn't coded properly, and my screen reader couldn't interact with it. I emailed support several times, and even offered to code it! After a few emails back and forth, they've stopped responding entirely; I must have sent a dozen emails to no avail. I just want my $297 back, and I don't imagine I'll ever get it.

    In summary, this is why you shouldn't buy SendReach.
    - Overhyped webinars with no real value
    - A "limited" lifetime membership that never actually expires
    - Terrible support
    - Continuously changing terms of service that allows them to set limits and delete legitimate emails
    - You subscribe to one of their lists only to realize when unsubscribing that you have to unsubscribe from five
    - Take your money and run attitude
    - No refund

    You'd do better with a reputable autoresponder like AWeber.
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    I purchased the lifetime access back when the service was called Email Animal in 2012 at the bargain price of $997 plus the plugins for it, making it a base price of $1300. I went to work for a few months in construction and came home to find out Email Animal no longer existed.

    I contacted Chuck and he said that he was in Beta again with testers for "List Animal," a much better version of Email Animal. He told me that I would have lifetime access with no additional cost if I just held on until the testing was complete.

    Well, unfortunately I did just that and low and behold, I finally got a clue and asked for a refund. Chuck replies, that I just want the money. Well, DAH?

    Needless to say, Chuck did not honor the money I spent on his project and sent me a dead link for the newest version called SendReach. My attempts to contact him regarding a live link were futile, so I finally smartened up and called it for what it is, a loss of my money. This was at the end of 2012.

    I had the feeling after all that I had went through, this company would have complaints and low and behold I found this thread.

    I do have every correspondence ever made between Chuck and I that was made that will back up my story. I am not trying to hurt the man's reputation here on the forum. I was just shocked that I have a family too and I paid that huge price only to find out what is being said now one year later, bad service and no refunds.
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    Boy, am I glad I found this thread! I was a hairs breadth away from buying lifetime access. Thanks to everyone who very honestly shared their experience with this company to help keep people like me from making a big mistake.
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    I was really hoping that glitches/problems of the past would be over by now .... I was ready to purchase as well. I'm also glad I found this thread. And then I thought that software problems and bugs can be fixed, a negative/dishonest attitude and bad intention can't. Are there any happy long time users of sendreach among us, willing to share a positive review?
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    Does anyone have positive feedback on SendReach?
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    Ok, Since so many "gurus" were in on this and they are sticking their necks out for it, I decided to give it a go as well.

    Not on the "lifetime" pack though .... (whose "lifetime" after all? Mine or theirs )

    I generally don't trust "lifetime deals" for such a long term important relationship of trust and commitment. Of course I'll keep a copy of my list in my selfhosted autoresponder, which has less bells and whistles but it works!

    So far so good, It works... I particularly love the facebook "registration" plugin signup form. It is infinitely better than the classic "This application wants you access your personal details birthday and friends list" .... ( I get the heebie-jeebies when I see this message) - By the way you can get the exact same "fb registration signup form" using "easy email optins" software but it will not grab age and location in the autoresponder fields (even if it gets it from facebook) cause it can't glue it with your autoresponder. Sendreach has this working ok I guess.

    As far as deliverability goes, I believe that it is up to how you treat your list. If they open your emails you'll keep reaching the inbox. If not, then you'll be ending up in spam (no big deal if you the recipient tells gmail or any other email service that this email is not spam - happens all the time)

    So far so good...

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