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Was watching the spoof on this "Fast Traffic Formula" by Adrian Morrison and thought it looks too easy and definitely too fast. I am having my doubts about the authenticity of this product so I thought I'd come here. I went back in the "Forum" records to 02-2013 since Adrians financial proof was from 03-2013. Since I found no thread on this product I was hoping some of you have at least tried it and have some valid input regarding it's validity. Thanks for your comments
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    Just got the e-mail for the video also.Wandering if this is Anthony Morrison,s Brother.
    I feel this is the case and I ,am very leery
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    Originally Posted by bizwisard View Post

    Just got the e-mail for the video also.Wandering if this is Anthony Morrison,s Brother.
    I feel this is the case and I ,am very leery
    Yes, he is Anthony Morrison's brother. In fact this is a co-launch between Anthony and Adrian!
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    The sad or funny part of it (depends on how you want to look at it) is the email that I got promoting this product which says in part:

    A few big-name companies pay this 26-year-old well over $80,000/month for his traffic even give him awards for it
    So I say to myself "here we go again. Another one selling his SECRETS to everyone else".
    I click on the link and the video starts. Don't have my headphones on, so did not hear a word since I'm busy having breakfast.

    After a little while, I get bored of this and decided to close the window.
    Then I get the "Stay on page/Leave Page" prompt, so I decided to stay.
    Now he is offering the whole thing for $34
    I decide to close. Yet again the "Stay on page/Leave Page" prompt, so I decided to stay.
    Now the price is down to $19
    The next time I close the window, the price is $7

    Now I'm thinking, is this guy that desperate?
    So, I close the window again, and get a screen that says "Congrats! You just won 7 free profit pages plus bonus ....".

    We are not done yet. You will still get about 4 more "Stay on page/Leave Page" prompts before you get out.

    Now, I decided to test this "You will never see this offer again".
    So, I closed my browser, went back to the original email and went through the whole process one more time.

    For someone who is making $80,000 a month (as per the email that I got) to try and sell you his product for $7 down from $34, in my opinion is laughable.

    By the way, I have no idea who the Morrison brothers are.
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    Hi Gang,
    I just tried the link I was given. Wow, I think there was 8 "stay on this page" pop-ups. Needless to say, I think I'll pass on this one.

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    Guess you are right. Why on earth would a guy that has the secrets for unlimited traffic sell this to you for some lousy bucks? They fake it and I'm affraid they make it as well at the cost of a lot of honest (but naive) people..........
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    From the video... looks like another PPV course. Yay.
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    But does anyone have an actual review?

    I know, the down-sells nonsense is annoying, i get that. But what about a review of the product?
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    I watched the video but had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right. I came over here and thanks for confirming. I then attempted to log out and lost count at how many times the cost was reduced.
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    Thanks to you all for you honesty; I was really grabbed by his presentation. I'm pretty new to all of this but something in my gut just didn't sit right. He's making all this money along with fast traffic why does he need me. I really looking for something to start making some money does any one out there know of something affordable yet legit. I'm not afraid to roll my sleeves up but I want to do it in a way that does pay off.
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    I keep getting emails from him on a daily base, at least 2 emails per day, what a spammer.
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    Crikey their sales team are desperate and finally got through to me at midnight.I played along and the guy who said I should gather all my credit cards "to invest in the programme".He wanted me to find out my credit limits for each card and he would call me back the following day.He did and I referred him to an article about scamming and asked him did he think it acceptable to ask someone for all of their card details on the first call.He laughed and put down the phone.God help anyone who buys in to the up sells.
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    watch out with any of them as I got stung with anthony morrisons program,also they are friends with alex shelton and he's the biggest crook of all. Beware!
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    i'd give a bum $7.00, so even if there's a chance i could make money from this $7 product i'd risk it. In the video in little writing it said something like - " people who use this product make little to no money. To make this kind of money depends on your understanding of the market and (your financial stability)" It showed that 2 times in the video. I didn't see it the first time i watch the video but i did see it the second time, after i saw the down sell to $7 that is. He said the first 3 campaigns he will pay for by given a $30 voucher or something along those lines. - So $7 and you get 3 free campaigns - I think the risk is worth it. - worst case your out $7
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    I studied Super Affiliate Training Course as I was supposed (Adrian Morrison's advice) before I went to MS to take a 3 day class. The class was supposed to be @24,000 which they reduced to 12,500 for "Veterans" So, I flew to MS (flight cost added @ 600 and a hotel that was approximately @300). When I arrived for the class the Mentor was other than who I thought (Adrian Morrison was supposed to teach) to my understanding. The mentor was his lifetime best friend. We did not even go over the program we studied. but he is one with a flight of ideas and us "Newbies" didn't have a chance. The class was given this one niche, I tried it for 6 months, lost 100 and never made 1 sale. I was promised a lifetime mentor, which I could never get in touch with! Ok,,,things like that happen,,,but, I have tried every strategy I was taught and for 5 months, I made $177 (really not a profit with all I spent) but have to make 30 more before I can collect!! Not what I thought I was gonna get...Then I tried Fast Traffic Formula... and started other ways to make money on the internet since they weren't working, (telling the truth I didn't work with Fast Traffic Formula that much) but started getting charged each month for the software...till my credit card was maxed and I got a email from them stating they didn't receive payment so they took the software back!! I am just thank full that I didn't have a lot into it. I did learn somethings from them..I don't think any education is a waste but I am done with the Morrison Brothers!

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