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Anyone tried Who Likes Money by D.C. Fawcett? Looks like some sort of FB scraper that helps build lists. Any reviews?
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    Ya it is FB scraper as I watched the sales video. But it is not clear as to how he uses to build list. I mean it scraps FB users email and then build list from that and how - Not clear. Though it sounds great.
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    Ive been trying to look for reviews too, but nothing much, just a lot of bait and switch with other programs.

    What I did find was that it seems there are no refunds if you buy it. Thats prob the reason why people didnt buy it to review it.

    Also, it seems that there will be upsales too.

    Sorry, not much help, but if I find anything, will post here.
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    I came here looking for an FB UID scrapping software. Bookmarked the page and thought I would come back to see what is happening..
    I now have a good UID scrapping tool.. but let me clear a few things here.. If you are looking for a UID scrapping tool that can scrape FB email IDs, there are a lot out there in the market. But you need to keep one thing in mind. Scrapping emails IDs and spamming them with requests to join your Fanpages is not a good idea. If you get reported (which you are more likely to come across), you account could get shut without any warnings.. I am sure you would not want that to happen to your Facebook accounts..
    At the same time, a simple advise.. don't let the love for money push you to follow prohibited system.. Do the basics and you are sure to succeed, if you are doing it right..
    That's just my 2 cents..
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    I just received an email late last nite from an affiliate with a link to this Who Likes Money so took time to watch it. It looked pretty intriging, but I have become SO skeptical of ANY program now that 'looks too good to be true'. I came very very close around 1:30 am to ordering this when I heard there was a 365 days money back guarantee, but, I thought I need to check the Warrior Forum first for reviews. Yes, it looks amazing, but I've seen lots of programs that 'look' awesome and are complete scams!

    So, my search continues for an honest review from someone who has purchased this. If there truly is a 365 money back guarantee I don't really mind biting the bullet and trying this out, as I am currently studying how to make money on FB with Ads and such.

    I find it very odd that this 'Who Likes Money' apparently has been on the market for awhile, but I am just now, Dec.3/13 hearing about it. If I do decide to purchase, I will definitely put up a review.
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    Still not try that yet. Have any links or information ?
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    Bought it : there are THREE downsells meaning you can get the basic system for $7 if you cancel the sales page a few times.
    There are also several upsells for more powerful/integrated scrapers but I skipped all these.
    Then they want you to register for a 1-1 consultation with one of their team who will no doubt offer you more useful stuff you really need. Hosting is offered as you'll be needing this to do some of the things they suggest (build a list etc. etc...)

    all the above is aimed at less experienced marketers one assumes, although it does not seem to be a scam I ignored it all and went straight to the members area.

    the training videos are nice and short + the basic process involves scraping Facebook for users who mentioned "KEYWORD" and grabbing their FB email which can then be harvested and used to bulk-invite people to a fanpage which you then monetize, use to build a list etc. etc.

    It's careful to point out the possibilities for abuse and warns against overusing the invite button. Used in the way it advises I can't see this really messing things up too much. But it won't make you money 2 hours after setting it up for the first time....

    I do think done right this could be used to make $$ and will test it out once I can get the software to behave..

    The problem I'm having is that the plugins don't work for me so far! Wordpress plugins are used to do the scrapey business + extraction but they will not activate.

    Annoying but I only spent $7 on it and invested maybe an hour, and I'm hopeful they will fix the issue for me, I don't know if it's their software or some hosting problem at my end although these are new, clean installs of wordpress

    I've contacted support and waiting for a reply! keep yous posted. B
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    still no response from support
    am trying another address

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    I purchased it i will be uploading a video as a walk through for any warriors who want to see the software in action. I have been building 3 FB pages since i purchased and I must say that the method does work.

    However you must follow the rules and not over abuse the scraping. You should be scraping 3000-4500 UIDS every 48 hours and inviting around 150 to 200 of the emails you get to the FB page every 2 days also.

    This method is what is working for me and i have built 1 of my Fitness fanpages to 2,463 likes already.

    they dont suggest doing promo to the users until about 4000 likes but i have had over 300 optins to my squeeze page and ive already put them into my sales funnel.

    If nothing else I will say solid technique. The $$$ comes with building multiple pages once you get the method down.

    I will make another post with a video soon.

    Hope i could shed some more light on this product for you guys.
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    I bought this stuff and one upgrade, bad decision, I also watched one of the webinars it was then that I realized this is the same product that Anthony Morrison has been pushing for months so I ask that question is the question box an they replied that it was not, but it is.
    After that they would not answer any more of my questions.
    I decided to seek a refund but I can not get any response form the so called personal email of DC 4 times I have sent email and he does not respond.
    They posted the support email on the webinar so I sent email to that, 3, still no response.
    Their web site does not show a contact so they are hiding out in my opinion.

    Oh, one more thing I purchased this thru Adam Short at Niche Profit Classroom so I sent him an email asking for help , he to has ignored my request.

    Anyone been able to get a refund or even get a response for any request?

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    They keep having weekly , so called, training webinars but they will not respond to questions in the box

    How do you get a refund if no one will respond??

    They did not use paypal went direct to credit card, another bad move on my part.
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    Let me try to answer the threat question... Everyone?

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