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I am planning to learn CPA from an expert.. I found ivan ong and he have lot of successful students. Any warriors have experience with his coaching...
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    I've only heard great things about him and his coaching.

    I don't think you will go wrong with him.

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    Sure it will be great. Good Luck!
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    Hey... whats up people... i saw my name here... lol~
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    i am going to try to answer this one...i use to wonder the same thing. there is alot more money in coaching than actually doing. it is guaranteed money unlike other im stuff.
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    Well, I regard Charles Ngo as the prince of the CPA industry. Just yesterday he lashed out at Ivan.

    New to Mobile Marketing? Here's What's Making Money - CharlesNgo.com - Affiliate Marketing. Internet Marketing.

    I know Charles Ngo, he is a fine person but I think he must have a reason for lashing out...
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    I wouldn't recommend joining his course. My mate did it and he regrets it. And if Charles Ngo criticizes him, something must be wrong with Ivan...
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    I've joined for quite long time and can give a simple neutral stats & opinion.

    Look at the testimonials, less than 20 students have big results.
    Look at the number of students as of now: 260.

    Many are losing money each month and struggling.

    Personally, I am having trouble getting any reply from him whenever I need help, only place I can get advise is from other students(we have a private fb page). At this price point I would at least expect getting reply directly from him.

    We were taught direct linking. Is it in great depth? Certainly not. We were also never taught how to build a good landing page and target different angle to maximize our chances.

    Without a doubt some have succeeded. The system works, but I personally believe that it's not the most cost effective system around. Some students tested more than 50 campaigns to find their first profitable campaign. To me, this number doesn't make sense. I have my doubts here. Are we doing it right, or just randomly throwing everything on the wall and see what sticks?

    More often than not we get comments like "don't give up, keep trying" from other members. Don't get me wrong, motivations are great. But someone that never give up after testing more than 50 campaigns, is going to be successful with or without this coaching. I mean, imagine creating 50 campaigns. Chances are you will find a profitable campaign. No?

    I have yet to found a profitable campaign and is still working on it.
    I would say that it's way overpriced and not as helpful as I wished it could be.
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