Review of Social Group Infiltrator?

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I was wondering if anyone has bought the Social Group Infiltrator plugin? Apparently you are able to post to hundreds of Facebook groups, on a schedule from wordpress, without Facebook flagging your posts as spam.
Sounds too good to be true, lol
Any reviews from buyers would be greatly appreciated, thanks :rolleyes:
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    I too am hoping for a review. It would be extremely helpful to be able to market on Facebook without buying ads.
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    I purchased this one, but no product link was given. I sent my e-mails/support request repeatedly to the owners, but have not received the link. I can not imagine why it takes such a long time to reply for such a simple inquiry. Their customer service is not acceptable.
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    Hey Terry,
    Thanks for the update, let us know if you receive the product.
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    I purchased the plugin and have been using it over the last few days. It does exactly what it says it will do and it was easy to set up.

    You can set the time interval on the posts so that you're not posting too frequently. I set mine for 1 hour apart. You could choose 5 or 10 minutes apart but I wouldn't recommend that. 1-2 hours seems less likely to throw up any red flags.

    The plugin searches for groups based on the keywords you set. Then you join the groups of your choice. Once you're accepted into the groups by the owners you can post away.

    However, I urge you to read all group rules before you join them so that you know what you are or aren't allowed to post.

    I hope this helps.
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    My curiosity has been tweaked, but I am unable to find it, unless you are discussing a 2 year old WSO that I have been unable to follow the WSO thread, I keep getting 400 Bad request when I click the links.
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    I've checked out several groups "Rules" and everyone has said something like no posting of Products, businesses or affiliate links. So how are we supposed to use this to make money, because it seems as son as we do post something like this we are going to be flagged as spam and deleted from the group? Any suggestions on how to use this or get around this problem?
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    I bought it and I absolutely love it! It does exactly what it says. Definitely recommend.
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    i see salespage is closed, support page is sadly blank, and the coder/owner doenst reply to NONE here: if the value of tis product it's equal to his marlketing... i feel it is not a good product at all..
    software owner: are you there?
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    I just logged in, the tutorials videos are all there, the support page is up and everything seem's to be working fine. I have not used the plugin yet, but look forward to trying it.
    I don't think any of it goes against FBs TOS, only if you use it for spamming.
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    Hello i was wondering if you can help me i purchased social group inflitrator and i can access my purchase but it does not give you the WP plugin to get it set up..his videos show you how to use it after its instaslled?

    thanks for all your help
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    I really like this plugin. I cannot and will not speak for support, because I have yet to contact them. I am hoping that this has not been a violation of FB's TOS. Maybe someone will post it here if that is so.
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    I will give it two thumbs down Facebook recognizes it as spam I also sent several emails no replies at all my advice stay away from this one
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    nothing sounds too good to be true unless you want it to be too good to be true. Make it work and remove the barriers in your mind
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    I purchased and used this plugin for several months, but as of 1/1/14 it stopped working. I'm not sure if Facebook changed some setting which made the app useless...IDK.

    I have reset the schedule several times, but nothing seems to work. I posted almost 2900 posts before it stopped working. None were ever flagged as spam. I would only post once an hour and had no problems.

    If anyone has heard how to fix this please let me know.
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    it is not working for me as well.
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    I am CONFUSED IS THREAD talking about fb infiltrator Product plugin?
    .....I ask as the posts are mostly 2013 and this product is new for 2014 and today Jan 27th is its launch
    so many of us would like to know about fednback on this product its vid to see it is at:

    The vid demo of it voice over in the first 30 seconds mentions his partner 'Prescious' just be careful folk....there was a Precious who had tons of bad products launches issues with software, customer support here on Warrior I noticed last year.

    Please feedback then on fb infiltrator
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    I consider to use another software fbmatic but you must open the software in order to auto post but once yiu offline then the auto post willbe stopped.
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    Do not buy from this vendor EVER! One of his "PAST" partners who's name I won't mentioned confirmed that the he does not support his products.

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