Opinions on Brittany Lynch's products? Or 2kin3days?

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Brittany had a webinar recently to promote her product "2kin3days", a FaceBook marketing system basically. Anybody else see that? Any thoughts? As in, previous experience with previous products from this same person? I am interested in this, but at $997 ... well, wow. I will be out a lot of money if it is re-hashed info. Unfortunately, you pay now but the training isn't for 3 weeks.

Thanks in advance.
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    I did see the webinar and it was okay but I wouldn't pay $997 based on what I saw (not that I have it). I remember watching a webinar a few years ago that she did, so she has been around a while. If you really liked what you saw and can afford it you are probably better off buying one expensive product that you can get some personal help with like this one rather than buying dozens of cheap WSO's that don't go into detail unless you buy there OTO's. There are a lot of Facebook products out there now from Don Wilson, Dr Ben Adkins, Bill Guthrie, Mark Thompson & others that may be better for the price.
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    Dont buy it. Talking from experience!
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    I think its way too expensive but she is doing good marketing her product. If she was able to make the money she is saying I don't think she would do anything else but doing it herself.

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    Brittany Lynch is the truth, please don't someone stop you for going forward in something that could potential help improve your lifestyle in any way form or fashion. In this case financially.

    Personally, I haven't purchased one of her courses before, but as someone who has been eating, sleeping and breathing I.M the past 3-4 years, I can certainly tell you that her stuff is pretty awesome.

    Infact, I'm getting ready to setup a FB campaign just off of the free training that she gave away, and I think it should perform well... just have some ideas from watching her webinar.

    I might purchase her course, but I'm wondering if she will sell it at a lower price point months down the line (-:

    Also, if you have the resources available and if you're going to really give it 1oo% (I say this not knowing your experience with I.M), then I would certainly suggest that you go for it.

    On the contrary, you may want to sit this one out, if you don't have the resource's, as I'm sure there are more affordable courses that teach on some of the same subjects that Brittany covers.

    Here are some a few recommendations:

    Info Cash by Chris C.

    DS Domination (Dropping Shipping with eBay, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.)

    The best training that I've came across this year so far.

    Also, Greg Davis has some really cool stuff as well.

    Brittany Lynch is a Superstar, certainly going to follow her this coming year.

    Ok all the best,

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    Well my question for you is this:

    A person claiming to earn money from a specific Facebook method pushing a clickbank product, while doing a demonstration of how to earn said money, says they use goo.gl to redirect clickbank affiliate links.

    Would you then be able to trust the aforementioned person ever again? It is now obvious they have not ever even attempted to use the method they are now selling, as they would instantly discover goo.gl will not redirect clickbank urls and has not for quite some time.

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