Simple Money System

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Has anyone heard of a program called Simple Money System? is Simple Money System any good or just another scam, Is GVO a good web hosting company? Is there autoresponder a good program also?
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    Hi there, I currently am promoting and using the Simple Money System.

    The SMS is a free system that gives you training, advice, affiliate links etc to use to promote a product called Pure Leverage which is owned by GVO.

    PL is a new online marketing tool suite that includes an autoresponder, video email service, live conference room service plus they give you your very own blog which is very impressive in my opinion.

    If you'd like to know more message and I'll glad to help!
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    Hi there ,
    I recently joined the simple money system.
    I thought that it was gonna be a scam but its a system that really works and just as the title is called simple money system, it really is simple and all the training is provided.
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