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I see no reviews yet on the latest traffic building system, so any reviews on this new deal. I evaluate them all before joining, some work, some don't, some will be worth the small investment, most won't.

Success to all,
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    Oh well, took the plunge, friend is seeing some positive traffic, so we shall see. Will report back with results.

    Happy Healthy Wealthy New Year to all,
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    As you said most don't work - yes that is the case. Or even if some work, they work for the top positioners and top promoters. I am really fed up of MLM. Tried a lot and failed.
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    I'll give you my review.....bought it, promoted it; no sales in 3 days, asking for refund. Shocking that I haven't gotten a reply back yet! Ahhh, we live and learn. (My take: Useless product)
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      Okay, so I heard back from them and they said they would give me a refund. In theory it's a good system because you can promote your own businesses on there as well, but I don't know what kind of traffic they're generating.....certainly isn't converting. Would be interested to find out how anyone else is doing with this.

      Happy New Year All

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    Hello, I've been around a bit looking for ways to make money online and I've been sucked into the MLM business which you join and then you have to get others to join by telling them how much money you make. After looking at that its not for me. So what can I do to make money?

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    For some reason I'm not able to rank for the target keyword. Its going on two weeks since the site launched. My on page seo is good, I bought 20 local citations, and 1 high tf/cf PBN link and have my profiles with my link on facebook and twitter. My highest competitor ranked #1 has 0tf/19cf and my site according to Majestic is 0tf/13cf and my link from a pbn hasn't even indexed yet. according to that , I should be on at least the first page right? Surely I'd be ranking somewhere in the top 50 I'd think. When I do site:mywebsite on google it shows that all my pages are indexed. Another thing I'm confused about is, I'm ranked 31 for a terrible version of the keyword I was targeting. My niche is carpet cleaning in a small city in texas. the keyword I'm ranking for is carpet cleaning companies "city name" in "city name".. nobody is strait up searching for that... I want to be ranked carpet cleaning "city name" so I can start making money. Anyone have any ideas of what might be going on?

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    Hello, I have just started my new viral content site but i am struggling with web traffic although i am going to try many free traffic sources like forum posts, guest posting, blog comments etc but i want to confirm if its bad idea to purchase traffic ?