Streetwise publication UK jury is out!

Profile picture of the author highhopes by highhopes Posted: 06/01/2009
I have over the years regarded the Streetwise publication group headed by John harrison as being a pretty sound business model, but for a few wobbly offers.
However, i have changed my mind about streetwise.
I received a mailshot from Scott Huggins about 18 months ago relating to the `Repossesed property bulletin`,
He had featured on TV regarding property deals, so I signed up for the subscription.
A month later the publication from arrived.
The next month something called Property auction news from Streetwise publications arrived.
This was not the same format as R P Bulletin. Followig enquiries to Streetwise, I was told they wer taking over the subscriptions.
I then explained I did not want this publication and cancelled the subs.
Streetwise sent a letter to me confirming this and to cancel the standing order with my bank.
This period coincided with a lot going on for me, having to work away etc.
In this period of time I did forget to cancel with the bank.
However, i told them when cancelling the subs not to send me any through the post.
a year later the full 139.00 was debited to my account.
I again raised the issue with Streetwise and told them it was my fault I forgot to cancel and as i have not received any publications anyway can the give me a refund?
To this they said no as it COSTS THEM MONEY to cancel.
My reply was give me a refund less YOUR expenses....the flatly refused.
If i had ordered streetwise publication in the first place I would be more sympathetic to their situation.
But because I have wasted time on trying to resolve this matter, time, spent etc, etc, I feel their business approach is not good at all.
So much so I will never purchase from them ever again. I have in the past but no more.
To add insult to injury, inspite of me asking them not to email me or send mailshots through the post, they continue to do so.
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  • Profile picture of the author TelegramSam
    Sue the b*stards.
  • Profile picture of the author highhopes
    I feel like doing that Sam.... the trouble is they dont have to do anything really as they are sort of right legally.
    It is the moral story that gets the headlines.

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