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There is a new product out by the name twice confirmed traffic. Has anyone here used it. Do we have an honest reviews on its conversion as claimed on the website Their site is

I will love to have some reviews from the house here
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    I have purchased and used Twice Confirmed Traffic, and my experience was not as rewarding as most people claim they have. I recieved traffic but no sales. I only recieved referrals for "FeederMatrix" which is a free to join signup, but those signups are deleted after 3 days if they are non-paying, . As far as monetary gain ( in the lease ) there wasn't any, so I cancelled the paid subscription and I am now a free member. I have found a similar product, that produces absolutely more clicks, and you can also join for free. You will notice clicks, and then they will set up the software and confirm that they have optimized it for traffic. The traffic rate doubles or triples. I am seeing really good traffic at JVzoo, with this other platform. As a free member of "Twice Confirmed" I am just as happy as being a paid member, because the results are the same. The other software produces more traffic and more unique hits.
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    my thoughts also :

    Thank you for sharing this post, You have just saved me a lot of money. Thank you again :-)

    ps: peoples is there anything that actually works in traffic ?
    I am getting very skeptical.
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    it's similar to addmefast and justretweets ..........

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