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Default Twice Confirmed Traffic Reviews

There is a new product out by the name twice confirmed traffic. Has anyone here used it. Do we have an honest reviews on its conversion as claimed on the website Their site is twiceconfirmedtraffic.com

I will love to have some reviews from the house here
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Default Re: Twice Confirmed Traffic Reviews

I gave it a try against my better judgement - simply because one of the trending Clickbank products in their "Confirmation Bay" was one I previously battled to sell.

This looks a beefed up version of the Submissionworks con. Their aggressive affiliate payout plan encourages people to promote it like crazy. The big difference here is the Confirmation Bay, where supposedly members add details of the products that are selling with their paid traffic, so that everyone knows what is currently working.

Anyway, I tracked my links, and so far these are my results:
  • Only 39% of the hits are unique hits so far
  • All hits are coming from a site called hitserver.com - not muliple sources as claimed on the sales page
  • So far not a single action on any of my pages, including the Clickbank one that is currently rising up the ranks inside the Twice Confirmed Traffic website as "confirmed" for making sales

Other points to consider is the fact they never reveal where you actually purchase your traffic from, and there is a no refund policy.

If it really worked that well as their affiliates are claiming, why are they making so much effort to promote it? If it was me, and I was getting sales like that, I would be spending all my time testing & trying out new affiliate links. And why would I confirm my sales on their website and add to my competition?

In conclusion, Twice Confirmed Traffic is a scam, it does not work and I am annoyed at myself for even trying it when I should have known better.
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Default Re: Twice Confirmed Traffic Reviews

Thanks for your honest review I saw that e-mail also and I was really skeptical after I read the sales page and I smell a scam 2 miles away so I stayed away. They do however have a refund policy but guess what it is only good for 24hrs you can find it in the terms of agreement I will recommend that people use good judgement and run as fast and as far as you can I have already done that.
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Default Re: Twice Confirmed Traffic Reviews

So someone who works for this company (Quite possibly the owner) emailed me informing me he had been sending people to an Empower Network review on my site. He claimed a lot of people had been asking where the best place was to send their traffic, so he would direct them to a review post I made which talks about the service.

I actually left my review live but have since wanted nothing to do with EN (I really despise most of the marketers who are involved in it and I am no longer a member) They asked me to send some of my members their way in exchange for a $20 credit in their system.

I signed up for free but didnít bother using the system, the guy gave me $20 in credit but it costs $30 to do anything.. figured Iíd post since I had some communication with someone there.. just canít speak for the service.
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