Does Anyone Know of A True Competitor to Infusionsoft? (Must Be Close in Quality)

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Hey Warriors,

I spent yesterday implementing Infusionsoft (moving contacts, etc) only to find out that to get the affiliate program, payments, and other modules you needed to upgrade from the 199 to 299 package.

Fine... I guess...

Except that it comes with a 3k price tag to "set it up"...which is total BS b/c I did all the work myself. Coaching, access to an instructor, blah blah blah...don't want to spend 3k.

So...does anyone know a good competitor to Infusionsoft that has an affiliate program, autoresponder, payment processor compatibility, and isn't so damn expensive.

Needless to say, I'm pissed that I wasted 8 hours on their stuff. Good product...shitty sales process.

Pardon my language but yea...


Brad Spencer
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    They are rolling-out a lower-priced version soon. I got
    an email about it a few days ago.

    You might want to look at MarketersCart
    It's not the same thing but it does have some useful
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    Hi Brad

    It's ironic that I have been evaulating Infusionsoft too over the past couple of months and what I've found, along with comments I've heard from long term users, is that it is the Rolls Royce of automated marketing software, however you'll never use all the features plus a techie friend of mine, who has been a fanatic user for about 3 years, said even for him, it was quote difficult to implement, simply because of the vast array of features and settings

    You may want to check out because although not a direct comparison, it is still a fantastic solution

    Hope this helps
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    3k start-up? Is this still the case?
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    Nope, I just signed up yesterday to try it out for a more setup fees, just the monthly payment to get started and voila.


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    Yeah, Infusionsoft isn't for beginners.

    It no longer has any setup fees... just monthly fees... $199 for basic or $299 for deluxe with shopping cart and affiliates.
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    There is also another thread here
    Josh Anderson from Nanacast answers a lot of questions
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    Im looking for an auto-responder which i can add users for (I have 20 networking meets a mont and want each organiser to have user permission on their specific list) I aslo want to be able to integrate text messaging into it, Is there any software out there that can do this? I looked @ InfusionSoft and it does exactly this only they charge $60 for each new users!
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    infusion never did it for me... the UI looks like crap, very poorly designed for the customer.... and i haven't heard amazing things about it.... unless you really set the thing up....

    Shopping Cart & Ecommerce Software -
    Shopping Cart Software by UltraCart - E-Commerce Solutions
    CartFreak 1-Click Upsell Shopping Cart

    those are some of the ones out there.... 1shopp was good a few years ago but they're email system sucks the big one, and they're still a bit behind the times...

    ultracart is good, basic, but good, highly customizable, but their support is crap....

    cydec was just bought by an IM'er Brett Fogel, big in forex, and it looks pretty gangster

    carkfreak is joe laverys new cart... looks pretty badass....

    theres nothing really awesome out there... you just gotta find the lesser of all the evils.

    hope it helps.
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    There are two that come to my mind that are similar, I believe. and Personally going to blogger now as it is much less money. My credit card is overloaded and the need to get income with lower expense is right at the top of my list of actions.
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    Yes, the only true competitor to InfusionSoft, where it can integrate both online and offline followup... is: OfficeAutoPilot

    Way better then ISoft.

    Second is Delavo: See comparison chart: Comparison Table
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    Does anyone have a recommendation for a cart that will handle digital and service type payments?

    Digital ==> To download after payment
    Service ==> To a form after payment

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