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How is Sean Donahoe's Profit Builder? Any issues? How easy is it?
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    Originally Posted by Howlerckc View Post

    How is Sean Donahoe's Profit Builder? Any issues? How easy is it?
    Issues? It's a Sean Donahoe product, so of course there are issues, and I imagine plenty of them.

    However, maybe not so many this time around. Andrew Hunter gave a decent interview about the product.

    Edited: Ah, sorry. Can't give the video link. It has Andrew's affiliate link in it. But you can simply do a search for profit builder on youtube.
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    Just tried to load the site on an iPad and there were quite a number of errors inc. videos not showing and large areas of blank space. So, looks like responsive/browser errors in css. Hopefully, they'll iron these out.
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      This is actually a pretty good builder system that Sean modified. I happen to know where he got it. The developer of the original system is pretty active with updates. So, I feel confident that any core issues will be addressed as they have been over a year since the initial release..

      I have to believe any errors right now are a result of the additional features packed onto the core product.

      I also feel a little bit stung though by the first OTO, which I purchased, as there is little here other than a promise for more to come. This felt like a rush to try to include something that wasn't ready for prime time yet.

      The real value here is the core web builder itself and the initial included templates with the modifications of the builder for IM. The intro price being pretty reasonable for this, all considered.
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    What are the major differences between Profitbuilder and Instabuilder?

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      Interesting that Shane Melaugh just came out with his Thrive Landing Pages plugin today, as well.

      A lot of similarities, though Thrive is $20 more than Profit Builder. And he doesn't include a theme, like Sean does.

      But, a "premium" plugin shouldn't mess with any theme, especially a premium one. So, the theme is really just a little extra enticement.

      Still, I'm more drawn to Thrive than Profit Builder. It seems to have more overall flexibility. But fewer templates. Hmmm.

      Anyone else been looking at both? Or care to?

      Because for me, Profit Builder seems to provide the greatest value (at the moment), yet Thrive Landing Pages seems to be the better product...
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    I don't think those are good arguments.

    Running sites with php5.2 is like looking for trouble. 5.2 is EOL and has a lot of vulnerabilities.

    And Ioncube is a "must" to have installed. There are a lot of programmers that use it on their WP plugins and themes, and external php scripts.

    I agree there are some (a lot of) complaints about other SD products but I don't agree that demanding ioncube and php5.3 is something to complain about.
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      I have to agree, most Internet providers already have iconCube loader installed and everyone should be running the latest PHP stable release. This is really a non issue.

      As far as a comparison between Shane Melaugh's Thrive Content Builder and Profit Builder . They both represent the same philosophy of the new wave of WP web builders. In reality they are just fancy shortcode generators. Shane Melaugh has a nice product, but it's a struggle to compete with all the other builders out there. Good templates and easy implementation and modification of them is the key. Both products give you a live update view of your work. As I mentioned Profit Builder is being built on a product that has already had over 12 months of experience among users. So, in reality it's not new, just updated.

      The main difference, as I see it, is Thrive Content Builder is a little skimpy yet on elements and somewhat pricier for the developer license. However, I also agree that Shane Melaugh himself is a professional with solid products and a pleasure to do business with.
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    Anyone having issues with the built in timers?
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      Originally Posted by Howlerckc View Post

      Anyone having issues with the built in timers?
      The countdown?

      When I open a prebuilt template with a countdown it works fine (can edit).

      If I add a new one, then there are issues. I also found issues with some other shortcodes specially dynamic CONTENT related.
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      I already have Thrive Themes content builder and am planning to use it to add 2-step opt-in forms to my sites (the Opt-In Links plugin that was launched a few months ago supposedly did this but the review thread here on the WF showed that a lot of people couldn't get it to work...)

      I'm still going to get Profit Builder though because it seems that I can just hit a few buttons and get complete ready-made pages like the one on the sales page.

      So, haven't tried them out yet but my impression is that Thrive Themes would be good for more hands-on control and Profit Builder for speed.
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    I was given a copy of this by Sean to try out and after playing with it all day I have decided to use it for all my sales sites from here on out! This system is awesome and as an optimize press user I gotta tell ya it really seems like a much more user friendly way to go and that is saying a lot because I really like OP2!

    Anyway just wanted to jump in here and give my opinion.

    As soon as I have my newest site built with it I'll post the link to it in here so you can see an example and that I really am using it!

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      Using one of the included templates, I built the following page in about two hours. Obviously, it is not complete, but I spent dozens of hours trying to do the same thing with InstaBuilder and Authority Pro 3 without nearly this much success.

      I am a technical guy and not a marketer, so I amazed myself getting this done in such a short time. Again, time will tell if this product has decent support.

      A new update was issued today and I was able to upload the new version from the Plugin menu without having to physically download any files and everything worked flawlessly.

      As for the question about GetResponse, it works fine by adding your HMTL code for your form from GR right into the squeeze page. Tested and works fine.
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    I really want to use Profit Builder, but there is one HUGE issue what I can't. It's mobile responsiveness SUCKS!

    All one has to do is look at any of the templates on their mobile device. If mobile responsiveness is not an issue for you, then it is a cool system at a dirt cheap price. But of you like your website and sales pages to render properly on a mobile device, then stay away.

    Here is the big issue with this, Sean did not develop the core function of the plugin. It is a plugin for sale on CodeCanyon, I think its called the front end builder. So him not having it developed personally, what is the likelihood that proper responsive options will EVER be added? Slim to none, this is Sean we are talking about after all.

    OptimiePress is a much more mature platform and their entire business is OptimizePress, not the next shiny object they can sell. OP has options for their elements to not display on mobiles, thus making it look proper.

    When you look at PB on a mobile, text overlaps, text and elements are not aligned properly, elements that only look correct on the right or left, like arrows, get stacked and look unprofessional.

    Anyway, that is my 2 cents.
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    "SUCKS" is a very strong word.

    It is not perfect but a few css lines to align images and increase line height make it ok.

    Funny is I just opened both (OP and PB) in my "old" android to test them.
    PB opened ok. OP didn't respond to screen size - I get vertical and horizontal scrollbars.

    My concerns about PB are more related with some modules no working ok and future updates - that could be a big issue...
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    You can enable or disable responsiveness in OptimizePress 2. Perhaps you are using version 1 or have it disabled in v2. All the pages I create, or templates I have used, in OptimizePress 2 have responded perfectly. The point of a front end builder is to NOT have to edit css. It would be a major pain to edit the media queries for each element that is not rendering well. So I do agree that "SUCKS" is a strong word, but I do think it sucks. Maybe I will put it in lower case next time!

    Have you see the PB sales page on a mobile? Case in point.

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