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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Success With Anthony By Anthony Morrison

    TrafficBot in Product Reviews

    Wanted to know if any warriors have checked this program from Anthony Morrison the creator of Fast Cash Commissions.

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    Imnica Mail - Total heroes!

    Paleochora in Product Reviews

    When it comes to unsolicited comments on products and services (as opposed to affiliate reviews), often we only hear moans. Well, I want to take this opportunity of giving some ... [read more]

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    Traffic and list building

    daveaball in Product Reviews

    hi all, I am looking for a wso to build Traffic to my site Home and was wondering could anyone suggest a wso that would suit a membership site for ... [read more]

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    Traffic Black Book

    rickstooker in Product Reviews

    Anybody tried Traffic Black Book by Chad Hamzeh?

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    Best hosting?

    Nickro in Product Reviews

    Hey guys . As the topic says , best hosting for a picture content blog ?

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    Millionaire Traffic Society - Has anybody used it yet?

    AlanB in Product Reviews

    I have been looking everywhere to see if there are any reviews about "Millionaire Traffic Society" software, but I have not been able to find any real reviews... I want ... [read more]

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    Unstoppable Affiliate?

    Zack Sprague in Product Reviews

    Hey warriors, What are your guys thoughts on the unstoppable affiliate? Is it still a success from its launch until this day? Are you making money with Andrew Hanson's system? ... [read more]

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    Anyone Tried This?

    doomzday in Product Reviews

    Well it's got a lot of positive comments and the video looks professional. Anyone tried this "Home Profit System"?

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    Market Samurai

    amuro in Product Reviews

    All the while, I thought Market Samurai is just a keyword research tool. But after going through the videos through Steven Clayton's Commission Blueprint 2.0 course as IMA member, I ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Traffic Plugin Suite - JP Schoeffel

    Does anybody have any reviews/comments regarding this WP plug-in suite? It contains: Poster Pro Socialize-It Pro The RSS Aggregator I'm mostly interested in "Poster Pro" that allows unlimited queuing and ... [read more]

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    EvaBrown in Product Reviews

    Hello, dear guys! This is Website Templates my website and I sell templates! I want to ask your opinion about my products. What do you think about the design? I ... [read more]

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    Best Complete Courses for Online Marketing

    Hello everyone. I'm compiling a list of only the best, complete, and legit online money making courses. No get rich quick systems. If you know of a course that fits ... [read more]

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    I need 5 people to review my new report

    Hi guys, I just finished a new report called "12 Steps For Writing emails That Will Make You Money" and I need 5 people to look it over and offer ... [read more]

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    What OTHER tools do You guys USE?

    seanster in Product Reviews

    Hello, I am trying develop a Metrics Tracking product around a few different heavily used Online products by marketers. I EXCLUDED email management programs because there used so often. Please ... [read more]

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    Urgent :ListDotCom Downgrade Issue!!!

    A Bary in Product Reviews

    How Lame is this? I paid $197 for this thing 2 years ago,it was one of my first (and still worst) purchases ever, however, I got some benefits from the ... [read more]

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    User-Name in Product Reviews

    Hi I thought I would look at them further as I liked their claim to be able to get backlinks spidered (not indexed) I have multiple clients I do seo ... [read more]

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    Cashversity by Rich Paulsen

    Vince1990 in Product Reviews

    I have received an email to this site by Mack Michaels, It's a unique way of getting affiliate sales by offering a pdf showing you how to make a realistic ... [read more]

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    Dreamweaver, iweb, Wordpress,

    Markod123 in Product Reviews

    What Web development software do you use and why? Is there a huge advantage to using a certain one? Very Kind Regards Marko

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    Best Tools to Generate Viral Traffic?

    ShaneRQR in Product Reviews

    I'm looking for some viral traffic tools. Off the top of my head, I can think of: - Traffic Zombie - Digi Viral Traffic - That one thing that someone ... [read more]

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    Outsource Link Building for Offline SEO Clients...

    Neil M in Product Reviews

    Can anybody recommend a good outsource company for link building services to use with offline SEO clients?

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    Constant Cash Machine

    moneymuze in Product Reviews

    Any thoughts, any one? I thought this guys name was Daniel Young, now it's Jack Martin(en)? What's up with that. Not on Clickbank, it's on Clicksure.

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    Products That We Should NEVER consider buying!

    TamilYoung in Product Reviews

    There are lot of products out there promoting just some crap only taking advantage of the hype the topic / niche has. We as Warriors, should know how to differentiate ... [read more]

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    Anyone use Killer video squeeze pages?

    jcruz in Product Reviews

    I'm interested to know if anyone has used these squeeze pages with success, what are there conversions rates, as far as the initial squeeze page, open rate for the follow ... [read more]

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    Camtasia or Screen flow

    inconf in Product Reviews

    Hey, I just switched from PC to MAC, still getting used to it! One thing that i have noticed is camtasia for mac is useless, totally un-user friendly and nothing ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Announce - Good or Bad?

    warrior2008 in Product Reviews

    Warriors, Years ago I heard that was a great program for the $750.00. In your opinion do you think it is still worth it? Second, what other cost effective ... [read more]

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    Ryan Deiss + Inbox Empire

    Hi Has anyone ordered this training? Ryan Deiss recently held a webinar with Mary Ellen Tribby teaching people how to start email magazines. There's a video at Inbox Empire | ... [read more]

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    Anyone know of a sales plugin for writing a sales page?

    GeoMasters in Product Reviews

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone know of a good sales plugin where I can insert check marks, arrow bullet points, Johnson boxes to posts or texts? I'm not looking ... [read more]

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    Profit Bank

    philmeyer in Product Reviews

    Has anyone had a look at Mac Michaels' Profit Bank?

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    SnagIt &/or Good Alternative?!

    rbowen in Product Reviews

    Hi! I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has used SnagIt, as well as from people who might know of a better alternative ... better in terms of comparable features & ... [read more]

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    Magic Submitter so far

    Bearkat in Product Reviews

    I've been using Magic Submitter for 3 weeks now. It has had 2 updates already and great support directy from Alex via skype. It does take a bit to get ... [read more]

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    Street Smart Profits

    Glengara in Product Reviews

    Anyone bought this latest $47 product just out yet?

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    Work With Eben Pagan's Web Guy

    If you're on Eben's list then you know he recently sent out an email with an offer to work with his personal "multimillionaire" web guy. Sounded like a good deal ... [read more]

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    An "Optimizepress for Mobile Sites"?

    iSoftware in Product Reviews

    What's a tool that's like optimizepress - that sets up squeeze pages and sales pages that are mobile optimized? TX

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    Anyone try Azon Pro Shopping List

    Heidi White in Product Reviews

    This looks intriguing. Anyone have any feedback?

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    Wealthy it worth it??

    nofearman in Product Reviews

    Anyone had proven success with "Wealthy Affiliate"? They charge 47 a month basic and 97 for premium account. One thing that was a turn off for me is you cannot ... [read more]

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    Something about submitting ticket

    jack4321 in Product Reviews

    As a customer, I don't think our help desk is convenient to use. I don't know where is not good, but just think it is not suitable for customers. Can ... [read more]

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    Advice Needed About Shopping Cart Solutions...

    markament in Product Reviews

    Hi Guys, I've got one site that has taken off pretty well (last month over 100 sales). It's built on Wordpress and the shopping cart I am currently using is ... [read more]

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    Suggest email list management service (besides aweber)

    Dan Allard in Product Reviews

    I have a client who wants to change email management providers. He has a list of over 15,000 in the business measurements & roi niche. He needs to be able ... [read more]

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    amanita in Product Reviews

    Has anyone joined DotComSecretsX by Russell Brunson and what do you think of it ? Thanks in advance for any recommendation, advice, review...

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    wordpress shopping cart plugins

    mikelawson in Product Reviews

    I need a very simple to set up and operate shopping site including payment processing using Paypal set up in wordpress - I thought I would have found a thread ... [read more]

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    Good Substitues for SEOLinkvine?

    perswealth in Product Reviews

    Hello eveyone, Since i missed the launch for SEOLinkvine, (i was caught up in other projects, then when i went to SEOLinkvine, it was closed) was wondering if there are ... [read more]

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    The Sindicator

    MAV923 in Product Reviews

    It starts out asking $37 for 3 hour video, then goes on to talk about "upgrading" to the software. I am always doubtful when things arent so clear as they ... [read more]

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    Free access tonight for paid training membership

    orseay in Product Reviews

    I received an email that the $100k blueprint live training membership is opening one session tonight to non-members. I asked them if I could post it here and they said ... [read more]

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    Single Optin autoresponders

    sarahstaar in Product Reviews

    I am looking for a single optin autoresponder service. I don't want a self hosted one. I also need to import an existing list. Are there any out there that ... [read more]

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    Reseller web hosting plan...Please don't recommend hostgator

    I've been searching for webhosting reseller account for the part three days and sincerely I've spent over 5hours online looking through offers but I've not seen one I'll like completely.... ... [read more]

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    Site Statistics Services Which Do You Trust

    Having just done my stats report for my Worpress sites, using the following services, Google Analytics, Clicktale, StatsPressV, plugin installed on site I am curious to know which services you ... [read more]

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    please suggest me a good writer

    zonkow in Product Reviews

    I need a 1000 words long, qualified article for my homepage. Can you suggest me a talented, native English speaker writer?

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    Mobile Affiliate X

    adiamondauto in Product Reviews

    Hi all, I recently viewed a webinar of a product by the name of Mobile Affiliate X. This is a product supposedly launched by Frank Lucas but I cannot get ... [read more]

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    Article Writer Pro Ver 2.0

    stews in Product Reviews

    Anyone tried Andy Black's "Article Writer Pro Ver 2.0" ?

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    Is there a non-desktop software like Carty's AutoBlog for full RSS feeds?

    Melody in Product Reviews

    Hi all! Is there a WP plugin that will pull in the FULL feed (non-truncated) the way Carty's does? I have Nick's and use it - the problem is I ... [read more]

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    Anyone know this hosting company?

    klauzer in Product Reviews

    Are there someone that are using this Free Web Hosting - No purchase required. for hosting? Please let me know.

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    What is the Best Site Buying and Site Flipping Product / Course?

    Hi, I'm looking into buying and selling websites. And I'm looking for a course/product in buying and selling websites that is: 1) Up to date: What sells for 2 years ... [read more]

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    Looking for thoughts on Instant Video Articles

    Bobru in Product Reviews

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this. The sales video does not show the finished product......

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    What are the best free online classifieds today

    warriorbg in Product Reviews

    Ok, Ive been away from IM for a while ... Just curious if usfreeads are still in the game Please tell me some more if you could Thanks In advance! [read more]

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    Million Visitors Free - Anyone going through this course?

    Hello. Yesterday I purchased a product called "Million Visitors Free" by Gavin Stephenson. The sales page and all the 3 upsells seemed really insteresting to me, so I couldn't resist ... [read more]

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    Anyone tried affiliate resurrection yet?

    Anyone tried affiliate resurrection yet? It is a new software based around Clickbank... I would be interested in seeing some reviews on this one the sales page is hilarious