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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Is GoDaddy on Crack?

    noangel in Product Reviews

    I thought of a domain name I liked and went to GoDaddy to register it. It said it was available through GoDaddy Auctions, starting bid $10,000. I thought, Oh no... ... [read more]

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    Armageddon Paydays

    Antivirus in Product Reviews

    Armageddon Paydays, a product by Mo Mulla has just been released to the public and has caused major havoc by redefining how we see internet marketing. Traditionalist and new comers ... [read more]

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    affiliate X, does it work?

    steppinonup in Product Reviews

    Has anyone had good results with this since Google Panda?

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    Submit the feedback for New Articles Rewrite Assistant

    tonywen in Product Reviews

    Can anyone submit some feedback of new Articles Rewrite Assistant? The UI seems to be very fancy. More info: Article Rewrite Assistant. Article Rewriter. Article Spinner

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    Anyone checked out Mobile Cash Empires

    DaZapper12 in Product Reviews

    Here we go again another umm questionable product, Mobile Cash Empires lmaoo, anyone tried it? it says you can make a ton of money from your smartphone.

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    Any one know a good UK hosting company?

    bluetechseo in Product Reviews

    I have spent about an hour and a half looking on this site for info and had no joy. What I am looking for is a decent UK based webhosting ... [read more]

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    Confused on Best way to Deliver Video Content

    ToddBock in Product Reviews

    I've been researching the wide range of things out there for delivering video, and am getting nothing but confused. I've got a membership site where I deliver online video trainings, ... [read more]

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    Rapid Free Traffic

    GameVoid in Product Reviews

    I signed up for the "lite" version of this service after being referred there by Kevin Riley in his "Clockwork Recipes" WSO. RapidFreeTraffic is a network of blogs that you ... [read more]

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    Amazon EMD Any Comments?

    dns7080 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried this it looks pretty cool, any comments good or bad?

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    It's not often I'm impressed....but these content guys rock!

    NeilMoran in Product Reviews

    Hi all, It's not often a service impresses me so much, but I just had to say a word or two about the The Content Authority They have 4 levels ... [read more]

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    Tyrone Shum from

    DeonKrey in Product Reviews

    I have received multiple emails over the last few days about Tyrone Shum and You sign up for a free video ecourse about outsourcing, which I have seen and ... [read more]

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    Amazon Course

    hotpr in Product Reviews

    For those that are actually making "good" money selling Amazon products, can you please recommend a really good course that teaches how to sell amazon products?

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    Aweber VS VS

    entry in Product Reviews

    There are 2 alternative aweber equivelents, Aweber Profollow is Jeff walkers Private label, what about prosender? whose is that? and what are the differences between all 3 ? ... [read more]

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    Mage Monster Pro.. Anyone making any money?

    favabeans in Product Reviews

    hey folks, just wanted to see if anyone was making any money on the mage monster pro desktop software that was released a few months back. I was very close ... [read more]

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    Looks like a mix of ALN and BMR. Is anyone jumping on this? High Quality One Way Backlinks Service -

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    eBook Security…A Solution That Finally Works

    David Sieg in Product Reviews

    I realize that is sort of a spammy headline, but there is no affiliate links or connections here. This is an honest review of a product I recently found. I’m ... [read more]

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    Facebook Cloaking Review?

    z007elite in Product Reviews

    Can anyone give a review on the blackpops FB cloaker? BlackPops - Members Only

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    Need a solid Social Bookmarking Software

    smoh in Product Reviews

    Hey all, I'm looking for a solid social bookmarking software. I was just looking through bookmarkwiz and saw that it came out a while ago, so not sure if it's ... [read more]

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    AMR vs DigiArticleBlaster vs WPSyndicator vs SEOLinkRobot

    TCrosby in Product Reviews

    I am looking for advice regarding these four pieces of software. I am starting a new blog that I intend to make a massive authority site, and I want to ... [read more]

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    SE Nuke X v/s X Gen SEO v/s Link Farm Evolution

    Noctilus in Product Reviews

    Would anyone happen to have tried any or all of these to help me decide which one to go for? SE Nuke X v/s X Gen SEO v/s Link Farm ... [read more]

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    Infinite FB- Any Reviews Guys

    aminur in Product Reviews

    Hey warriors, i came across Infinite Fb Course by Ian fernando. The course looks promising. It's all about Facebook ads as far i know. Would like to know if any ... [read more]

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    Six Months From Today

    highrider21 in Product Reviews

    I got an email from ppc-coach about a new membership forum called Six Months From Today. Has anyone signed up for this? It's got a diminishing fee which means the ... [read more]

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    Don Sherret in Product Reviews Looks like another 'mobile' get rich scheme - anyone got any info on it?

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    S3 FlowShield vs WP LinkLock

    ToddBock in Product Reviews

    Hi, I'm trying to decide which way to go. I offer online video training courses in Real Estate Investing, as well as ebook downloads, audio, etc. I'm looking for a ... [read more]

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    SEO Power Suite?

    Supafly in Product Reviews

    The developers of SEO Power Suite are offering a pretty good special for the next few days. I'm reading through the sales content now, but thought I'd ask if anyone ... [read more]

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    iBusinessPromoter ~ Has Anyone Tried This Seo Software?

    brianm34 in Product Reviews

    Hi WF, Has any one tried iBusinesspromoter? They seem to be offering a good product and guarantee first page on google? or has anyone used similar all round seo products ... [read more]

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    Know anything about "My Social Business?"

    katied772 in Product Reviews

    Anyone heard of or tried this: "My Social Business?" Just received an email about it. Apparently it's a script to build social networking type sites. Thanks, Kate

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    Zero Down Traffic

    dtmission in Product Reviews

    Hi, I have received an email promoting another traffic method which promises amazing results in a short time. It is called ZeroDownTraffic Blueprint and the sales page looks a bit ... [read more]

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    Is Bevo Media worth the payment?

    sean83 in Product Reviews

    I'm with Hostgator and they don't allow prosper202, so I'm having to look elsewhere for alternatives, I read of quite a few people using Bevo Media , although there is ... [read more]

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    Chris Farrell or IMA Internet Marketing Advantage

    David Hood in Product Reviews

    Last January, I started looking into Internet Marketing. I quickly put up a wordpress site with a banner, and happen to make a few hundred dollars, while really knowing nothing. ... [read more]

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    Mass Video Submitter-anyone have an opinion on this software

    lewistrio2 in Product Reviews

    One video are worth many times what _____ # of backlinks are worth for traffic. And I feel that the older your target demographic is the more impact video has ... [read more]

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    CaptchaSniper Automatic Captcha Solving Software

    Blogacious in Product Reviews

    I just found CaptchaSniper, a new software tool that automatically solves captcha images in programs like ScrapeBox and Sick Submitter. Somehow it wedges itself in between your Internet marketing software ... [read more]

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    Instant Product Engine

    leeone in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried the Instant Product Engine by Eric Holmlund, Naveed Peerzade

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    Best Offline Business in a Box System?

    I did not get a christmas bonus this year but did get a notice that job being downgraded to part time - happy holidays Anyway, I have tried the search ... [read more]

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    Best Infoproduct/Ebook Creation & Marketing Course/program?

    EricGibson in Product Reviews

    Any recommendations for the best report/training on infoproduct/ebook creation and marketing out there? I’ve come across several that look promising, don’t know which to choose, and I can’t afford ’em ... [read more]

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    The 2 Dollar Miracle

    evilsaigon in Product Reviews

    Seems pretty tantalizing. No sponsoring nor recruiting required. Another MLM matrix service with spillovers. The website is the2dollarmiracle dot com. Wondering if anyone tried it? And if anyone know if ... [read more]

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    Opera Web Browser

    kindsvater in Product Reviews

    After many years of Firefox, it has become what it was originally intended to replace: a bloated, slow, crash-prone beast in need of constant updates that is not a joy ... [read more]

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    Anyone Tried Secret Traffic Solution

    George Kelly in Product Reviews

    Like the title says has anyone tried this Secret Traffic Solution out ? If so please give your opinions All the best George Kelly

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    Site Builder Elite

    musiclyons in Product Reviews

    Has anyone purchased the new version of Site Builder Elite? I am thinking about buying it, but would like some feedback. It seems like it would be OK for building ... [read more]

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    Best Autoresponder,etc., for imported lists and best list service?

    I know this question has kinda been touched on before. I'm getting ready to do a mailout to list of real estate agents and services that I have, about 3000. ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Know Anything About "Affiliate Resurrection"..?

    123davelee in Product Reviews

    just curious to see if there is any feedback on this product.. the goods and bads..:confused:

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    Action Enforcer vs The Action Machine vs Action Machine Pro

    Woody C in Product Reviews

    I have been looking into purchasing a productivity tool for time management and keeping me focused. All of these tools look similar, if not the same thing via reselling, but ... [read more]

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    A question about WarriorPlus.......

    Im getting ready to launch my WSO and I'd like to get a few people to promote it to their list. Let's say my product is $ does WarriorPlus handle ... [read more]

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    WSO on Landing Page

    A while back I saw a CPA WSO that had a landing page included. Can I inquire if anyone has gotten that WSO and what the URL to that is? ... [read more]

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    anyone use rapidcashsystem

    marceauct in Product Reviews

    I guess its worth a look its free.

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    Anyone know anything about autoprofitpanel

    marceauct in Product Reviews

    Did anyone out there watch the webinar and purchase this. It sells for $997 .

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    Magic Rewriter vs Articles Rewrite Assistant

    tonywen in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, I have a subscribe to magic rewriter to help me to generate unique content. But I found Articles Rewrite Assistant. From the training video, seems like that ARA ... [read more]

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    SEO Expert Academy, Anyone tried it yet?

    milla04 in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors Just got an email from Matt Carter (product creator of SEO Expert Academy) and many other marketers offering this product with bonuses. Wanted to know if anyone has ... [read more]

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    Easy Video Player 2 Working Out Great...

    Craig Beckta in Product Reviews

    Hey, After 4 days and close to $200.00 bucks I finally have the unbranded version of Easy Video Player 2. It was a bit of a hassle getting my hands ... [read more]

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    Rep mogul

    macmani in Product Reviews

    I recently saw an email pitch for rep mogul, which teaches about reputation management. This is about erasing online graffiti and contacting the related companies and offering your services. I ... [read more]

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    AutoCash Payday

    I have been a marketer for a long time, been making a full time living with it for 6 years now and I always, always stayed away for these autopilot ... [read more]

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    Riq in Product Reviews

    I have had this software for a few weeks now.... Still do not know if it works. the one part is based on mySQL 4.x, all my servers run mySQL ... [read more]

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    My Traffic Business v2.0 by Bret Ingram

    Gary Pettit in Product Reviews

    My Traffic Business v2.0 (not an affiliate link) is live and I'm very interested in hearing a detailed review on this new version from someone who's purchased it. I purchased ... [read more]

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    Jason H in Product Reviews

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon Perfect Traffic Storm only recently and signed with it, but then I discovered there was another site, Traffic Python, which the sales page and just ... [read more]

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    Viral List Building program

    I am looking for some viral list building programs, similar to 5iphon HARDCORE - Extreme List Builder, as I would like to test a new secret traffic source. Could you ... [read more]