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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Dating Site Plugin for Wordpress?

    weblink29 in Product Reviews

    Does anybody know of a working plugin for wordpress that will add basic dating site functionality to a wordpress site? The only one I could find is called Wordpress Dating ... [read more]

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    Warrior Forum Reader (Android)?

    sylarrr in Product Reviews

    Warrior Forum Android Reader Any reviews on that one?

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    great very fast browser

    Just found out about this browser, it is very fast, they claim that Maxthon has created the fastest browser around, with an engine that draws web pages 200% faster than ... [read more]

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    Twitter Account Suspension?

    Dentist in Product Reviews

    I have heard a lot everywhere about not doing aggressive following as it will result in suspension of your Twitter account. My question is have you ever seen somebody that ... [read more]

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    Best Article Marketing Software out there!

    smak in Product Reviews

    Hi Much appreciated if you guys can share your thoughts OR give feedback generated from personal experience on some of the better Article Marketing software out there that does the ... [read more]

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    MIcroworkers experience anybody?

    marcolav in Product Reviews

    Hello all been trying to test Microworkers - work & earn or offer a micro job for a bookmarking campaign for the last week or so however I am unable ... [read more]

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    Cash Siphon Results! :)

    Royce Space in Product Reviews

    Guys, anyone who earn Income already in a cash siphon software? Many good affiliate's who's promoting it. Also my mentors are promoting it and I i'm curious about it. Any ... [read more]

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    Need a website counter

    Hi there.Can somebody out there please help me out on how to get a free effective counter that can be taking my site traffic statistics?

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    ProfitJackpot -- Has anyone any reviews of this

    darren13 in Product Reviews

    Hi i just got an email about Its a quick blog release software for affiliate sites. "launches 10 affiliate sites in just about 10 minutes". Just wondering if anyone ... [read more]

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    Optin plugin needed!

    janeiro82 in Product Reviews

    ...that opens as popup on the same page when a visitor clicks on a link. Somebody knows if that exist? Doesn't matter if free or paid plugin.

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    Have anybody heard of rapidblogcash

    srid69 in Product Reviews

    I got a mail today from one of IMs list i was subscribed to the site is The video talked about a new blogging system Im new to Internet ... [read more]

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    Which is Better? Amazon Review Site OR Shopperpress

    I am working with my 2 middle school aged sons on affiliate marketing. We are learning this together as part of a home school project. We are trying to teach ... [read more]

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    Best Twitter Tools

    Affiguy in Product Reviews

    Hi Guys! Share a bit) What are the best tools you have used to create multiple accounts and to tweet from them simultaneously? Are there free solutions? Would much appreciate ... [read more]

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    Akismet Alternatives?

    Nightengale in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, I just went in to activate my Akismet plugin and I noticed they now charge for the service. I'm not trying to be cheap, but I just don't ... [read more]

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    Help with MailChimp or should I try a different service?

    Intermission in Product Reviews

    I have a new autoresponder series set up with Mailchimp to send to my own clients. I've manually added their emails, but the series isn't triggered, even though I selected ... [read more]

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    Infusion WP - Any Feedback?

    Ron Herman in Product Reviews

    We are setting up a launch. Right now we're using Wishlist but we want to use our Infusionsoft account with our merchant account, and I heard that Wishlist and Infusionsoft ... [read more]

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    commission domination - anyone bought it and used it?

    arfasaira in Product Reviews

    Has anyone bought Commission Domination and used it to make money? Is it worth buying or is it just another hyped up IM product? Thoughts greatly appreciated - thank you!

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    Profits Theme

    q12321 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried the "Profits Theme"?

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    Tweet Attacks PRO - Video Tutorial (finally got around to launching it)

    Yeah. I finally decided to do the video. I figured since I spent my own money (buying the software) and my own time (learning the software, creating the video, etc) ... [read more]

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    Anyone Tried Backlink Indexer?

    mahmoud747 in Product Reviews

    Hi guys does anyone have any experience with backlinksindexer service ? and what its indexing rate ? thanks

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    Dragon Naturally Speaking ... slow?

    Scott Ames in Product Reviews

    I find I have to talk at a slower pace than I would like so that Dragon can correctly put words on the screen. If I speak too fast, I ... [read more]

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    What would be the best Affiliate Marketing course of 2011?

    chewie49 in Product Reviews

    In your opinion: What would be the best Affiliate Marketing course of 2011? Thanks!

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    Niche Profit Course

    RuthBabe in Product Reviews

    Hi! Someone emailed me about CB product named, Niche Profit Course...anyone bought the product? Thanks.

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    Google Sniper

    Daniel22 in Product Reviews

    i came across a person name George Brown who claim to invent the Google sniper, a program which generate traffic.. any reviews on this?

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    Anyone know of a cheap Affiliate Marketing program to sell to customers ??

    discrat in Product Reviews

    Yeah I have a site that is geared around my traffic making money without spending money (mainly CPA involving Paid Surveys) But eventually I want to give the opportunity to ... [read more]

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    warriors your reviews on Incansoft social bot , RSS bot and IBP Software?

    coollife84 in Product Reviews

    Has any one of you used IBP(Internet Business Promoter) , Incansoft RSS Bot and Social Bot?? If any one used any one of these plzzzzz share your reviews ... Hope ... [read more]

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    The Challenge - a warning

    pearsonbrown in Product Reviews

    MODERATOR The excellent Challenge is about to start. We are well aware that there is an affiliate scheme this year. Anybody who tries to post such an affiliate link to ... [read more]

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    What are the Best SEO ranking reporting tools?

    I'm in a search for IM SEO ranking reporting tools. As I'm already using IBP with my projects but it's getting big buggy these days, eating my total time and ... [read more]

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    The Viral Billion Dollar Solution

    Legend Dude in Product Reviews

    Does anybody have a review for this product? Code:

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    Tried 3 Guru Products - Here's What I Think

    UpNorthGuy in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for a long time and don't really post much, but I learn an awful lot from the members! So thanks everybody. I do ... [read more]

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    InboxMag: Ryan Deiss New Product, Anyone ...?

    paolo83 in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, i just watched the super long video sales letter of the new product from mr. deiss. I think he calls it "Inbox Magazine" which is a fancy name ... [read more]

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    Money Site Maker or The Blog Profit Pro

    ddyk in Product Reviews

    Fellow Warriors, I am considering purchasing one of the two software programs that appear to make affiliate marketing website creation, keyword research and tracking much easier. Money Site Maker by ... [read more]

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    SE Nuke; Best SEO software? or is there something else?

    tjkirgin in Product Reviews

    For 2 or 3 months I have been using EVO II Pro and PAD submitter to generate backlinks. About a week ago I went ahead and purchased SE Nuke, and ... [read more]

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    Traffic Phoenix?

    rhinopower in Product Reviews

    Anyone hear of this? It was sent out to James Denzel s list. Rhino.

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    software/ plugins similar to contest burner?

    HarryPotter in Product Reviews

    hello! first off, thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions! so... i just wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions for software or plugins to run contests. i ... [read more]

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    Did anyone ordered

    puneet in Product Reviews

    I just got an email from Chris Farrell promoting this product. Did anyone ordered these and I must say that this seems to be a good product with good potential. ... [read more]

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    Claim Multiple Business Locations on Yelp?

    alxvallejo in Product Reviews

    I can't find how to do this. Any help?

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    Authority Site Hijack

    redstanford in Product Reviews

    i am on the emailing list for the guy who created Authority Site Hijack Authority Site Hijack | Exploit the World's Biggest Sites Authority Site Hijack it's very inexpensive - ... [read more]

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    I need a free RSS creator that will do the following

    sree94 in Product Reviews

    I want to create an RSS feed for every page on my server, and then upload those feeds to my server Is there a service that does this (preferably for ... [read more]

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    Making money with Facebook....need help

    dorimt in Product Reviews

    Dear All I am interested to make money with Facebook and would buy a system or any offer. I am interested to setup a store on Facebook, get traffic, things ... [read more]

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    UAW or AMR?

    art72 in Product Reviews

    After inquiring about doing some paid advertising...the responses have lead me to believe I am better off doing some article marketing until I learn a bit more about PPC and ... [read more]

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    Mobile Money Machines review

    dorimt in Product Reviews

    Hello Everyone Anyone bought Mobile Money Machines by Frank Lucas and Matt Marcus. Its a software and it is about selling affiliate products from Clickbank via mobile. Any thoughts, recommendations....pros, ... [read more]

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    Content Buzz review anyone?

    DAS_Matt in Product Reviews

    Can anyone give a comprehensive review of Content Buzz? Maybe how it compares to Traffic Geyser? I've used Traffic Geyser before and liked it. I like the ability to have ... [read more]

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    Who Knows of Some Good Video Making Software Or Video Course?

    Robert X in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors, I see we all have something to do on this Saturday night. (NOT!) Anyway,, I'm wanting to get started in the video craze because I personally would rather ... [read more]

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    Is Eben Pagan's stuff getting any better?

    Nicole G in Product Reviews

    Hey everyone. I liked Eben's ads early on. He seemed honest and experienced, and I bought his earliest IM products. While some of it was enjoyable on some level, none ... [read more]

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    Best Keyword Research Tool + Best Harvesting Tool???

    rafay in Product Reviews

    Dear Warriors, I need to know 2 things From you people, Q # 1 What is the best Keyword Research Tool do you all consider as Best Option ??? Q ... [read more]

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    Has anyone used to cloak their links?

    dns7080 in Product Reviews

    I'm thinking about using to cloak my links I've never used anything like this before can something like this be trusted? dns7080

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    Any review for craigs list formula by Jason Pearson

    arissa in Product Reviews

    Hi guys, I wanna ask any of IM Marketers have experince with Jason Pearson's product craigslistformula dot com. I saw the sale page look promising & good content. Also product ... [read more]

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    Group Mentoring on copywriting

    aaronngoh in Product Reviews

    Well, I've just got an email from John Delavera about Group Mentoring on Copywriting and I must admit that the sales pitch is good, Has anyone experienced this product, and ... [read more]

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    Resale rights

    SamJoe in Product Reviews

    Hello, Anyone can suggest me nice sources of getting ebooks with resale rights allowing to translate them into other languages? I am interested in women health, breast enlargement naturally, yoga ... [read more]

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    metalice in Product Reviews

    hi, im looking for video program that will teach me facebook marketing. like brining more fans to the page and teach me how to make facebook apps. thanks, Matan

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    Mass Traffic Stacker?

    Anyone have experience with I can't really find any information out there on it. Not sure what is or what it does......

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    What are some good proxy services?

    ironwarrior in Product Reviews

    I am looking to use a proxy service but am pretty new at this. Can anyone help with choosing the best and easiest platform out there for anonymity and security. ... [read more]

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    The Millionaire Fastlane

    Calamaroo in Product Reviews

    Last week I went to Amazon's "Kindle Store" and got a book called The Millionaire Fastlane. I can't get over how great this book is. This guy owns Napoleon Hill, ... [read more]

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    Textbroker Users - Questions, help me Please!

    jharr53301 in Product Reviews

    Hi: I'm using textbrokers for the first time and have some questions for users of the service. 1. What does "Textbrokers Verifies Orders" mean as a Status? 2. How do ... [read more]

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    Frank Kern's "Book"

    TimCastleman in Product Reviews

    Here is a review of Frank Kern's book and my biggest takeaway from it (100% content, nothing for sale). YouTube - My Review of Frank Kern's Book