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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    What Are The Best Internet Marketing FREE Newsletter / Blog

    Besides the Warrior Forum (and War Room) - what are the best free newsletter or blogs for internet marketing tips, strategies, ideas?

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    Seonext anyone?

    mbhatnagar in Product Reviews

    I came across, and they have some good testimonials on their site. Has anyone here tried out their services? I did contact them, but they didn't come off as ... [read more]

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    Unique Article Wizard Vs Article Marketing Robot, Which Is Best For The Money?

    jrmnlitt in Product Reviews

    I'm looking into getting one of the two and would like to know the results others have gotten from there use. I know UAW has a monthly fee and AMR ... [read more]

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    Anyone Purchased "Monthly Income Formula" ?

    joyfulwraps in Product Reviews

    I was reading the sales page today and wanted to know if I could get any feedback on it by someone who has purchased? It is by Tanner Larsson, Rachel ... [read more]

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    Top Secret Cash Report

    Azlan.MY in Product Reviews

    Has anyone bought Top Secret Cash Report by Nick Marks? Is this about selling physical products as an affiliate, just like Dan's Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

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    Stock image choices? Cost Vs quality?

    What would be the concensus on quality sites to get stock images, videos and audio files from? I do some of my own photography, so can also do my own ... [read more]

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    Best SEO software period!

    Ziadjbt78 in Product Reviews

    Hello, I'm very much interested in buying the best SEO software currently existing in the market but I'm very confused by the massive and inconsistent product reviews I have read ... [read more]

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    Point Copy Profit

    gacott in Product Reviews

    Another new launch. This time with a 16 year old supposedly killing it. Anybody have any real information on this one. Garret

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    Split Testing Software?

    Hi! I'm looking a recommendation for a split testing software. One of my products it's on RAP and I love the split testing, but my other products are not on ... [read more]

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    Best Mindset Program

    chattervine in Product Reviews

    Hello, cn u recommended me of a mindset/hypnosis that cn tune our mind?? my mindset in IM is really bad and i hope something play around with the mind is ... [read more]

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    Best Keyword Tool?

    Which is the best keyword Tool Warriors? Brad Callen Niche Finder VS Position Sniper or Market Samurai? Please let me know whoever is using the above tools as to which ... [read more]

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    Big Dissapointments With SEOLinkVIne

    johnwho in Product Reviews

    Hi Guys, Its been more than 5 months since I used SEOLinkVIne by Brad Callen. I don't have major issue with them until today. I normally submit 10-15+ articles per ... [read more]

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    Is there any webhost better than hostgator?

    Hey Warrior, Is it only hostgator that's in the world? I've got 25 functional websites with them and I'm yet to have a compliant! Can't there be something up to ... [read more]

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    Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits!

    wizman888 in Product Reviews

    I came across this product by a Ewen Chia. Judging from the presentation video, this product is being marketed towards newbies in particular. They claim a 100% money back guarantee. ... [read more]

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    Best Offline "Business in a Box"

    Trying to find the best business in a box product for the offline market. I know there are a lot of "how to" local seo, google places, etc. etc. - ... [read more]

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    Anyone Using The Link Juicer?

    linksman in Product Reviews

    Hi all With the continuing problem of getting lots of backlinks I came across The Link Juicer as automatic software. Just wondered if anyone uses/tried it and what they think. ... [read more]

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    Fun Foo (iphone application testers for review)

    Mukul Verma in Product Reviews

    Hey, A friend of mine got a cool idea and looking for testers, here is the email I got "FunFoo (Gunther is a Star - iPhone App) is looking for ... [read more]

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    Best Membership Site Software?

    Carl-Reed in Product Reviews

    I've been looking around for a good membership site software for a non wordpress site but haven't found one I liked yet. Most of them are complete site & script ... [read more]

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    Seeking recommendations for directory software

    BethWilliams in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors! I am planning to put together a web site that contains a directory of online service providers in a particular niche (let's pretend it's car dealers). So I'd ... [read more]

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    Google Sniper 2.0 New Release

    musiclyons in Product Reviews

    Has anyone purchased the new Google Sniper 2.0 by George Brown that was released today? I am thinking about buying it, but would love to get some feedback. Is is ... [read more]

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    WP ecommerce store

    I'm looking for a WP solution that would allow me to sell both affiliate products and wholesale items from a Wordpress site. Is there such a thing? I know there ... [read more]

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    My Free Ads Secret????

    Jerryl in Product Reviews

    Hi, I hesitate to do this but I'm p*ssed off! I have been looking into classified advertising because of the low cost, and ease of putting a lot of links ... [read more]

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    What is a decaptcher?

    BarberShop in Product Reviews

    Is it what I think it is? I use SEOLR and I get ask to put captcha everytime I hit the webs. Is there a tool to "fix" this or ... [read more]

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    Review of our recent design?

    NetvisionUk in Product Reviews

    Hello, We are looking for reviews for our recent design of our site. Spam Free Seal - Prove Your Spam Email Innocence Much appreciated. Thanks

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    Best RSS mashup?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend their favorite free RSS mashup? Many thanks in advance!

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    Article Marketing

    billiebjosey in Product Reviews

    What is the best tool to use to submit my articles to all the major directories and all lower directories..........Ive heard of unique article that the best?....Thank for your ... [read more]

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    Market Samurai - How To Find Profitable Niche?

    iWork in Product Reviews

    Every niche I look at using Market Samurai seems to FAIL the "Golden Rules" filter. I tried looking at Clickbank products as source for niche ideas and every time I ... [read more]

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    what SEO software to use in wSO?

    visimedia in Product Reviews

    I'm looking to buy an SEO software in WSO (I think it's a lot cheaper). Which software/ service or seo related products to get? any suggestion to rank high on ... [read more]

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    Anyone bought AutoClickProfits?

    Aldiyar1 in Product Reviews

    Hi fellow warriors, Anyone bought AutoClickProfits[dot]com? Any review appreciated. I think many of us get promotional emails about this product/ Regards Aldi

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    Stupidly simple seo

    Paul18 in Product Reviews

    Anoone bought Stupidly simple SEO by Phile Henderson? Any review?

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    Link Dozer... What do you think?

    mikkosant in Product Reviews

    Has anyone here been able to use the link dozer program. It looks pretty neat, especially since it has a great article content spinner wrapped into it. Tell me your ... [read more]

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    Lead Management System

    spock0149 in Product Reviews

    Does anyone run a business where they channel leads to buying clients? If so, could you recommend a good Lead management/distribution system. This is my first time setting up something ... [read more]

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    Is anybody a member of CarbonCopy PRO?

    dns7080 in Product Reviews

    I've been getting alot of emails about CarbonCopyPRO and I'm wondering if anybody can shed some light on it. Is it the real deal or is it just another scam? ... [read more]

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    Jerryl in Product Reviews

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used DupliTerminator for rewriting articles? Is it really the best thing since sliced bread? I hesitate to use it as it has to ... [read more]

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    Best Amazon Plan

    musiclyons in Product Reviews

    Hi Everyone: I am looking to purchase a Amazon Plan and am wondering which one you think is the best. Dan Brock Deadbeat Affiliate, Jan Roos amazon plan, or Amazonian ... [read more]

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    Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage - Anybody Heard Of This?

    Hi Warriors Anybody get of this system? :confused:

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    any good dog affilate products ?

    TheKing in Product Reviews

    Hello I have one dog web site ,, its 8-9 months old nd i hve did good SEO of it and site comes on 1-2 page of google for some ... [read more]

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    Unique Article Wizard - Less Effective Than It Used To Be?

    mark@1to101 in Product Reviews

    I've been using Unique Article Wizard (UAW) for about 18 months now and it has been really, really good up until a couple of months when their distribution numbers dropped ... [read more]

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    Best merchant account service?

    I am interested in getting another credit card machine/merchant account and noticed an Ebay listing for a Nurit 8000 Wireless credit cart terminal. It is being offered with a merchant ... [read more]

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    Backlink Software

    musiclyons in Product Reviews

    Hi Everyone: I am trying to locate warrior forum member Andy's Backlinker. Anyone know his signature?

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    "Money siphon system" Any Tips for a newbie?

    gidz in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone,I just signed up and I just want to introduce my self im Gideon and looking forward to meeting all you money making guru's. Im a newbie myself and ... [read more]

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    Luke´s Offline Arbitrage System

    So I have been spammed with this new fantastic thing. Would find it interesting if someone could review it. First I was planning to test it out, even if I ... [read more]

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    Best Video Conferencing Product Out There...

    My partner and I are searching for the best video conferencing solution that allows us to both share our faces on screen during the conference/webinar, allows visitors to see our ... [read more]

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    Keyword Dissection - Any Reviews ???

    GoldenEye in Product Reviews

    Anyone using Keyword Dissection? Seems pricey at $1k and wondering if anyone here is using it, and what the real value is within this thing. I could buy a boatload ... [read more]

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    Sean's Backlink Booster vs Tom' Backlink Booster vs Backlink Index Express vs BL Energizer

    Azlan.MY in Product Reviews

    Hi, I want to know which of these three is the best backlink indexing tool. In terms of easy to use, number of sites submitted to and effectiveness. Thanks.

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    Which Amazon Affiliate Course do you Recommend?

    Which Amazon Affiliate Course do you Recommend? I've finished the Jan Roos Physical Affiliate - which was my intro to Amazon & which I thoroughly enjoyed and can recommend. What ... [read more]

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    Is SENukeX out? Should I wait?

    BarberShop in Product Reviews

    I'm about to buy Magic and SEOLR. Should I wait for SeNukeX instead?

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    Whats the best Software for link indexing?

    pana in Product Reviews

    I'm having trouble getting my links to index any software that you recommend for it that automates it all I've got hundreds of links so Can't do them all by ... [read more]

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    What are the best Adsense/Niche Website creation WSO products?

    Brad Callen in Product Reviews

    I've read a lot of products on creating MFA and Niche Websites, but most are old and out dated. I know a lot of Warriors release quality WSOs covering these ... [read more]

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    GreenprintLIST System

    spope91 in Product Reviews

    The GreenprintLIST System (not affiliate link) I saw this advertised on the WF. Some pretty bold claims. My gut is saying no way. But thought I may aswell ask if ... [read more]

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    Anyone use the free CamStudio software?

    Quick question for those who use CamStudio- what is the max record time for a screen capture that one can do with this free software? I want to buy Camtasia ... [read more]

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    Any free alternatives to Copy Doodler?

    Whothar in Product Reviews

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there's anything like Copy Doodler for free? I remember the copy doodler website used to have free templates to use, but it seems to have ... [read more]

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    Hi Im a newbie here and to internet marketing. But im a little confused. When I see Andy jenkins, and these other guys make these videos on kajabi and the ... [read more]

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    Article Rewrite Tool Without Manual Work

    BarberShop in Product Reviews

    I can't understand syntax and all that. Is there a tool that just rewrites and does all the job at a press of a button? I mean all I need ... [read more]

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    What’s the best product (in IM) you never regret to buy?

    visimedia in Product Reviews

    The product can be any kinds of product: software, course, plugin, script, hosting, services, ebook, membership, etc... ! Never regret to buy them, for me: exit splash from dave guidon, ... [read more]

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    OK Cousin Trey Software Promotions Insight Feedback

    darrenmonroe in Product Reviews

    This is NOT a rant or hate on Trey. I think him and Frank are actually great guys and like a lot of their ideas. I too like the idea ... [read more]