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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Google Smasher by robs132?

    lorenzmac in Product Reviews

    I have been interested in trying to promote clickbank products. However, i cant find any good courses or wso's that can help me do this. Has anyone heard of google ... [read more]

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    Any Recommendation on Help Desk Software?

    Yuki in Product Reviews

    I have been using some free desk software, but I can't tell which one is good. If you could recommend me something, I would like to invest in it. We ... [read more]

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    Looking For Reviews of Raven Tools (Or Please Suggest An Alternative)

    mobetman in Product Reviews

    I'm targeting local offline clients and was researching tools to monitor multiple clients SEO efforts, assign tasks to team members, and generate reports for clients as well as inhouse records. ... [read more]

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    PPC Tracking Software Recommendations

    etidd in Product Reviews

    Hello All, Tracking202 and Prosper202 are both terrible in my opinion. What is a better product for PPC tracking software? I know bevomedia, but that's $200 a month. HELP

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    Content Boss - Review Needed And Coupon

    Hey Folks, If anyone is currently using or has used Content Boss, I would appreciate a review of it. My own articles are pretty darn good and I'm wondering if ... [read more]

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    KeywordsToWebsites Software

    Cotton in Product Reviews

    I came across a software called Keywords To Websites that takes keywords and automatically creates a Wordpress site around them. Does anyone have any experience with it?

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    More than 1,000 articles with Magic Article Re-writer?

    I just got magic article re-writer and got an article to be 61% unique. I was wondering.. has anyone tried spinning more then 1,000 versions and checked to see if ... [read more]

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    Lead Impact , Have Anyone used this PPV Site?

    crankit98 in Product Reviews

    I want to try my hand at PPV and saw this site. The first deposit is $200 so I want do some research before trying this. Have any warriors tried ... [read more]

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    Wordpress vs Wordpress Direct

    lenyjay in Product Reviews

    Can any educate me on the difference between these Wp adn Wp Direct. And which of the two would you recommend for a newbie.

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    Hi, is somebody here using this service, IPrental ? If yes are they good ? Thanks

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    Nanacast, PremiumWebCart, Infusion.. others?

    HTMweb in Product Reviews

    My search for an all-in-one cart/membership/affiliate solution continues... but these are names that I see coming up a lot now in relation to services that can do everything in one ... [read more]

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    Viral Submitter Pro?

    steve5 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone used Viral Submitter Pro? Sounds pretty comprehensive as it submits to video sites, article directories, PR sites, social media sites, social book marketing sites and Craigs List for ... [read more]

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    Hostgator Opinions Please

    Niche Guy in Product Reviews

    The focus of my site is a VBulletin forum and a few static html pages. I am looking at getting a VPS server and hostgator have good prices. Does anyone ... [read more]

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    Need help 3 way links or UAW

    jbpatlanta in Product Reviews

    Just like the title says, I am looking to automate some link building. So any of you out there, especially with experience with these services, please chime in with advice. ... [read more]

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    Was anyone a beta tester for the One Paper Cash System?

    Amber Jalink in Product Reviews

    I know this is apparently an offer starting on Nov 30th, but I was just wondering if anyone here was a beta tester for it? One thing I was wondering ... [read more]

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    abhirst in Product Reviews

    I googled it it but couldn't find a single review on this program. Anyone here has used this service?

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    Best Adwords Content Network Course

    perswealth in Product Reviews

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get into this type of marketing, (as i do pure SEO now) so i'm looking to see what are the good ones out there. Any ... [read more]

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    What is the best Exit PopUp Program for Wordpress?

    magiclouie in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, Please suggest me of an excellent Exit PopUp Program for my wordpress site. I have heard of the exit flash and I tried to google it but I ... [read more]

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    Market Samurai v Google Keyword Tool ?

    Tum in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, As am just starting out into this online business, i was wondering which keyword tool you would recommend out of Market Samurai v Google Keyword Tool ? Thet ... [read more]

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    My Article Tools

    Fazal Mayar in Product Reviews

    any review about this product? My Article Tools - Unique Content Software ( non affiliate link)

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    Kim Roache's Traffic Dashboard - partial review.

    copius in Product Reviews

    Hi, For those fortunate few that belong to the Warrior Forum War Room and happened to pick up Kim Roache's Underground Traffic Black Book, praised her for the unbelievable content ... [read more]

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    Need reviewers and affiliates

    K.Callwood in Product Reviews

    I have written a mobile marketing quick start guide and I need experienced warriors to give me testimonials and promote the product to their lists. It is a $7 product ... [read more]

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    Anthing as good as Market Samuri???

    derh in Product Reviews

    I know MS is an awsome product. But I'm alittle strapped for cash. Besides using Google Keyword Finder, is there any other software out there that is... well.... budget friendly???

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    LinkBuilderPro vs SERPAssist??

    Vlad Shelest in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone, Starting with the premise that SENuke probably dominates this area of automation and also that there will be many people in this forum who will reccomend to use ... [read more]

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    What do you think about this?

    rikkib51 in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors, I have recently just created a new e-book about how you can get 100+ new followers every 2 days without having to do any work on twitter. The ... [read more]

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    Wealth In A Box Rating ?

    Emma Blanke in Product Reviews

    Hey guys, I saw some reviews of Wealth in a Box. Can anyone suggest or rate this product? I am not a newbie. But I am not a Pro.. Very ... [read more]

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    web magnates review

    Fazal Mayar in Product Reviews

    The Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software It`s a non affiliate link is this good , any tried it

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    ContentProfessor V.S. ContentBoss V.S. Article Apps

    cjordan231 in Product Reviews

    TBS couldn't run on my old computer, so I have been researching and wondering about these article spinners and such, however i have never come across one that was any ... [read more]

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    Hostgator or Media Temple

    walterj79 in Product Reviews

    I'm new to the forum....this site is the sh*t! Who do you guys prefer, Media Temple or Hostgator?

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    Best Site Flipping Training?

    I have maybe 30+ sites that I want to sell one by one after improving traffic / revenue to each. What is the best "how to" site flipping course for ... [read more]

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    Has Anyone Joined P.O.P[PASSIVE ONLINE PROFITS Yet?

    rwinchrist53 in Product Reviews

    I keep getting invitations to join Passive Online Profits which is in pre-launch right now and launches in December.Rune F said he made $1000 in 2 days and Jane Mark ... [read more]

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    The Franchise Model Secret by . . . . .

    boknows in Product Reviews

    Mike Filsaime? What is The Franchise Model Secret? The launch is on ~ Has anyone bought in? Quadratic principle uses Free Offer, converting to continuity newsletter, an upsell and a ... [read more]

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    Advise on buying an SEO Suite

    RobDB5950 in Product Reviews

    I am looking to buy an SEO Analysis suite and am looking into the following SEO Elite Link-Assist Trellian SEO Toolkit Does anyone have any insight on any of these ... [read more]

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    Isnare, Submit your articles, Distribute your articles, How have you made more money with them?

    Simon Royal in Product Reviews

    Everyone who does article marketing knows that the more people that see your message brings the chance of higher success. I have seen many mixed reviews on each of these ... [read more]

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    What After The Best Spinner and Sick Submitter?

    remsleep in Product Reviews

    Hi warriors, I am planning to buy THE BEST SPINNER for my article spinning needs and SICK SUBMITTER for my profile linking building. Now I am looking for an article ... [read more]

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    AutoBlogging/Cross-posting soft for list of task - any recommendations?

    w-builder in Product Reviews

    I want to promote my main site with cross-posting / syndicating part of content to free blog platforms and some standalone sites. Looks easy But what I want from soft: ... [read more]

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    Recommended WP templates

    Eduardo2 in Product Reviews

    Hi Guys (& girls too…) I don't know if it's the right forum for this matter but are there any particular WP themes that you work with, ones that are ... [read more]

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    Laser URL

    onemind in Product Reviews

    I came across this free program in my work research yesterday and wanted to ask about it on here. Does anyone have any experience with it? For a little info ... [read more]

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    Single Blog Cash Machine - Anyone Tried?

    I have a family member who found this Single Blog Cash Machine and is asking me if it's legit. I have NO time to go and find out and buy ... [read more]

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    Wow! Namecheap is FAST!

    Zeus66 in Product Reviews

    I've used 1and1 for domain registration for years, but recently decided to check out Namecheap after someone I greatly respect touted them. They were right! 1and1 is actually a bit ... [read more]

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    What's the best forum for launching a new product?

    EvolBaby in Product Reviews

    I'm getting mixed signals regarding which forum to launch a new product in. Should it be launched as a WSO or just a product in the related niche forum?

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    Please Recommend a Video Lesson(s) on a course about "keyword research" but more specifically "Google Adwords and Keyword tools". They need to be 2010 or newer. (Paid or Free, I ... [read more]

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    Whitehat Copycat system?

    TampaRay in Product Reviews

    I have gotten a couple of emails for Tim Bekker's Whitehat Copycat system. Anyone have any experience with this or any of Tim's products? Looks pretty interesting but don't they ... [read more]

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    Sony Vegas 10 Upgrade

    Aperio in Product Reviews

    I currently use Vegas Pro 8.0 for my video projects and am considering whether or not to upgrade to the new Vegas 10 version just released. Anyone have any experience ... [read more]

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    Atomic blogging

    Paul18 in Product Reviews

    Any review on Atomic Blogging from Alvin?

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    Wealth In A Box

    Hi Warriors, Just received an email from Jaime Lewis (Profit Miracle, etc.), announcing that on Tuesday he will launch his "Wealth In A Box" (see He also mentions that ... [read more]

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    Rewrite Rocket VS The Best Spinner

    joe0074 in Product Reviews

    Hi there, First of all, let me tell you I'm not affiliated with this product But I found this new software is the best for rewriting article. It is much ... [read more]

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    Video Conversion Formula

    neodarth in Product Reviews

    I acknowledge that I'm not a user of this but I have some thoughts about this Video Conversion Formula. Finally a sales letter that is clear and transparent this Maria ... [read more]

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    LinxBoss - Your Reviews? Ratings?

    iSoftware in Product Reviews

    I heard about this system and read through an old thread (which was closed because it got off track). Can someone who has actually used it or know if credible ... [read more]

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    who has the best stop smoking plr product

    Vijay M in Product Reviews

    Hi All, Where can I find the best stop smoking plr product/report. p.s: Paul Myers recently gave away a package to folks on his list, but unfortunately, my download is ... [read more]

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    How to set so it spins all of the words?

    smolodoy in Product Reviews

    Having trouble with anybody knows how to set it so it will spin every single word? Right now its set to "good" and it spins about 85% all of ... [read more]

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    BruteforceSEO EVO2 Is Back With Unique Article Wizard

    I don't know how many people are using this, but its been updated to a new version and they are opening it to the public soon. The key difference is ... [read more]

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    Kajabi The Non Affiliate Truthful Review

    darrenmonroe in Product Reviews

    Hi guys. I seldom post anything here out of respect for your great knowledge. But in the mist of a major launch like Kajabi there are a few things I ... [read more]

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    What is the Best Backlink and SEO tracking software?

    Vic Smith in Product Reviews

    I just got a account and also have SEO Elite from a while back. What are you all using to track backlinks over time?

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    AuthorityPro...any input?

    i just got two e-mails for AuthorityPro and would appreciate any input about it or it's creator. Thanks in advance, Jim

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    Crowds Conversions Review & Offer to Split Costs

    cybernet in Product Reviews

    I have received an email from a friend who took Crowd Conversion 2.0 course. I thought I would post it here in case someone may be interested in the course. ... [read more]