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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    seanster in Product Reviews

    I just spend an hour reviewing the site and fine print of Resellers Heaven Egoods turnkey webstores. I think this services is a real plus, but I don't like the ... [read more]

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    Can anyone recomend some blog commenting software?

    perswealth in Product Reviews

    Hello Warriors, Anyone know some good blog commenting software? Thanks

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    Has Anyone Had Any Experience With This Backlink Booster Program?

    boomerang in Product Reviews

    Has Anyone Had Any Experience With Backlinks boosting Program? I have Basic subscriptions - they give it for free to first 500 members, I want to try it but ... [read more]

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    Blogging to the Bank PREMIUM BLOG Made For You

    So I got this email on July 22 (5 days ago) about having the people over at Blogging to the Bank and Rob Benwell saying they would make you your ... [read more]

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    Request: Video Marketing Software

    NMP in Product Reviews

    Hi What software should I use for video marketing. I need a software where I can upload a video to many sites and edit title and description for each. I ... [read more]

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    Rapid Action Profits vs. Merchant Account

    SeanyG in Product Reviews

    Hey RAP users and IM experts, For the last few days I have been doing a lot of reading and searching here and I am stuck in analysis paralysis between ... [read more]

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    Artcle Traffic Pro

    SJG in Product Reviews

    Has anyone purchased "Article Traffic Pro" by John Oszajca yet? I think it just launched on Aug. 25th but wanted to get this started so I could get some input ... [read more]

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    Mano a Mano: Underground Traffic Blueprint vs. Perpetual Traffic Formula. Which is Better?

    Flierboy in Product Reviews

    The title says it all. Anyone who has seen both courses, care to compare both? I will start. Underground Traffic Blueprint - $97 Perpetual Traffic Formula - $1997 So why ... [read more]

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    Magic Article Submitter by Alexandar Krulik

    tgfilegal23 in Product Reviews

    Hey Everyone! My name is Latara and I am interested in the Magic Article Submitter by Alexandar Krulik. I have several articles written and currently I am using a free ... [read more]

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    Digital Product Demon -WP plugin

    Nutrifitness in Product Reviews

    Hi anyone using Digital Product Demon? thoughts,opinions ? Any help appreciated. Do you also know anyone who can help with setting it up?

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    Can you recommend article submitter software that can do this?

    Nick Lotter in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, I am looking for either an article submission software, or an article submission service, that can do the following: Submit my unique article to at least 100 article ... [read more]

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    Instant Leads Engine

    Hik01 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone here bought Koz & Dr Mike's Intant Leads Engine? I just bought the starter pack yesterday and i am having problems with the registration of the product. I've ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Use PostRunner? If So View?

    pengvana in Product Reviews

    I've found it hard to find a non affiliate review on PostRunner (The keyword academy's guest post tool). I've signed up anyway to try it out and see the results ... [read more]

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    Article Underground?

    Azlan.MY in Product Reviews

    I want to know if anyone has good experience with Article Underground. This program is recommended by Brian Johnson in his Commission Ritual course. How good is this service compared ... [read more]

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    Linkvana or SEOLinkVine - Which one?

    rizzy in Product Reviews

    I am considering signing up for Linkvana. From what I see it sounds great. I would like to see if anyone is using it and what you think about it ... [read more]

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    solomprince in Product Reviews

    Hey Worriors I just want to thank every one here for help and support However I liked soo much many of micheal Jonees Products( just fro his presentation) I didnt ... [read more]

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    Comparing the best Autoresponder/CRM/email marketing solutions

    Hi All, I thought you might be interested in my quest and what I am finding. I'm looking for the best combined "autoresponder/CRM/email marketing solution" on the market. A lot ... [read more]

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    Thesis Theme, really that good?

    Joseph Then in Product Reviews

    I was looking at a couple of themes and it seems to me that Thesis theme is a pretty powerful theme. I looked at the different implementation and I must ... [read more]

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    Recommened web contents outsourcers

    I am looking for web contents providers who can write well researched 500 words articles. Anybody has suggestions and experienced with them? Please post your experience with them if you ... [read more]

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    Is Ed Dale's (30 Day) Challenge Still Worth Participating?

    Alchemium in Product Reviews

    Here are some personal thoughts about the 30DC. First of all the name "30 Day Challenge" is no more. It's simply called "The Challenge" from now on. They changed the ... [read more]

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    Has anyone tried 5 day traffic blitz by Webmayhem

    Janet Walker in Product Reviews

    Anyone tried this 5 day traffic blitz by Webmayhem. They have a 21 day 1 dollar trial. I was thinking about trying it but I did not want to waste ... [read more]

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    Brad Callens HyperVRE software-Any Users

    pcpupil in Product Reviews

    I just sighned up and recieved the download link and am going to give it a try. Anybody using this? Have any tips or bugs i should be aware of? ... [read more]

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    Mobiblueprint ?

    Mr Ex in Product Reviews

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone purchased Mobiblueprint ? It was sold in February 2010 and is being released again in a few days. I would appreciate any reviews about it. Thank ... [read more]

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    Alex Krulick's Magic Submitter

    ecdavis in Product Reviews

    Hi. I'd appreciate any feedback from users of Alex Krulick's Magic Submitter. I'm referring to his monthly subscription service that spins and submits articles to directories, submits to micro blogs, ... [read more]

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    Membership website scripts

    Hanz in Product Reviews

    Have been considering creating a membership site offering designs, templates, guides and other tools for Warriors and Internet Marketers in general. Was wondering if you wonderful folk could spare a ... [read more]

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    Does Work

    RacColesls in Product Reviews

    I just bought one of those Internet Marketing 'how to' packages called Rapid Mass Traffic. It's all about signing up for CPA networks (none of which seem willing to sign ... [read more]

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    Anyone try Perpetual Traffic by Ryan Diess?

    Charleskidd in Product Reviews

    Has anyone got any thoughts on Perpetual Traffic. I bought the course when it first launched and it was amazing content on niches, keywords, backlinks, plr, traffic etc. But I ... [read more]

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    What is the best YouTube Marketing Course - Your thoughts?

    MajorNet in Product Reviews

    I am trying to find a good YouTube marketing course that someone is actually making money with. What about Sean Donahoe's course? Anyone using it?

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    melg in Product Reviews

    So has anybody tried this system out yet, and if so what do think about it...Thanks all

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    Anyone Using SERPAssist?

    g2114 in Product Reviews

    I came across this product and looks pretty interesting, but curios to see if anyone has gotten good results from the product. It is pretty pricey for $97 a month ... [read more]

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    Recurring Payment Software Recommendations

    sparrow in Product Reviews

    I am looking for software that works with recurring payments with PayPal and product deliver. Most of the software I found out there does not work with recurring PayPal payments. ... [read more]

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    Paypal, 2CO & clickbank are out. Nanacast looks great. Thoughts?

    SeanyG in Product Reviews

    Hey guys, I have pulled my hair out for weeks trying to figure out the best payment solution for a fairly new IMer. I have ruled out Paypal, Clickbank and ... [read more]

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    N-POD Anybody?

    melg in Product Reviews

    SO This system looks really good but haven't heard or seen much about except that it costs and arm and a leg 7-8 hundred bucks. Anybody have any thoughts about ... [read more]

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    Anyone have experience with Arvixe?

    D_M_S in Product Reviews

    Has anyone used the services at Arvixe? I want to use their e-mail services but they're unclear on exactly how that service is provided - is it just an SMTP ... [read more]

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    Mobile Monopoly????

    kjames05 in Product Reviews

    So I've been taking a look at this product and was wondering if anyone who has purchased and used it could share their story. I'm a university student without a ... [read more]

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    Is Myspace still a good market?

    Mari Anne in Product Reviews

    Hello, I'm thinking of marketing a Myspace Friend Adder program that I wrote. However, I'm not sure if people are still interested in this market. Do people still use Myspace ... [read more]

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    Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson

    Has anyone bought this DomComSecrets by Brunson with Robbins endorsing him? The 13th Warrior

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    Begbie in Product Reviews

    MODERATOR Please post any comments on SEO Linkvine in the WSO forum,

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    Services like UAW (unique article wizard)

    Are there any other websites that allow you to run a wordpress plugin and automatically get new articles from their database? I know UAW does this, are there similar programs?

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    Commission Payload Any Good?

    crimsonbook in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, Anyone bought and tried Commission Payload? Appreciate reviews if any. Thanks!

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    SEO Linkvine

    Bill_Z in Product Reviews

    Hey everyone, The last thread on this product was closed back in May, and I was just looking into this product. I wanted to ask if anyone is currently using ... [read more]

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    Has anyone tried this. I'm really interested and can hopefully get some reviews.

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    Zero Cost Profits

    lingmag in Product Reviews

    Has anyone used Matt Benwell's Zero Cost Profits? and can you give an honest, objective review?

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    Has anyone purchased Rapid Income Creator by John Carter?

    SandyHall in Product Reviews

    Hi Everybody, Sandy here.. I just got an email in my inbox from a marketer named Mark James. It was about a product "RapidIncomeCreator". Has anyone purchased this? Made any ... [read more]

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    Has anyone bought Net Gold 365?

    Hey Warriors, I was just wondering if anyone out there has bought Net Gold 365? It is a ClickBank product and i am trying to find reviews on it (real ... [read more]

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    Any good Clickbank Vendor ebooks you could recommend

    abs007 in Product Reviews

    Hi guys - Im looking for an ebook which shows you the ins and outs of selling on clickbank as a vendor - if there is a ebook you could ... [read more]

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    Anyone using or tried RSS master class is it worth it?

    smolodoy in Product Reviews

    Anyone using or tried RSS master class is it worth it? There isn't any video that actually explains how it works or anything like that.. A review would be nice!

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    Info Prodigy Product Launch Course?

    Seth Stewart in Product Reviews

    Seems like August is the month for Product Launch Courses. On August 17, Greg Jacobs (from WPMage) is launching his $2K Assassination course. And I got this offer for Steve ... [read more]

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    Anyone use

    D_M_S in Product Reviews

    Has anyone here had experience with I am thinking of using them for a campaign but I'd like to hear some personal experiences.

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    Which shopping cart?

    Owen Smith in Product Reviews

    Guys Which shopping cart would you recommend for a website selling downloadable goods? Free open source if possible, also would be great if you have used them before. Regards Owen

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    Autoresponder Madness 2.0 by Andre Chaperon

    WyattTenG in Product Reviews

    I wouldn't know what happened to my previous thread. Could someone who bought this share his thoughts about this product? Thanks.

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    Get Paid For Who You Are

    Haoting Chow in Product Reviews

    This is the home study course by David Wood. Code: Anyone read his book or attended other courses of his? Any reviews? Or any recommendations of similar courses? Thank ... [read more]

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    Jeremy Burns new launch..

    Hi guys Has anyone bought Jeremy Burns new PLR product yet over at Awesome PLR Products - Sell Them and Keep 100% Cash Wondered what it was like, his PLR ... [read more]

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    A Review of Article Marketing Robot

    cypherslock in Product Reviews

    I've been seeing threads as usual about article submitters and having tried many of them, I thought I should tell you that I've found "the one". I've used ArticleBot, ArticleSubmitAuto, ... [read more]

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    Traffic Anarchy - Any Views On this Latest Launch?

    This is why I love Warrior Forum because before I go buying on various launches, software etc I can read the reviews you guys kindly provide and then make up ... [read more]

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    Mobile monopoly review

    Martin Brock in Product Reviews

    UPDATE (Aug. 20): In an attempt to shed more light on the concerns about this product, I have contacted around 8 well-known people (big/medium gurus) who promoted this - 6 ... [read more]