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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Data dollars pro any reviews?

    sappacis13 in Product Reviews

    I heard this data entry task called data dollars pro, does anyone here can tell me an honest feedback? They said u can earn up to 200 dollars but there ... [read more]

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    Youtube video software to sell affiliate products?

    rozzski999 in Product Reviews

    Does anyone know of any good youtube video software to make videos to sell affiliate products There are loads on JVZOO but any used/tried/recommend any? ROb

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    Anyone Using Russel Bronson Click Funnels?

    bbb7 in Product Reviews

    I friend of mine just called me asking for advise on this product. For a trial you need to use your credit card information. Did anyone tried it? Does it ... [read more]

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    Any high ticket/high commission can recommend?

    newbieleoling in Product Reviews

    Hi, is there any high ticket/high commission products or service that pay at least $1000/sales can recommend? Been searching for some times. Hope you guys can recommend. Thanks

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    BigVikingAl in Product Reviews

    Is anyone familiar with this site: Elegant Themes Apparently you get lifetime access to all themes and plugins from: Elegant Themes Studio Press WPDEv amongst others for a one time ... [read more]

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    WP Social Traffic - fb poster - save your money - becareful

    levyorit in Product Reviews

    i paid for this software $97 i wrote to support , got answer few days later second time the same than didn't work (software hosting problem) problem finished run the ... [read more]

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    Cryptocurrency ASIC recommendations

    nicoli in Product Reviews

    So I have a ton of storage and free power and am looking into getting a cryptocurrency farm setup. Does anybody with any experience happen to know the top 5 ... [read more]

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    Facebook Local Raider

    dachwf in Product Reviews

    Has anyone had any actual experience using "Facebook Local Raider" by Luther Landro. It is advertised as " a complete Facebook local marketing agency in a box. This is everything ... [read more]

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    Success story: How I went from $30 to $120 a day using Adsense Pro ultimate Theme!

    needu12 in Product Reviews

    I am not sure if this is the right section to post adsense related success stories, if it isn't, mods please move it to a more appropriate section. Thank you! ... [read more]

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    Host4profit? Not replying to emails/support?

    entry in Product Reviews, are not replying to emails or support, anyone else having this issue? or had it before in the past? Them not getting back to sort issues, can affect the ... [read more]

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    Teespring for shirts

    coxmg in Product Reviews

    hey guys anyone ever tried teespring for designing and selling shirts online? it has negative reviews but ive also seen some good news stories on it. Any alternatives? prices ... [read more]

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    Mike Robinson's Dog PLR Article Package

    Alle-Cat in Product Reviews

    Unfortunately I'm a posting NooB so I can't post on the actual WSO thread and I hope it's ok to post here. Earlier today I bought Mike Robinson's Dog PLR ... [read more]

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    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    The easiest way to increase engagement! Proudly managing 3,963,330 posts from 37,573 social media accounts worldwide. Sociocaster is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. A collection of our favorite ... [read more]

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    Anyone bought TrafficBuilder?

    I have been getting a lot of emails about this program, it just seems too good to be true... Anyone using it?

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    safe-swaps Review

    joeykissimmee in Product Reviews

    What do you think about this safe-swaps program? I've seen a few people here using it. Just wanting to know if its any good. Looks like it makes life easy ... [read more]

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    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    Receive daily hand curated content marketing perfect for your audience. Link to your buffer and automate to really impress your friends! Quuu is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. ... [read more]

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    Anyone Using Instamate?

    JMSD in Product Reviews

    Has anyone bought this software and if so, is it: Easy to operate? Instagram TOS compliant? Any bugs/issues that make it unworkable? Would be interested to know. Jamie

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    XRanker 360 Opinions

    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    Powerful Automated Keyword Research at the push of a button. Leverage together YouTube Live! XRanker 360 is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. A collection of our favorite IM ... [read more]

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    Can you recommend a good PHP affiliate script?

    Nina Petrov in Product Reviews

    I'm running a basic html website and using paypal. I'm looking for someone who can recommend a good php script to install? And or even install it for me, and ... [read more]

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    Beware of MailZingo

    ZachWaldman in Product Reviews

    I purchased the pro version only to find that it's very limited. This is the top front-end option. Once you're in, you realize that unless you spend another $77 for ... [read more]

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    FanContact Caveat

    Mo Goulet in Product Reviews

    The FanContact program does not upload all the fans of your Facebook page, it only uploads those who have interacted on your page by posting a comment. Without the program ... [read more]

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    Has anyone tried Octosuite?

    ns17 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried this fb fan page grow system called Octosuite. Please provide any inputs on this..

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    Did you read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss?

    Andrew B in Product Reviews

    I just started reading this book and I am curious if there is someone here that read it and if so, did it help you manage your time in a ... [read more]

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    Question about Linkedin

    rprieto60 in Product Reviews

    Lately I've see a lot of WSO's about marketing on Linkedin. Has anyone tried one of these programs and if so, what kind of results did you have?

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    Any reviews on Associate Goliath 5.0

    ns17 in Product Reviews

    Hey warriors has anyone here tried Associate Goliath 5.0 WP pluging for building Amazon websites. The website is associategoliath dat com. Thanks

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    Any experience with Amazon Selling Machine by Matt Clark?

    jmk909er in Product Reviews

    I am considering trying Amazon Selling Machine by Matt Clark. It looks very good from everything I have been able to find online but is quite pricey around $1000. I ... [read more]

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    Who Is John Logar?

    thefsboking in Product Reviews

    Has anyone ever been coached or studied material by John Logar? He appears to be a phenomenal business strategist.

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    Does MCA (Motor Club of America) Product and services works?

    DavidLuvLB in Product Reviews

    Hello, I like to know if the product and services of MCA really works before I start promoting it? I have my own methods where I can bring 10 people ... [read more]

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    Anyone Have Experience With Copy Paste Income?

    guyfromnb in Product Reviews

    I was wondering about that Clickbank product Copy Paste Income by Ewen Chia. Is anyone here tried it? What is it about? And what results can you get?

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    Board Commander....

    aciddropkid in Product Reviews

    Board Commander is big at the moment, and it appears to be a good tool (that doesn't mean I'm endorsing it as I've never used it) - but did you ... [read more]

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    I feel like I got ripped off by Godaddy auctions....

    Nina Petrov in Product Reviews

    I feel like I got ripped off by Godaddy auctions.... okay....update this was a bit of a snap judgement. As it turns out I won the domain. So I guess ... [read more]

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    Anyone have experince with Gerry Cramer's Overnight Super Affiliate Program

    CuriousOne in Product Reviews

    I recently saw a pre-recorded webinar "No Product Funnel" for the "Overnight Super Affiliate Program" with presenters/creators Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones. In the webinar they claim 60% success rate ... [read more]

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    The appoitment generator

    bm2 in Product Reviews

    Hello, Anyone here has been through this program. Does it work in positioning you as an expert even if you don`t have a portfolio of past clients?

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    Review of

    Brent Stangel in Product Reviews

    Some of you know I test a lot of different traffic sources. I find a lot of scammy stuff out there masquerading as "real" visitors. I came across on ... [read more]

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    Don't Buy Any Fiverr Traffic Generation Gig Before Reading This

    daniel27lt in Product Reviews

    Hi, I'm just wanting to warn people to be aware of all the traffic generation gigs on Fiverr. There are more and more popping up every day. They all claim ... [read more]

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    Is shakeer619's products for Real?

    ejoka1986 in Product Reviews

    Shakeer619 has different products on how to make thousands of dollars per month and claims of triple money returns if they don't work. Problem is he charges lots of cash ... [read more]

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    Adsviser 2.0

    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    Take the guesswork out of your digital advertising concepts. With over half a million Facebook Ads, spy on the best performing ads competing against you Adsviser 2.0 is part of ... [read more]

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    Fan Page Robot

    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    The perfect tool to help busy marketers gain followers and monetize! Auto-post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more! Fan Page Robot is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. ... [read more]

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    Connect Explore

    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    Facebook Targeting done right. For the expert and for the beginner, ConnectExplore is your masterful analytics tool. Connect Explore is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. A collection of ... [read more]

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    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    The perfect tool to help busy marketers gain followers and monetize! Auto-post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more! Knackmap is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. A collection ... [read more]

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    Keyword Supremacy Opinions

    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    Keywords are the bane of every Search Engine Marketer's existence. Master them with a single-supreme research tool. Keyword Supremacy is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. A collection of ... [read more]

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    Serpworx opinions

    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs and Majestic in one dashboard. Arm yourself with Serpworx directly into Google Chrome Serpworx is part of the Warrior Forum Tools Suite. A collection of our favorite ... [read more]

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    AHREFS - keyword research tool

    pauloadaoag in Product Reviews

    Ahrefs is perfect for backlink, organic traffic, keyword and content marketing research. Explore beyond the depths of your website to see how you can rank better. Ahrefs is part of ... [read more]

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    ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review

    Jesus Perez in Product Reviews

    I see that ProfitBuilder 2.0 has just launched. The last thread on this is 3 years old so I'm not going to rehash it. I personally own InstaBuilder 2.0 but ... [read more]

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    Anyone have experience with WP Social Traffic

    Chuck Evans in Product Reviews

    I keep getting emails about this product from various "gurus". The backend video by the developer looks good but am wondering why Facebook would allow this type of posting. Thanks

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    What do you think of VidSkippy?

    Vidskippy is a tool just launched which can add a links to youtube videos - even if it's not your video . Just like youtube does with its ads. You ... [read more]

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    Which one is better Wordpress or Wix?

    lewisjamespro in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone, i have been using wix for a while and its been quite good to me, had no real issues with it. I have been told by lots of ... [read more]

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    VIDEO SWIPER: A Unbiased and Transparent Review ( craigslist )

    First I have to say I am not getting any recognition or monetary value in posting this aside from telling it like it is and balancing out the negatives in ... [read more]

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    Is Azon Profit Builder is 100% True?

    sappacis13 in Product Reviews

    I have to plan buying azon profit. Does anybody here could tell me all your honest decision if that thing is true? Pls let me hear your reviews first before ... [read more]

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    Chris X and Affiliate Titan and Done For You Site Hostgator Scam

    deepockets in Product Reviews

    Chris X from the Affiliate Titan, Video Titan, Zen Titan and Traffic Titan sent me a link for a done for you website. As the bold advertisement and video purports ... [read more]

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    rlpoole1 in Product Reviews

    I want people to know when I have a positive experience. This was one of those times when it started out bleak and then became very positive. I recently requested ... [read more]

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    Anybody tried vidifire? the new product

    alamest in Product Reviews

    I am bit confused with the product.. Just saw their sales page..they said they will make video for any niche in 60min why don't they show a demo video ... [read more]

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    Anyone heard of Textbook Money from Luke Sample and Jon Shugart?

    bubbashrimp in Product Reviews

    Luke Sample did a webinar a short while back regarding a product/program he has created about arbitrage of textbooks with Amazon. Just wondering if anyone picked it up and has ... [read more]

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    Article Rewriting Software?

    jfbowles in Product Reviews

    Is there any "good" article rewrite software out there anywhere? I have tried some, and most of them are the absolute pits! I know it is probably a daunting task ... [read more]

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    Josh Harris aka

    charby5770 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone taken Josh's training/coaching for his Internet Marketing coaching? I have a lot of his ads on Facebook. What was your experience of it and were you able to ... [read more]

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    How can you tell if a testimony / review is fake?

    dgmufasa in Product Reviews

    Hi, I saw this post here: In the same vein, I was wondering how you can tell if a testimony or review is fake? Thanks!