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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Anyone tried CopyBuilder?

    Marian in Product Reviews

    I'd be interested what you think of CopyBuilder (copybuilder dot io)? Has anyone tried it yet? Thanks, Marian

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    Landing Page Monkey?

    Chris Grable in Product Reviews

    Was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Landing Page Monkey. How well does it work? Quality of product? OTO's? Personal use only or client/flipped sites? Developer's license? Thanks! chris

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    My PowToon Review - Avoid Them!

    AHayes183 in Product Reviews

    Hi, In an attempt to find a suitable replacement for Animoto for product showcase animations/slides, I chose to purchase a package from PowToon. While the software is probably good for ... [read more]

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    Affilojetpack - Anyone buys this?

    Azlan.MY in Product Reviews

    I receive several emails promoting Affilojetpack. Brad Callen even offers all of his top programs. It looks like a solid program, given the reputation of Mark Ling. However, the $497 ... [read more]

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    Jeff Gardner's New Program - Make Money + Residuals When People Use Their Credit Cards

    Izesta in Product Reviews

    Looking to see if anyone knows anything about this program by Jeff Gardner. I think he calls the program: Automatic Credit Card Income System He is promoting an opportunity to ... [read more]

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    LinkedIn software to send message to all connections our groups

    rushindo in Product Reviews

    There was a WSO in 2012 for LinkedIn software that allows you to message all of your connections or groups. Can this still be done on LinkedIn? What software do ... [read more]

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    Best Free Video Distribution?

    Geek3000 in Product Reviews

    Whats the best video distribution service to use? Pixel Pipe is gone I think…Tube Mogul is no longer free I don't think. So whats the best one to go with ... [read more]

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    Anyone using wordpress themes from ``

    jimkirk1943 in Product Reviews

    Hi guys, Anyone using themes from these guys ? How you finding the set up ? Cheers

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    Has Anyone Heard of WPFastDash?

    Joe Good in Product Reviews

    Has Anyone Heard of WPFastDash or experienced this system? They advertise you can place ALL your wordpress sites under one roof for simplicity. You only log into one system-dashboard and ... [read more]

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    is this vps service effective

    jackrice in Product Reviews

    here is a link to the vps company http://cheapwindowsvps-com/ i wanted to subscribe with them but really don't know how effective they might be but one thing is that they ... [read more]

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    Sales page writer

    nocturnal911 in Product Reviews

    Hi, Can any experienced people recommend a good sales page writing company or writer?

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    Press Release Distribution Software

    Is anyone aware of and/or can recommend a press release distribution software?

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    Have you tried blue host's affiliate programs? Is it worth it?

    Jensha in Product Reviews

    I was looking for some web host and then blue host came up. They have this affiliate program that gives us $65 per referral. Have you tried them before?

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    Any hosting better than HostGator?

    troy23 in Product Reviews

    Thinking about changing my hosting from Hostgator. Noticed disappearing files, domains not showing in CPanel etc. No reply to support ticket raised yesterday either. Can anyone recommend a good alternative ... [read more]

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    wealthy affiliate anyone know more in deep on this?

    Devilfish168 in Product Reviews

    I check the website... they mention is FREE ? I never register just look around what is it.. it seem like a website build in ..which you use their platform ... [read more]

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    Domain and Web Hosting discussion

    crunchor in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone, I own two domain and rent a web hosting and would like to discuss with you guys about domain and web hosting, share our experience. I started with ... [read more]

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    Warning! Using GetResponse with Epic Squeeze

    CTWilliamson in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors, If you are using Getresponse with the Epic Squeeze page please check your autoresponder. Everything looks and works correctly except the optins are not going into the autoresponder. ... [read more]

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    sellonlinee in Product Reviews

    Anyone ever tried MDDHosting?Any reviews ?

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    Best FTP software

    amits43 in Product Reviews

    Hi I am using filezilla for long time for FTP but i really need to try something new cool FTP program.Any suggestion warriors?I have windows 8.1 on my laptop. Thank ... [read more]

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    Product Feature Video Creation Software?

    AHayes183 in Product Reviews

    Hi, I'm just checking if anyone has any recommendations for short, but quality video creation software/websites? I used to use Animoto but they've gotten worse or flat out haven't evolved ... [read more]

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    Best Place to Buy Hosting

    What is the best place to buy fast/reliable/affordable hosting for your Wordpress Website?

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    Namecheap hosting - OK or not?

    Azlan.MY in Product Reviews

    I was looking for an alternative to Hostgator. So far, I use Namecheap since I register domains with them. I found this thread when searching at G. Any views on ... [read more]

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    Best and easy to use Amazon affiate theme?

    Azlan.MY in Product Reviews

    I'm looking an easy to use Amazon aff theme for digital camera niche. Currently, I'm using flexsqueeze and I'm not sure if it is suitable for Amazon. There's so many ... [read more]

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    Namecheap >>>> Hostgator and here's why

    Adie in Product Reviews

    Hostgator - my whole account got disabled after one of my posts in one of my sites went viral attracting 4k to 5k visits per hour. It took 12 hours ... [read more]

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    Traffic Fusion Reviews?

    Gary77 in Product Reviews

    Im seeing this new software traffic generator showing up in Facebook ads and emails... usual slick sales letter saying its built with 'Adobe Air' with a new traffic source with ... [read more]

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    Go Click Cash - How I Exploited It To REALLY Make $ That Most Others Won't

    amuro in Product Reviews

    In case you might not remember, there was a video promoting Go Click Cash 4 years ago in 2011. I don't mean to sound arrogant. While most people watched ... [read more]

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    JVZoo review

    brutecky in Product Reviews

    I have been using JVZoo some time and though I have been critical of there site at times to my colleagues (and there support) I find there system quite useful. ... [read more]

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    Social Profit Machine - Your Thoughts?

    AnfSpag in Product Reviews

    My Partner joined the SPM a week ago and we both are going through the trainings in there. Just wondering if any of you here is a member? How are ... [read more]

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    Best VPS Hosting?

    dbong in Product Reviews

    I'm looking to upgrade to a VPS for a couple of my sites. What is the best plan out there that you guys know of? I'm looking to get the ... [read more]

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    Wordpress plugins and Wordpress themes

    BRETTBrtsk in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone i was just looking into the best themes for affiliate sites but also the best plugins that you think everyone should have? Look forward to hearing from you ... [read more]

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    Gig Prospector vs Arbitage Underdog & Arbitrage Cash Cow

    swtp43 in Product Reviews

    All of these are scrapers but Underdog and Cash Cow scape more than just Fiverr. I'm not sure what the benefits of having Prospector are over what I already have. ... [read more]

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    Any reviews on LP ?

    ns17 in Product Reviews

    Hey guys has anyone used the landingpagemonkey dat com for capturing leads. Any feedback on this thanks

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    Curation software with developer rights?

    Melody in Product Reviews

    Looking for a true curation type of software (not another spinner/junk content tool) that offers a developer version so we can add to our clients websites. I have several different ... [read more]

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    Has anyone tried Vidneos?

    CACruiser in Product Reviews

    I have been bombarded with e mails touted this software. Has anyone tried this software?

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    One Page Money Makers

    jimzimm in Product Reviews

    I am curious if anyone has tried One Page Money Makers by Matt Bacak and Lee Collins. There isn't much in the sales video to tell exactly what the product ... [read more]

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    What are the BEST PLR MEMBERSHIP sites?

    robert key in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, Can you anyone highly recommend what they think are the TOP 5 PLR membership sites? I'm seeking PLR content (not just articles, but products too) that range over ... [read more]

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    Best Content Creation Software

    Hi all, Looking at the latest version of Kontent Machine and also Article Builder. Anyone with any experience of software that could be used for at least tier 2 links? ... [read more]

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    FunnelTrax thoughts

    gotteeth in Product Reviews

    I just purchased FunnelTrax, and I have every reason to believe it will function as advertised. The biggest reason is years of experience with Brad Callen's product's, going back to ... [read more]

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    is this online store trustful or a scam?

    toutou123 in Product Reviews

    Hi, I was willing to buy adobe cs6 student edition from the main store and I've found this online store Store Home that offer a lower price and simpler process ... [read more]

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    Article Buddy. Unlimited unique Content? Real Or Fake?

    bckk222 in Product Reviews

    Article Buddy Software. Has anyone had a look at it? it gives the opportunity to take articles and spin them to be unique.

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    Follower Grabber

    Mo Goulet in Product Reviews

    This needed another week before launching. No training inside follower manager.

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    Good Review Sites?

    cheller in Product Reviews

    Are there any sites that review all IM products that can give insight as to what is worth the consumer's time and what is not? Would save a lot of ... [read more]

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    Any Cheap WP hosting transfering from Godaddy

    ns17 in Product Reviews

    Hey guys I have this website and is registered on godaddy and using the WP hosting. Now the renewal charges of godaddy are very high so I was thinking of ... [read more]

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    Best CPA /PPC Course?

    ahmar2 in Product Reviews

    Hi, I have studied and worked on various business models in detail and in my opinion CPA is fastest and easiest way to make money. I want to start full ... [read more]

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    Anyone Tried DFX Audio Enhancer?

    tagiscom in Product Reviews

    Hi, my VLC video player has gutless sound, (thanks to a Microsoft update. But l have found that DFX Audio Enhancer attaches to it, but so far the free trial ... [read more]

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    ur favorite membership plugin?

    visimedia in Product Reviews

    what's your favorite membership wp plugin that's easy to use, have dripfeed feature, and can dynamically get along with other plugins?

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    Name your favorite keyword research tool in 2015

    silverm in Product Reviews

    Apart from Google Keyword Planner do you use any other keyword research tool ? If yes then which one ? 1. Market Samurai 2. Long Tail Pro 3. 4. ... [read more]

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    Google Sniper 3.0 vs. Bring the Fresh?

    Evan H in Product Reviews

    I apologize if this has been asked before. But which program is better to start an online business? I have used Google Sniper 2.0 in the past with little success ... [read more]

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    Best Place To Buy Domains?

    What is the best and cheapest place to buy Domains?

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    Office Autopilot or Premium Web Cart or Other???

    yerrato in Product Reviews

    I'm trying to decide between office autopilot and premium web cart... Infusionsoft is out due to their mandatory $2000 "getting started" fee. There are not a ton of reviews on ... [read more]

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    seoquake toolbar not working ?

    kaytav in Product Reviews

    seoquake toolbar is not showing indexed pages from last 3 days is it just me or a bug ?

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    iPage VS Bluehost Which is the best?

    seo2ever in Product Reviews

    Hello I want to know which is the best hosting company for small business WP blog iPage OR Bluehost? Thanks

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    More Reasons to Why Fiverr is a Scam

    Lukas in Product Reviews

    $5 - for 5 bucks you get a service done, albeit low quality OR you need to order multiple gigs to hopefully get good service. noah it sucks. Q: So ... [read more]