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    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    5 Star Silver by Eric Loviere Wondering if anyone already bit on this one. Looks very interesting.

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    Instant Lead Capture V2.0 - New List Building Goes Crazy.

    Hi Guys. Any good reviews about "NOT" buying this powerfull lead capture system ?. think this is going to run over MagicListBot when the new interface is launching in a ... [read more]

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    AAS+PAR vs Magic Article Suite

    allthesp in Product Reviews

    I need a nice set of programs I can rewrite articles with using spinner syntax. I also need a nice article submission software. Power Article Rewriter is considered very good, ... [read more]

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    Mike Antoni, Darren Salkeld, Club zoomica@maxPro??

    tkubik in Product Reviews

    Mike Antoni Darren Salkeld, Has any body out there working with them them have club zoomica 1 day trial than 195 a month and a new max pro home study ... [read more]

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    Automated Pinging Software

    StevenK in Product Reviews

    Do you use an "automated" software program to ping your sites including blogs? If so, what software program do you recommend? Thanks, Steve :confused:

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    Pls review ebay affiliate script selling sites.

    phu in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors. I've been looking into these links for ebay affiliate script selling sites. There isnt any solid reviews for below comparison script store on google. Is it a waste ... [read more]

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    US FREE ADS ~ Anyone Making $ with It?

    Is anyone successful with US Free Ads? If so are you linking to your site or directly to product sales page? Thanks!

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    best membership software to use with clickbank reccuring billing???

    cdrom1 in Product Reviews

    I want to set up a membership (a monthly e-magazine) site and use clickbank to bill. I want a script that is very easy to use and doesn't have bells ... [read more]

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    Implementing Mass Control when you don't have a product to launch?

    Pnigro in Product Reviews

    Hey guys, I have Mass Control 2.0, amazing product. However, I'm far from having my own product. I only have a list and I'm currently promoting a Clickbank ebook as ... [read more]

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    Statsjunky - conversion tracking and stats ?

    DigitalX in Product Reviews

    Hello I'm looking for conversion tracking solution and then I came up with this software called statsjunky at Does anyone here have joined their paid subscription ? Just wanna ... [read more]

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    Pocket Friendly AutoResponder Solution

    Aljiro in Product Reviews

    Hey there Warriors! I would like to know what AutoResponder you can recommend. Im hoping for something pocket friendly maybe software I can own or a service other than Aweber ... [read more]

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    wizman888 in Product Reviews

    Is this site on par with Scriptlance? I have never heard of them.

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    TelegramSam in Product Reviews

    Hi, I've received a few emails about this seminar next week in London. Link: I may be in London next week and wondered if it was likely to be ... [read more]

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    iBusinessPromoter - worth buying into?

    babushka99 in Product Reviews

    Of late I've been eying iBusinessPromoter. I use to go the outsourcing route and have someone do the directory submissions, etc. for me, turns out he was using iBusinessPromoter (the ... [read more]

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    Traffic Bug

    Bobru in Product Reviews

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Traffic Bug; and if so, what their experiences have been.

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    Magic List Bot

    masonpan in Product Reviews

    Hi. There seems to be lots of emails about Magic List Bot at present. Anybody using it? Whats it like?

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    GoTryThis 2 vs StatsJunky

    zzPGzz in Product Reviews

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the difference between these products. I need a solid solution for conversion tracking and statistics. I do mostly organic but also some minor PPC efforts. ... [read more]

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    New GetResponse vs Aweber?

    Dexx in Product Reviews

    With the recent mega-update of GetResponse, and the fact their pricing is now higher than Aweber... which one do you feel is worth the price: Pricing options - email marketing ... [read more]

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    TrafficGeyser vs. SENuke

    menumba1 in Product Reviews

    Hi, Let me preface this by saying that I am VERY new to IM. However after looking at these two services they seem to be pretty similar. I know there ... [read more]

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    Who uses BlueHost? Can you recommend?

    Mike Hill in Product Reviews

    I'm looking to switch my Hosting and wondered if anyone has any experience with BlueHost (good or bad) they want to share. Thanks, Mike Hill

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    Overnight Traffic System

    judeman in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried Overnight Traffic System? I just got an email from Curtis Andrew a.k.a The Traffic Geek on this new release of his. Much appreciated, thanks.

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    High Quality Internet Marketing Newsletter

    StevenK in Product Reviews

    Can anyone recommend a "high quality" Internet Marketing newsletter that I can subscribe to? Hopefully a newsletter that has a great reputation and offers valuable information about Internet Marketing.

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    System Smack Down

    JTBarnes in Product Reviews

    It is often said that in order to produce massive amounts of success one should look to work within a system. As we all know there are quit a few ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Finder Contact email?

    mondays in Product Reviews

    Does anyone has any contact email for micro niche finder? I have some pre-purchase questions but it seems that they have no contact link on their website. Thank You

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    Any from my country?

    KDStyle in Product Reviews

    Hello to all forum members I am new in this forum, and wish to know who is from my country - Bulgaria. If have any from there i want to ... [read more]

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    Has anyone heard of this site?

    Dalun in Product Reviews

    www The first link is a free offer from the creator and the second has a price for each site. You send them, domain and webhosting info and they ... [read more]

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    Internet Selling for Newbies

    ebpglobal in Product Reviews

    Hi, Anyone have any comments on 'Internet Selling for Newbies" by Mike Filsiame and Omar Martin? I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments on other programs by these two guys that ... [read more]

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    Rapid Action Profits or DL Guard ?

    Both seem very competitively priced for their featureset. I think Im going to need one or the other here in the next 45 days [fingers crossed!] Whats the better choice ... [read more]

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    orlan52 in Product Reviews

    Hi Fellow Members: Anyone know anything about Blogomator?

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    Google Work At Home Job Scam?

    IMnwxlh2 in Product Reviews

    Hi Folks I received this in the mail today. It says that Google is looking for people in the US and Canada to work from home posting links and get ... [read more]

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    What you think?

    aussietimbo in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors, I've just uploaded my website and first few products. I’m interested in your reviews and thoughts on both my website and products. My website's main focus is on ... [read more]

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    Has anybody heard of The Profit Machine

    kazulu10 in Product Reviews

    The Profit Machine came out a few months ago,has anyone heard about it and how good is it.i like them so far and they seem to go out of their ... [read more]

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    Have you heard of the 4 day moneymaking blueprint by David Bocock

    Ailangel in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone, Im new in here and only been in IM for a few months. I have recieved an email about the 4 day moneymaking bluprint by David Bocock. I ... [read more]

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    What Video Recording Software Do You Recommend?

    Hey everybody, Wondering what recommendations you have for both free and paid video recording software for your webcams. Not necessarily video editing software (unless it records video too). Thanks in ... [read more]

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    How to Market a Product?

    I want to market some ideas and products and get them in front of as many consumers as possible is this only done by PPC? Or posting to sites with ... [read more]

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    What Is The Best Recurring Payment Gradual Content Delivery System?

    TE2 in Product Reviews

    What is the best system (price, features, ease of admin) for gradually delivering content that is tied to a continuity/subscription payment? Scenario: I want to charge a monthly fee and ... [read more]

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    Love this software - not making a dime off the review

    roxieakita in Product Reviews

    I have mostly ask questions and learn but I would like to suggest some software that I have used for years I am not affiliated in any way . Deep ... [read more]

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    Best Video website builder?

    Gee S in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors, I'm planning on making a video website. Does anyone know of any video website builders I could use? Many Thanks in advance

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    is it worth it?

    spin_doc in Product Reviews

    hi guys, I was wondering if anyone promoted a p sychic affiliate program. It's 5%-10% payout per sale. Would you do it? Would it be worthwhile? Your opinion appreciated. spin_doc

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    will this work

    roxieakita in Product Reviews

    Ok I am still new at this so please so not laugh at this . What if I were to have someone create me 12 or so landing pages for ... [read more]

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    Any Project Management tool to recommend?

    jhongren in Product Reviews

    Hi, I am looking for a project management tool for our team to manage our ongoing projects. I found one at Project management, collaboration, and task software: Basecamp but is ... [read more]

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    Profit Miracle

    joe0074 in Product Reviews

    Hi there, Anyone purchase this product ? Any review would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe

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    Anyone tried Daily Contact Mailer Marketing System?

    wsshix in Product Reviews

    I'm not having a lot of luck with traffic. Can anyone who has used this tell me anything about it? I can't find any info on it.

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    Keyword Elite 2.0 looking rather sexy.

    Marty S in Product Reviews

    I am def gonna try this when it gets released in a few days. Brad Callen is a quality GURU in my mind and if you take a look at ... [read more]

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    What Is The Best Keyword Tool Or Software?

    Ok, I know this info is probably mentioned here somewhere, and of course if I search on the net I'll find all kinds of unbiased opinions (yeah right). But I'm ... [read more]

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    Auction Acrobat - or - what else?

    new2ebiz in Product Reviews

    Is Auction Acrobat a reasonable choice for automating sales of cd/dvds on eBay? If so, any tips on it's use? If not, what system exists that better? BTW: I'm reasonably ... [read more]

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    Backlink Flood Review

    vicone in Product Reviews

    OK, I've managed to have a close look at this work and the software which accompanies it. As readers know, backlinking is important in getting web pages to rank highly ... [read more]

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    StatsJunky & PPV traffic

    ruimartinho in Product Reviews

    Anyone is successfuly using StatJunky software to track PPV campaigns with MediaTraffic and AdOnNetwork? By successfuly tracking i mean, beeing able to track cost/profits at keyword/url level?

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    Ultimate Wealth Formula X ???

    matjaz73 in Product Reviews

    Is it worth to invest my money to Ultimate Wealth Formula X or is just another ..... you know what I mean.

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    ArticleBot, SocialBot , DirectoryBot, RSSBot v Senuke

    mita in Product Reviews

    I know there have been a few posts about senuke here on this site, and I know most people have said how good it is. But, if you already have ... [read more]

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    what do you think of this product?

    crissanteiro in Product Reviews

    There is a new product being launched. It is a desktop application to deliver messages to take the place of an autoresponder. Messsages are delivered instantly to the subscribers' desktop ... [read more]

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    Facebook Friend adder

    Dionr in Product Reviews

    Does anyone have anything to say about good facebook Friend genrators? Appreciate the help... DR

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    Highest paying car affilaite program

    monsur in Product Reviews

    Dear friend, I am looking for a better car affiliate program where international affiliate is accepted.Would you please share a highest paying car affiliate program with me ? Thanks Monsur

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    MacSpeech - Dictate

    Ok just purchased this software, yeah it has a little high price tag of almost $200 but I have read great reviews on it... Question is has anyone got any ... [read more]

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    Angela and Pauls Link?

    Sogiant in Product Reviews

    So do they work? How can some people get great results and other people get no results? Their is so much miss information. Who wants to do all the work ... [read more]

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    clickbank code or commision blueprint or ?

    idevelop in Product Reviews

    Im a total newbie in this business of affiliate marketing and I want to get a good handle on the business before I jump in with both feet. What do ... [read more]