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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    membernaire, any experience with it?

    harrysidhu in Product Reviews

    like the title says came across membernaire a site claiming to give you everything you need to make a membership site with reoccurring income, is it too good to be ... [read more]

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    niche review templates - Is it good?

    Spark in Product Reviews

    Hi guys, Got a email from one of sign-up that i got. Would like to check whether anyone here signup as members for this site already? Is it good? I ... [read more]

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    Web CEO - Anyone using this product?

    docandk in Product Reviews

    I'm just getting started trying to promote my website, etc. and I was wondering if any of you have tried the Web CEO product, and if so, if you liked ... [read more]

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    Incredible productivity tool -

    Adam Jackson in Product Reviews

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd share a tool I am extremely happy with. My job requires me to make many decisions fast and rarely can I work one issue for ... [read more]

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    2009 ThinkHost Web Host Discount code

    adminfunda in Product Reviews

    Here is the coupon for new domain Hosting on ThinkHost Coupon: oak_blog Discount: $30 OFF on any Hosting Plan

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    Today,I got a Call from PPC Classroom

    etreet in Product Reviews

    hi,I am wondering is there anybody here has tried alleged "Plantinum Coaching Service" from PPC Classroom? today I got phone call from them, they blah blah and verbally promised to ... [read more]

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    djriel in Product Reviews

    Curious if some of you warriors could give the free trial a test and give me some feedback on our system. Home @ Combines shop and blog with CRM ... [read more]

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    Being the web 2.0 addict that I am, I want to see what others are saying about this site: (not an aff link). Someone DM'd me and said Lynn ... [read more]

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    Anyone Uses

    amits97 in Product Reviews

    Anyone uses Is it good? They just rejected my site as they need greater than 1K impressions. Give your opinions about

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    What's Your Favorite Clickbank Product?

    nanexist in Product Reviews

    So how many of you have purchased clickbank products and how many of you have raving praises for one (or 2, or 3 lol) cuz I'm just really curious. That ... [read more]

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    What's the highest price you've paid for an IM-related product?

    Li Weng in Product Reviews

    I'm just looking at Arbitrage Conspiracy and apparently it's $1997. That's quite a lot by any standards. Have you paid higher than that for an IM or MMO related product? ... [read more]

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    Hostmonster Any Good?

    Ben213 in Product Reviews

    Hi Does anyone here use Hostmonster? Their prices seem good.

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    Brad Callen's Free Directory Submitter

    docandk in Product Reviews

    Have any of you used Brad Callen's free directory submitter? Is there any value any more in being listed in all of these directories as a means of increasing your ... [read more]

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    Google 1st- isn't this just bum marketing

    Jeremy123 in Product Reviews

    I watched this video: Google 1st Bonus and Review by Neil Shearing this just seems like bum marketing with a high price tag

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    Social Submitter - Any Good?

    Terry Kyle in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors, Do any users of Social Submitter here have some thoughts on it? I do use Big Mike's SocialBot but Social Submitter hits the social bookmarking big boys which ... [read more]

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    Charles Heflin's Social Media Science

    Rita012 in Product Reviews

    I'm a member of Charles Heflin's Social Media Science , and it rocks! It's my favorite marketing tool at the moment. It works like , only it syndicates approved ... [read more]

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    Email List Provider -

    udhara in Product Reviews

    Hi guys, Recently bought a couple of mailing lists from for some online marketing. I got 2 lists with a million emails on them each. Expecting nothing much, I ... [read more]

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    Can you recommend an Socila Networking Profile manager?

    tinggg in Product Reviews

    Hi I've got a lot of logins to social network sites and other online profiles for work purposes - so have my co-workers. We'd like to be able to store ... [read more]

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    blillard in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried the guru assassin system. Im looking to get that as well to MSS. Thanks

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    IE Security Certificate

    RickyLM in Product Reviews

    Hello members I have a question concerning security certificates. I joined a hosting company and IE did not recognize its certificate. I precceded to the site. I have not experienced ... [read more]

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    Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots

    HaronTawil in Product Reviews

    "Yahoo Cash 4 Idiot" is being launched Dec 1. Has anyone received a copy of it and tried it out? All the reviews that I read seemed to have given ... [read more]

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    FAPTurbo - Let's hear it

    nanexist in Product Reviews

    I've heard this software is kinda incredible. I want to hear your reviews! I'm probably gonna grab it soon. Sales Page "The shocking outcome of technology and genius working together ... [read more]

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    Anyone here use Traffic Swarm?

    millionblog in Product Reviews

    Hi all, Anyone here use Traffic Swarm to generate traffics for websites? Do you find traffic swarm useful? How do you make full use of traffic Swarm? Have you made ... [read more]

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    Find niche?

    kelvintang in Product Reviews

    After the keyword researched, how are we going to know the niche is " potential (willing to buy)"? How are we make a distinction between "potential (willing to buy)" and ... [read more]

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    Butterfly Marketing vs Rapid Action Profits

    servantcoach in Product Reviews

    Who has experience with both? What are the differences between these two products? I took Mike Filsaime up on his offer to get butterfly marketing. There are many things I ... [read more]

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    Clickbank vs Paydotcom?

    Hi guys I have been reading a lot about Clickbank and Paydotcom lately. Is there really much difference between the two? Has Clickbank really been having that many problems? And ... [read more]

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    Anyone can suggest me affiliate program with recurring income

    catberry in Product Reviews

    Hi friends, Anyone can suggest me affiliate program with recurring income? I prefer membership affiliate, Like health club, jogging club or something like those. thank you so much

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    Free Google Adwords?

    Jim Schaub in Product Reviews

    I'm new here, so i'm sorry if this has come up before I was curious if anyone has used the product "Get Google Ads Free!" and if it really does ... [read more]

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    Your opinion on Rip2it

    ypm in Product Reviews

    I'm wondering if people are making money with Your feedback on this system will be much appreciated.

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    Has Anybody Ever Heard Of Twenty Minute Profits?

    tobilove23 in Product Reviews

    Has anybody ever heard of twenty minute profits? Twenty Minute Profits

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    "Clone-Copy Others Campaign" Work or not?

    etreet in Product Reviews

    As many people already know by now, there is a ton of money to be made through PPC and affiliate programs. However, Google AdWords is a tricky game. You can ... [read more]

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    infinite income plan

    muteki in Product Reviews

    is anyone actively involved with iip or has anyone been involved with iip before? it seems to me like a funded proposal to market global resorts network. anyone with insight? ... [read more]

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    Quick Income Blueprint

    taporn in Product Reviews

    Does anyone try Quick Income Blueprint by Paul Walker? The salespage looks promising. No website, No List, No advertising cost but can still make lots of money. I'm wondering if ... [read more]

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    thoughts on Global Resorts Network?

    muteki in Product Reviews

    Hello all, i am just wondering how people think the GRN business is doing with the economy being as bad as it is right now? i am honestly considering this ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Finder

    Big JP in Product Reviews

    I picked up a copy last week, I haven't installed the software though as I am currently borrowing a laptop while my computer gets fixed, anyone know if there is ... [read more]

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    Best Webhost for a Newbie?

    Just about to get my first website up and running. What do you folks consider the best webhost for a non-techie like me and why? Thank you :confused:

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    Thoughts on PHPBay

    Seelife in Product Reviews

    Hi folks, any thoughts on PHPBay - worth trying or just go direct to targeted affiliates for the niche? Thoughts & strategy hints welcome for a newbie. TIA

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    Mike Filsaime's Crusher Formula

    Hi all, Mike Filsaime's Crusher Formula is about to launch any day know. What do you people think about this one? It's an 8 week webinar that guarantees full time ... [read more]

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    My Music Ticket

    judeman in Product Reviews

    I have been receiving some emails on My Music Ticket and 50K Banners which are supposed to be launched very soon. It's being promoted as the next big thing to ... [read more]

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    Two Wealthy Affiliate Questions

    theinfomaven in Product Reviews

    Hey All, 1] Is wealthy affiliate's Rapid Writer program any good for website creation and Ezine article submission? 2] Does wealthy affiliate let you register and host a domain with ... [read more]

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    Twitter tools

    dblgdee in Product Reviews

    Expect a rash of twitter tools now There's a Hummingbird software that appears to be blowing up.. Has any one seen or heard of it?

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    Which anti-spyware are you using?

    In reference to the anti-virus thread, thought I'd follow him up with an anti-spyware thread. So, which one do you use? I use Spybot S&D, used to use Windows Defender ... [read more]

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    Writing sales pages

    kflanagan28 in Product Reviews

    Hey Although I would like to get John Carltons John Carlton - Marketing Rebel - Operation MoneySuck Salesmanship Essentials, I can't really afford 300 bucks at the moment. Any other ... [read more]

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    Niche Prophecy?

    Angela Neo in Product Reviews

    ANyone tried Niche Prophecy by Suthan M? Any success with the methods?

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    Review my lightbox option i have used for bonus

    ebizpromo in Product Reviews

    hello, i am launching a new product AffiliateReviewPro - where i am giving good six bonus . i have used lightbox to attract buyers . let me know your thoughts ... [read more]

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    To be a Warrior not a Worrier

    Hi forum, I just had to post some positive news about some events that have occured in the last few days. Firstly though I must thank everyone for bringing this ... [read more]

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    Anyone using "micro niche finder"?

    kelvintang in Product Reviews

    Hi, Is any warrior use the software "Micro niche finder" is a keyword research tool. Thanks

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    rosetrees in Product Reviews

    I joined yesterday - to test it out as an alternative to CB. I contacted a seller, via the site, for more info on a product. Today I received a ... [read more]

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    Advanced Web Profits

    judeman in Product Reviews

    Has anyone heard of Advanced Web Profits? Is it good? Thanks.

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    Lists of Internet Marketing Product Launch

    Hello! I am very new to this forum. I am interested in gaining internet marketing products that will help me increase my knowledge on internet marketing. I want products that ... [read more]

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    Review Site Generator

    MobileEyeGuy in Product Reviews

    Any feed back on this product. good ....bad ?

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    Affiliatenaire - Jimmy D. Brown

    Woody C in Product Reviews

    This is a course on becoming a Super Affiliate following Jimmy's fixed term membership blueprint. Has anyone signed up and gotten the first lesson, or know what he has in ... [read more]

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    Big JP in Product Reviews

    Anyone have information about the system, or has tried it? Good/Bad?

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    Google Affiliate Network????

    dclozen in Product Reviews

    What does it take to get approved for the Google Affiliate network? I've been declined twice now without comment. I'm starting to get frustrated... Is there so much gold in ... [read more]

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    Easy Click Mate vs HopGuard

    Dexx in Product Reviews

    Original ClickBank Affiliate Management Tool Clickbank Affiliate Link Cloaking with HopGuard Which are most people using? I want to use Easy Click Mate, but I don't like how the "cloaked ... [read more]

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    Premium AR

    lburkeau in Product Reviews

    Has anyone use Premium AR for their autoresponder? What are the pros and cons?