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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Message magic

    Freewriter in Product Reviews

    Does anyone know of this great pulsating matrix? We are very proud to announce the worlds first Pulsating Matrix, a matrix configuration that will absolutely astound industry observers, members and ... [read more]

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    Adwords Domination Secrets - Has Any One Tried It ?

    John David. in Product Reviews

    I have been getting some e-mail promotion from few marketers about the launch of Adwords Domination Secrets . Has any body of you tried it . Can anyone share some ... [read more]

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    Yahoo! Search Submit Basic

    I have a vBulletin forum with lots of content ( ) and I get a lot of traffic from Google. Also, I get about the amount I would expect ... [read more]

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    thehypnotist in Product Reviews

    I am not affliated with this product,but I would like to hear if anybody has used them. Thehypnotist This what they say PopShops is the first and only searchable collection ... [read more]

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    Critique of my PSD to html service

    absbica in Product Reviews

    So as some of you may have seen in other postings, I am working on a service that allows users to upload their PSD's or designs to me, and I ... [read more]

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    I was introduced today to and was wondering if anyone used or uses them

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    John Thornhill's Personal Coaching Program

    Matias1021 in Product Reviews

    Hi guys, im new here. (newbie? i think its called). Anyways Ive been looking around trying to gather information on affiliate marketing, reading ebooks and what not, a lot turn ... [read more]

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    Does conduit strategy work?

    anwar001 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried out Chris Rempel's "conduit method" strategy for any of their websites? Can you tell briefly about your experience and whether it has been useful or not?

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    matjaz73 in Product Reviews

    I want to know if is worth to buy service on adblasttheworld site or is just another scam?

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    JValert Worth or not?

    I was going to register at to get fresh JV partners and affiliates, but found some negative reviews about this site. Is it worth joining?

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    Kneb's PD WSO vs Duncan's PD WSO

    kislany in Product Reviews

    I bought Kneb's great WSO just yesterday and I'm still reading it. I made the mistake of seaching for PD on the WF and I came across another WSO offered ... [read more]

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    Link Cloaker / Stat Tracker Combo?

    Does anyone know of a product that tracks stats for url's and also has a link cloaking function?

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    charless61 in Product Reviews

    Hi Can anyone please post a review of the WSO offered by T Lavon Lawrence on Neuro-Sculpting? I am a keen believer of personal development and would like to have ... [read more]

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    Vegas Traffic Jam . . . worth it?

    keithakin in Product Reviews

    I wanted to do a product review for "Vegas Traffic Jam" by Albert Hallado . . . I purchased this product some months ago. And Albert has done an excellent ... [read more]

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    Money Finder's Guide

    Reg in Product Reviews

    Anyone purchased and care to review the "Money Finder's Guide" WSO which is listed as MRR/PLR Rights - Only 50 Available? Thx..

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    Internet Riches Made Easy

    StanKeil in Product Reviews

    I'm very new to the IM biz and I am wondering if anybody has any info on Bob Gatchel or his program, Internet Riches Made Easy? Any help would be ... [read more]

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    Hi and happy new year one and all, Anyone familiar with article marketer, is it worth the money, does it do what it say's? Your comments and advice is appreciated. ... [read more]

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    Desperate to find shopping cart for my needs

    lyonsden10 in Product Reviews

    I have spent a week trying to find a way to do all I need to do and even 1shopping cart doesn't do it all and is so expensive. Here ... [read more]

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    Traffic Geyser

    goindeep in Product Reviews

    Anyone use it. Thoughts?

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    any reviews about Warrior Martin Merrer's ?

    morelloking in Product Reviews

    Does anyone have any review/ experience/ comments about Warrior Martin Merrer's product ?

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    Anyone buy SiteRush?

    Gamer12 in Product Reviews

    Did anyone buy SiteRush? It seems to be selling hot. Can anyone share something about this product?

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    Have I made a MISTAKE

    Dick Jones in Product Reviews

    Hi all Think I might have made an error on my way of entering into internet marketing, I have joined and although it might possibly generate some income I ... [read more]

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    Product Quick Cash

    Gregg Hall in Product Reviews

    I bought Project Quick Cash and I have to say that there are some very good ideas that are very well explained that can indeed help you make quick cash ... [read more]

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    pilotpair in Product Reviews

    I have a membership website that's growing and I need a system with more capabilities. I love Membergate demo but considering how expensive it is, I'm wondering what other users ... [read more]

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    Need Insight

    Hi Warriors! I am not considering joining shoptoearn but my mother, who does not do IM, was hit up at a Christmas party the other night. She was so excited ... [read more]

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    Customer Service is waaayy too important

    pa321 in Product Reviews

    Little feedback about Ian del Carmen offer Wholesaler membership.Offer looks really good cause for just 37 a month you get a ton of membership sites and a shopping cart and ... [read more]

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    Project Green Button to nuke SENuke? Or the other way around?

    mohd in Product Reviews

    comparison: senuke -niche idea, analyze the niche competition, gathering keyword from wordtracker, Google trend insight -ability to create blog instantaneouly through 13 high PR sites, article spinning, posting and pinging ... [read more]

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    Wordtracker vs others

    HaronTawil in Product Reviews

    Hi warriors, Would anybody please enlighten me on what are the advantages or differences between wordtracker (paid version) and the other keyword tools out there such as Keyword Elite? Thanks. ... [read more]

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    Desperate Buyers Only

    Afton Davies in Product Reviews

    Hello Warriors Any one used "Desperate Buyers Only" system for writing articles? I would like to hear what you thought about the product and how it worked for you.

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    Have you ever been really happy about any product?

    Li Weng in Product Reviews

    We all know some products can have a lot of hype but at the end disappoint you over and over again with the lack of any real value. That being ... [read more]

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    affiliate traffic machine pro?

    jamesfromla in Product Reviews

    Is there any good software like affiliate traffic machine pro or better for extracting data feeds for blogs. The sales letter makes it seem like a killer app, but I've ... [read more]

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    The Sneaky System - The Rich jerk

    apollocreed in Product Reviews

    I liked the orange box in the sales letter that says "There Are Only X Spots Left In Your Area!". I thought that may work very well. I refreshed the ... [read more]

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    Good Info on Chris Rempel's Loophole

    If you have any questions about Chris' MSN loophole package look at these two websites first: An unbiased review of the product can be found here: If you think ... [read more]

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    $100 a Day Income System

    Afton Davies in Product Reviews

    Hello Warriors. Any one have experience with the "$100 a Day Income System"? Is it worth spending the time on or not?

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    Netweb Marketer by Ellie Drake - Is it worth it?

    harleyfl in Product Reviews

    Back in December 2007, Ellie Drake and Mike Filsaime released a great report called "The Birth of Network Marketing 2.0" revealing a paradigm of new marketing online. Along with it, ... [read more]

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    Which Shopping Cart Is The Best For SEs?

    williamtan in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, Amongst all the shopping cart - osCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, CubeCart, Prestoshop etc. which is most search engine friendly? Would love to hear the reviews of the various ... [read more]

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    Altitude Home Study Course?

    Dexx in Product Reviews

    The $10,000 Business Course turned Home Study "Get Altitude" course/program by Eben Pagan Altitude - Home Study DVD Training Course Anyone know much about it? He says only 1,000 copies ... [read more]

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    Markov Engine Reviews

    I opened My Mouth before I knew most feauters of the program. I'm just very inexperience with Black-hat and auto content. This is worth going for Even if I said ... [read more]

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    Video Review Of Alex Goad's Affiliate Payload

    This is a video review of Alex Goad’s ebook and video course about CPA marketing called “Affiliate Payload.” Real Video Review of Alex Goad’s Affiliate Payload I actually bought the ... [read more]

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    google goggles?

    orkeynan2 in Product Reviews

    someone tried this product?

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    Any competitiors to Adwords 180?

    Fabian Tan in Product Reviews

    Hi guys, Are there any similar products to Adwords 180 that talks solely about the Adwords Content Network/Placement Targeting? I'm thinking Wholesale Traffic System, but the price is pretty steep. ... [read more]

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    Yank Silver's Instant Sales Letters...retro, but still relevant?

    Hey all, I have heard many times about Yanik Silver's Instant Sales Letters templates and how good a product this was, but I was wondering if it is still up ... [read more]

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    What is the best product besides your own that you've seen this year?

    vertical in Product Reviews

    Please briefly describe what is does and who it's by and why you like it. Please don't mention one of your affiliates or your products.

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    Anyone using SpeedPPC?

    I am interested in purchasing this, but before shelling out $500 bucks, I figured it may be a good idea to see what people think of it? Thanks in advance!

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    Speed PPC

    RorRobRob in Product Reviews

    I buy affiliate softwares and info products regularly, and most of them are not that great, but I wanted to give a shout out to a product that I have ... [read more]

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    I am looking for a good product that can teach me PPC, Any Suggestion?

    KelvinLee in Product Reviews

    I am looking to learn PPC as one of my arsenal of building my internet marketing business. Do you guys have any good experience with any PPC products. Thks in ... [read more]

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    List Builders, how good are they?

    Scott84 in Product Reviews

    Hello I have recently signed up to, a list builder but essentially its a way of sending 3000 e-mails every three days to the current members of the site.Has ... [read more]

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    IPostAd or Hoopla Pro? Please Advise

    mahrouqi in Product Reviews

    Hi, I am considering joining IPostAd or TrafficHoopla (Pro Membership) for marketing. If anyone in the forum has tried those services, then, please let me know which one you recommend ... [read more]

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    Become A Blogger

    cmang in Product Reviews

    Hi warriors, I need some reviews and comments on the "Become A Blogger" program by Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak before deciding whether to sign up. Thanks.

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    Affiliate Idol

    Dennisr32 in Product Reviews

    Has anyone tried Affiliate Idol? It has a very long sales page and tons of testimonials. But as we all know that doesn't mean it's a good product. Any info ... [read more]

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    PPC: Google vs. Yahoo

    galexyrrs in Product Reviews

    With so many products coming out with PPC, I wanted to start a discussion basing around whether to use Google or Yahoo. Two products that interested me was Google Ambush ... [read more]

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    Any interest in "guru" programs reviews from an insider?

    EvilGenius in Product Reviews

    Hey Folks, I was wondering if there would be any interest in a site that reviewed the different packages from the big IM “Gurus” (Kern, Schefren, Filsaime, Walker, etc) Here’s ... [read more]

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    Any Product Out There That Can Help Me With "Thank You" Pgs

    manuu in Product Reviews

    Hi Guys, I am looking how to do "Thank You" page Personalisations, *after a Customer/Visitor purchases* a Product. i.e. ===> "Thank you *Joe* for your Purchase, please get your product ... [read more]

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    Under ground tranning lab - Jeff Johnson

    MicahF7 in Product Reviews

    What do you think about the program? Please feal free to go into detail! Thanks, Micah R <><