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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    What is the best Kindle course for a beginner to Kindle publishing?

    roderick in Product Reviews

    I have watched some youtube video's to do with Kindle and webinar's. Also I have studied the kindle products in the war room. I have had success with other internet ... [read more]

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    All all these YouTube "Cash" products THE SAME???...

    TimothyW in Product Reviews

    I see 4 "different" products by James Knight... YouTube Money Machine Instant Tube Cash Tube Rockstar YouTube Quick Cash Is there any difference between all these products?? Does anyone know? ... [read more]

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    Market JeetPro

    lpalad in Product Reviews

    Hi, I just want to get some feedback if you have used "Market JeetPro" before and is it a wise idea to spend $67 for this product to help you ... [read more]

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    best facebook marketing course

    inprofit in Product Reviews

    was wondering what the best FB marketing course is - one that teaches fan page, groups, list building, ads etc - thanks - Kim

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    PTC Guides, Anyone?

    biggeorge in Product Reviews

    Have anyone bought a "PTC Guide" they usually run about 7.00 and promise to get you hundreds of direct referrals. Are they any good and do you recommend one? Any ... [read more]

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    DFY (Done For You Rankings) Any Opinions?

    MartynM in Product Reviews

    Has anyone else received a mail out regarding DFY (Done For You Rankings) The sales page is very tempting as they offer to do just about everything setting up ... [read more]

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    Is Anyone Having Success With Traffic Geyser?

    ClickDale in Product Reviews

    I know a couple of people who had some very good success with traffic geyser a few years back. I was wondering if it was still effective for building backlinks? ... [read more]

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    Any one try videositemoney

    winner in Product Reviews

    Dear warriors I want to know if someone had used this services or if the owner is a warrior member Thanks Ley

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    MoneyKattz in Product Reviews

    Hey I was wondering if anyone has tried Gmoneypro3? It says it works with affiliate websites and affiliates without a site. Is that true? Cause I thought Google put a ... [read more]

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    Marketers Choice - Anyone recommend it?

    mediapete in Product Reviews

    I am in the process of building a website to market a DVD product and I will be ready to publish very soon. It will be my first attempt at ... [read more]

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    Scrapebox or Crapbox or Scambox

    Arijit-Roul in Product Reviews

    I have bought Scrapebox on the month of January. As they dont have any trial version I have to bought the Full Version. After buyin,g I am not convinced by ... [read more]

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    What Happened To David Sprague's Support

    MakeItCount in Product Reviews

    Has anyone else noticed that David Sprague / Lead Kahuna / Maps Marketing Blueprint / Reputation Marketing Blueprint, etc etc etc support has all but disappeared lately? I know whenever ... [read more]

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    Can U Recommend Facebook Adverting Course & Coach

    onpointinfo in Product Reviews

    Hi Know any good fb ad course or coaches I should look into ? Thanks

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    Best Facebook Marketing Course?

    bjallen in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors. I have been looking at several of the FB courses out there, and I would love some recommendations from you guys. I am launching a brand new site ... [read more]

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    What is Best Broken Link Checker for Wordpress?

    KylePeters in Product Reviews

    Hey Gang, I tried to run my site with W3C Link Checker to check my site for broken links... however, it won't check any of my outgoing affiliate links due ... [read more]

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    Any Review about M.O.B.S?

    peluca77 in Product Reviews

    Hi all, Is there any unbiased opinion about M.O.B.S by Gary Gregory? Thanks!

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    Private Warrior forum?

    WAmember in Product Reviews

    Is it worth joining? what are the rules? are affiliate links allowed? any info would be great.

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    Anyone tried inbox blueprint?

    ysckyler in Product Reviews

    Hi has anyone tried inbox blueprint?

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    Anyone Getting Traffic Using YouTube Tsunami?

    ze_max in Product Reviews

    I was wondering if anyone who's used YouTube Tsunami has received massive traffic to their sites or offers?

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    CPA List Crusher

    mansea1 in Product Reviews

    Does anyone know whether CPA List Crusher from the Korte brothers lives up to the sales page hype? It reads very convincingly and I have received promotions from three different ... [read more]

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    another Andrew Reynolds flyer

    Ian Jackson in Product Reviews

    Hi, I had a flyer from Andrew Reynolds yesterday: "" Has anyone else received this - any thoughts... or perhaps even subscribed? It says that "membership" is limited to 6 ... [read more]

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    Any Reviews of

    xsintrick in Product Reviews

    Looking for opinions please.:confused:

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    dachwf in Product Reviews

    I just came across some videos discussing this program which apparently started this Fall dealing with selling Amazon products on E-bay. It also appears to have a multi-level marketing setup ... [read more]

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    Altenatives to 1shoppingcart?

    svedski in Product Reviews

    Hi, I'm looking for something similar to 1shoppingcart but whom doesn't charge a transaction fee of 1% per order. With this fee, 1shoppingcart gets more expensive for me per year ... [read more]

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    Any recommendations?

    Greg guitar in Product Reviews

    Like everyone that wants quality, I had to switch from Hostgator after the new owners destroyed the company. Now I'm using ifastnet on a Warrior thread recommendation. ifastnet has taken ... [read more]

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    Optimize 2, have the bugs gone

    Hi, is Optimizepress 2 safe to go with now, or would you still advise to go elsewhere.

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    Need Your Opinion re: Facebook

    What are best programs/resources for learning Facebook (for Business) Everything from fan pages to advertising and anything in between. Thanks.

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    Reviews on

    Has anybody used services , what are the pros and cons of using such a service .Especially if you are a large business and have a budget of 10K ... [read more]

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    Has anyone got an unbiased review of Instant Downline Network

    lordbarby in Product Reviews

    This is where they promise an instant downline if everyone "jumps" into a business opportunity. Thanks

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    Favorite webinar service or LIVE event platform?

    Taking a quick survey here to get an idea of everyone's favorite or preferred LIVE webinar/event platform. Feedback appreciated, as it is for an upcoming project of mine. Thanks!

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    Auto Mass Traffic

    TGforever in Product Reviews

    Has anyone got any reviews on this? My thoughts are that its just a PPV type of thing. But im not sure.

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    WebHost that can handle scripts

    dadhere in Product Reviews

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can relate their experience to their webhost that can handle scripts or plugins that are actively using resources, like WP Robot. I'm using Hostgator and they ... [read more]

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    I recently came up upon this software that guarantees my product, etc., will be in the #1 position for google news or google. Here is the link: Press Release Software ... [read more]

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    What do you think about "Getawab"?

    azulita in Product Reviews

    Is it really a good website to buy solo ads? The traffic is cheap. You can buy 1000 leads $9.99 but is it really organic traffic or is a scam? ... [read more]

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    The Last Goldmine - by Jamie Lewis Review Anyone?

    Snugs in Product Reviews

    I got an email promoting The Last Goldmine by Jamie Lewis ??? $47 and guaranteed to make £10,000 a month or he will do it for you !!! Sounds like ... [read more]

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    Anybody tried hostmonster pro?

    Jeff Lenney in Product Reviews

    I've used the search feature and google and can't find anything concrete I've got a large site that's getting 1k uniques per day or so now and it's getting progressively ... [read more]

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    ClickBump Theme Review

    IprovideSEO in Product Reviews

    Hey warriors, I uploaded the ClickBump theme for a few Adsense websites and it worked so well that I wanted to share my experience with you in-case anyone is looking ... [read more]

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    luckypig in Product Reviews Any experience with this one?

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    Alternative to Animoto

    Happyman in Product Reviews

    Hi - as Animoto cannot be used in a business 2 business context - do any of you know of any similar products that allows the production of high quality ... [read more]

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    George Brown Predator Is Back!

    skandy85 in Product Reviews

    I just go an email to join the "live" stream demonstration of the "new" Predator software..I have reserved my seat. Will this be another round of selling a bogus software? ... [read more]

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    Offerduck down?

    edragonbiz in Product Reviews

    Hi everybody, Does anybody know if is still on? I tried the site lately and it's impossible to reach. I first thought it was a chrome issue then tried ... [read more]

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    Ipage or Hostgator?

    bckk222 in Product Reviews

    Which hosting option is better? Hostgator or ipage?

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    Reference $100K Blueprint

    John Taylor in Product Reviews

    I was interested in Michael Ullman's new product "Reference $100K Blueprint" because it was described as a "Game Changer" and I have always liked the "Blueprint" format. Something you can ... [read more]

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    Hansen’s Forever Affiliate Program

    thir25 in Product Reviews

    First off let me say how glad I am that I found Warrior Forum and that I’m a brand new member. I have looked at the Forever Affiliate website about ... [read more]

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    Traffic Launch Pad

    kindsvater in Product Reviews

    Traffic Launch Pad is software you install on your computer that will supposedly get you push button backlinks to your websites. Normally I wouldn't bother with this, but it is ... [read more]

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    Best membership and subscription management tool (alternative to Amember Pro)

    jonnyrottan in Product Reviews

    Hi, I have a site that sells member access to a language learning course (not yet live) that I have implemented the Amember Pro membership solution in. I have come ... [read more]

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    Premopress New WP Takeout Genie

    Mo Goulet in Product Reviews

    Premopress customer support is the worst I've ever experienced in my 17 years online... I have had to go in and fix the code in the 3 themes I've purchased ... [read more]

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    Looking for Chinese dropshippers that can ship within 30 far I have these...

    jchoros in Product Reviews

    Deal Xtreme DHGate I'd like to drop ship on various marketplaces. Is using these suppliers or Chinese suppliers in general a waste of time? Be honest with me. I know ... [read more]

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    100K Blueprint V3 is out - FINALLY!

    markkislich in Product Reviews

    V3, the "new" course from 100k Blueprint, is out. And BOY have we been looking out for this?! The new, looooong awaited course from the $100k Blueprint guys finally came ... [read more]

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    What's your favourite Outsourcing site/company...?

    Beau in Product Reviews

    Hey Warriors... Due to the success of my post last week "Who's your favorite Internet Marketing Blogger", I thought I'd post the question: "What's your favourite Outsourcing site/company...?" Everything from ... [read more]

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    AK Analytics part of AK Elite

    Peeps66 in Product Reviews

    I've heard very vague details about AK Analytics. The paragraph or two I've found seem to be interesting but I can't find any video demos or reviews about AK Analytics ... [read more]

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    Has anyone heard of Mike Glaspie (Mike G)and used his services?

    smile in Product Reviews

    Hey warriors! I have been receiving lots of emails and phone calls from Mike Glaspie's office or Mike G as he calls himself. He appears to have been in the ... [read more]

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    Keith Price in Product Reviews

    Anyone using for their affiliate program? The website has a 2013 copyright, but not really much detail about their service. Those of you who are or have used it, ... [read more]

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    Money Robot.... Advice needed please..

    nelaffiliate in Product Reviews

    I am thinking of subscribing to the Money Robot back-linking tool. Please I need some advice from anyone who has used Money Robot in ranking their pages. Is it an ... [read more]

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    Best Webinar Course...

    I have reached the point in my business of where I can start doing webinars. I was wanting to ask my fellow Warriors if they can prescribe me a course ... [read more]