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    Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean STICKY

    admin in Product Reviews

    The rules for this section: 1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name ... [read more]

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    Seeking Options To Email / Skype Based Affordable Coaching

    onpointinfo in Product Reviews

    Seeking options to available affordable coaches that can coach me on how to build a list & advanced upsell and downsell funnels via paid traffic options Online Biz Model I'm ... [read more]

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    I'm in a big dilemma. ClickBank or JVzoo?

    taskemann in Product Reviews

    I have now, over a month with product approval processes at ClickBank, finally got my new product approved. But I'm in a big dilemma - should I rather choose JVzoo ... [read more]

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    Hostgator & Aweber tips #

    chriz in Product Reviews

    Hello everyone, I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands I was wondering the following: I heard that Hostgator and Aweber stand out as good or maybe the best services out there! ... [read more]

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    OTO GOldmine?

    MarkHodgetts in Product Reviews

    A couple of years ago I used to use OTO Goldmine extensively. It was easy and it converted reasonably well. I had reason to review it today and it seems ... [read more]

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    What's the best affiliate platform?

    I'm in the creation process of a new site and the first time creating a membership Site as well. I want to focus heavily on affilates page but I know ... [read more]

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    Newbie To Some Suggestion About My top10 site

    MarissaChild in Product Reviews

    Hello, i am just starting out to create a new site and need some recommendation on improvement. It's about top ten things and what's your idea - All The ... [read more]

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    Frustrated with aweber and need recommendations

    ocflyfish in Product Reviews

    Hi everyone, Yes, I am a noob here so please be gentle. I have been using Constant Contact for more than a year and have built up a nice email ... [read more]

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    Rapid Rewriter ??

    NicholasX in Product Reviews

    I'm thinking of buying Rapid Rewriter by Matt Carter. Is it good? Any review??

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    Recommend good ecommerce traffic source?

    jlseagull in Product Reviews

    Last year I managed to set up a dropshipping website. I have a supplier who gives me a good profit margin, I have a website, and google even seems to ... [read more]

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    Drop And Drag Site Builder

    kleo in Product Reviews

    Hi, Looking for a drop and drag site builder that can do numerous sites. Weebly is good but the paid verisons allow only 10 sites to be made. Prefer something ... [read more]

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    Xmas Cash Kit

    kidglove in Product Reviews

    Anyone know if there is a forex connection in the Xmas Cash Kit? I knew it used youtube and facebook. Some reviews say it also has a forex component that ... [read more]

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    Heatmap theme for adsense or ... ?

    Any good reviews for the heatmap theme to use on wordpress for adsense or any alternative advice. Thank you.

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    Ubot or SENuke?

    macleodjb in Product Reviews

    Which software do you guys think is the best to purchase. UBot Studio or SENukeX? I am looking to buy something to help automate my SEO. Need some informed opinions.

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    hiphil in Product Reviews

    Is Clicksure A Scam? Clicksure is similar to Clickbank in that it is a platform where you can create and sell your digital products online, via a network of affiliates. ... [read more]

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    Automated Paydays

    Legend Dude in Product Reviews

    Does anyone have a review for Automated Paydays by Rob Benwell?

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    Lead Management Software Recommendations

    semsniper in Product Reviews

    I am looking for recommendations for a program (SAAS) to manage incoming leads. The leads will be my own (IM Agency), but would like to be able to manage my ... [read more]

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    PremiumCPM Review

    bryce10 in Product Reviews

    A few months ago I joined PremiumCPM. For those of you who don’t know what PremiumCPM is, it is a Private Ad Network. Before joining I was extremely skeptical of ... [read more]

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    Link Emperor will get you penalized from Google

    allseowork in Product Reviews

    I had a few websites I used "link emperor"on, one of them was on top 3. The only thing I have used on them was link emperor in last 3-4 ... [read more]

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    any luck with

    shoarma in Product Reviews

    Just wondering if any tried And has any luck with there campaigns. I have made a campaign to test it out and the clicks come up in google anylitics ... [read more]

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    What is THIS Program the Gurus Are Using for Presentations?!

    momo3 in Product Reviews

    Hey there I was listening to last night -- the guy interviewing Yanik Silver. I then checked out Yaniks page and saw he has this new video at the ... [read more]

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    Seeking bulk emailing options for my real estate clients

    NyskyHI in Product Reviews

    I am seeking out an alternative method of emailing my real estate contacts. I've always beens sending them "new properties" by inserting everyone's email in the BCC field in gmail. ... [read more]

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    Is Campus Explorer Legit, Guys?

    PacMan3000 in Product Reviews

    Hey Guys, So I have a niche site that has Adsense on it, and I was contacted by someone at Campus Explorer to discuss a partnership in which (similar to ... [read more]

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    Curious, I see no reviews yet on the latest traffic building system, so any reviews on this new deal. I evaluate them all before joining, some work, some don't, some ... [read more]

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    salaka in Product Reviews

    hey has anyone bought this "commissionbot"???

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    Michael Cheney's fast cash training program

    djn001 in Product Reviews

    Hi, I had a promotional email this morning from Jeff Johnson advertising Michael Cheney's "fast cash training program". This is a new product where he is offering a 30 day ... [read more]

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    Who Likes Money

    sidenote in Product Reviews

    Anyone tried Who Likes Money by D.C. Fawcett? Looks like some sort of FB scraper that helps build lists. Any reviews?

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    Has anyone gotten results from "Who Likes Money" by DC Fawcett

    mcderex in Product Reviews

    Hello Fellow Warriors, Am just curious, has anyone bought Who Likes Money by DC Fawcett? Does it work? Is there an up-sell? Am considering buying the program but there are ... [read more]

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    Which Should I Buy? Covert Store Builder Or WP Amazillionaire?

    Hackbridge in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, I'd like to ask your opinion on those who have purchased either Covert Store Builder or WP Amazillionaire which I should consider purchasing? I want to create cash ... [read more]

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    Law of Implcation - OMG, David Mills

    apollocreed in Product Reviews

    Has anybody bought the video course of the "Law of Implication" from the OMG/NHB person David Mills? Its supposed help you make accurate decisions and lead to success through correct ... [read more]

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    Imagine if You could do this, it's rather simple!

    jfbmarketing in Product Reviews

    Hi, 2014 is now upon us, we need to improve on last years performance, would you agree, one can never be satisfied with his results!! If you agree then your ... [read more]

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    Looking to team up with someone to build affiliate sites

    goitd in Product Reviews

    I am new to IM but can put up a site very quickly and have knowledge on WP site building , etc.. I was thinking of teaming up with a ... [read more]

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    Word AI Turing Spinner Review

    Content spinners usually have a bad reputation now and days, so I tested as many spinning tools as I could and found one that rewrites content that is readable yet ... [read more]

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    Anyone Know Anything About FB Social Masterclass?

    jamielynch in Product Reviews

    Hi all... Does anyone know anything about this, or the people behind it? Thanks Jamie

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    What to buy wikirobot or wikiwizard any opinions

    alcbiz in Product Reviews

    I want to buy one of these tools but am trying to decide wikirobot or wikiwizard? Both are priced about the same but do not see much difference between both. ... [read more]

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    Facebook Graph Scraper

    marcin8501 in Product Reviews

    Do you know anything about this? Sales page is down but few day ago clock was counting down FBGraphScraper - sales video 1 - YouTube

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    So I'm about to buy Photoshop.

    Does it ever come on sale? :p I know this program is worth every penny, I've used it alot in the past and after the tryout of CS6, I feel ... [read more]

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    Opinions on Hostverse?

    Pecan in Product Reviews

    Is anyone out there using Hostverse for web hosting that can share their experience? How are their server speeds, uptime, customer service etc.,. Please, I'm not interested in hearing about ... [read more]

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    Best Video Doodling Software??

    JimOrr in Product Reviews

    I guess it is called "Video Doodling" anyway. I am in need of creating such videos where it animates a hand drawing pictures on a white board. I was quite ... [read more]

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    HostGator Sucks Now

    shanelabs in Product Reviews

    I used to be a HUGE fan of HostGator, but over the last year their service has really gone down hill. In order to cut costs, they've been migrating all ... [read more]

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    What are the top automation tools for creating macros?

    MBDungo in Product Reviews

    Would you please give me the REAL top list of automation tools for creating macros including their reasons why the one is more ranked than the other one? And please ... [read more]

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    luckypig in Product Reviews

    How about This one is about creating niche websites. Will fit for a newbie? Also how time consuming? Any opinion?

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    Anyone used Netprosoft

    Hey guys i recently came across Netprosoft and was wondering if they are any good. They say there an all in one email marketing and ebusiness automation system. Now for ... [read more]

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    Why leadpages hasn't worked for me!

    kennypowers in Product Reviews

    Hey guys, I use a single optin with aweber and recently purchases leadpages. I used several videos on the site and on one day alone I had 128 optins which ... [read more]

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    highhopes in Product Reviews

    I joined this site StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats because i saw it was a free stat tool you could use to trace your hits....OK ... [read more]

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    Favorite Sales Videos

    Core Freedom in Product Reviews

    Two questions: What are your favorite sales video (for an internet tool/software)? Does anyone know of a great sales video creator/producer and what they might cost? Thanks everyone!

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    Best tool for Screenshots

    beasty513 in Product Reviews

    In your experience and opinion, what is the easiest screenshot software/tool that you have used? Thanks very much.

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    Daily Dollars

    Mikej413 in Product Reviews

    I signed up for this(Daily Dollars)but think I might have made a mistake. It doesn't seem safe and there is no way to contact the owner via email. Is anyone ... [read more]

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    Bob Serling - Million Dollar Licensing

    Steve Mount in Product Reviews

    Here's my review of MDL. I opened up the box and found 2 large manuals (one is over 300 pages, the other about 80 pages), a 12 CD set, a ... [read more]

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    Can I Post the same video to many video sites?

    nitesh in Product Reviews

    Hello Everyone, Here are my questions. Can I Post the same video to many video sites like youtube, metacafe, and many others? Can I also use the same audio to ... [read more]

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    Open if considering Rich Schefren's course

    CB Elite in Product Reviews

    Hi, I have a legitimate way to get heavily discounted access to Rich Schefren's Strategic Business Course but I need some other people to make it happen. This course is ... [read more]

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    Thoughts about Mark Ling's Affilorama?

    Just saw where Mark Ling has launched his membership site for Affilorama. I guess that he has done this before. I am interested in hearing what others have to say ... [read more]

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    Bring The Fresh

    Hey people I wanted to buy this program called " Bring The Fresh ", before i do i actually need to know if this program works, and if it's worth ... [read more]

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    What is the best place to buy *SOLO ADS*

    djake95 in Product Reviews

    Can some one please give me some up to date, solo ads providers in IM ? Thanks.

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    KD Promo App.

    zakizarifah in Product Reviews

    Hello Everyone I"m trying to find Software That Submits Book to Review Sites, so far I only knew about KD Promo App. Does any one used KD Promo App. before? ... [read more]

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    Good, reliable, medium? Web Hosts

    Draphoelix in Product Reviews

    I'm new in this forum, so excuse me if this is the wrong section (found similar threads here). Anyway, I'm looking for a host. I don't have a website, no ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Black Book 2013?

    kumar in Product Reviews

    I believe this course by.X. (a WF member here) was pretty popular and has now been updated to the current year? Affiliate Black Book Any reviews of it and does ... [read more]