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  • 7Search closes down

    Featured image for 7Search closes down Stefan Vee | 2 weeks ago

    Just got this notice today: Starting today July 31, 2017 7Search.com will be ceasing operations and is no longer providing pay per click traffic of any kind to its advertisers. In the coming week you will receive an email with information on how to receive a FULL refund for the remaining balance in your 7Search Advertiser account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate all your past business and support

  • Welcome to the Warrior Forum

    Featured image for Welcome to the Warrior Forum Marcus W K Wong | 10 weeks ago

    Are you looking to start your own internet marketing business? Do you want to learn from the world's best marketers? Or maybe you just want to know if that "SEO expert" you hired is doing the right thing? You're at the right place. The Warrior Forum is a community of over 1.2 million internet marketers, who are here to help each other learn and grow their businesses. This community has all the information you need, but it also has standards and guidelines for how you should act. Before you join the discussion and start asking questions, please ensure that ...

  • 10 Of Our Favourite Email Marketing Tools and Resources

    Featured image for 10 Of Our Favourite Email Marketing Tools and Resources Marcus W K Wong | 14 weeks ago

    As Email Marketers, it's easy to think in the process of 'campaign, campaign, campaign' without ever going one deeper into automation and lean on the process of strategy instead. Here are 10 of the best online resources to help you build better emails. 1. Litmus Litmus is a market leader in email marketing and analytics. In 2016, Litmus paired with Microsoft to redefine the forefront of Outlook email mark up for email developers. You'll find all your essential email marketing news from the Litmus blog. If you're into podcasts, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez of Litmus run a weekly Email ...

  • 'Hacking Growth' with Sean Ellis

    Featured image for 'Hacking Growth' with Sean Ellis Marcus W K Wong | 15 weeks ago

    Tim O'Keefe and I are excited to share with you a Q&A session we had with the Godfather of Growth Hacking, Sean Ellis. For those who don't know who Sean Ellis is, Sean is the digital entrepreneur who coined 'growth hacking' and pioneered many of the popular data-driven methodologies in marketing that we see today. In a nutshell, Growth Hacking is the proverbial lovechild of User Experience, Product and Marketing. The biggest focus is the replicable actions and results from split testing. Many of the big companies like UBER, AirBNB, Dropbox, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest all use these 'hacks' to ...

  • "It Takes Five Closing Attempts Before You Get A Sale". Where It Came From, Myth Or Reality?

    Featured image for "It Takes Five Closing Attempts Before You Get A Sale". Where It Came From, Myth Or Reality? Claude Whitacre | 15 weeks ago

    If you've been in sales more than a week...or in advertising...or advertising sales..you've heard it..or a variation of it.... "It takes five closing attempts before they buy" "You need to run the ad five times before anyone will buy from it" "It takes five sales presentations before you get a sale" "It takes an average of five e-mails before they buy" Most of these are simply not true, and in a few cases, it can be true. But let's find out where this came from, shall we? In the 1950s an advertising agency was testing a new brand name. So ...