Testing the Waters For San Francisco and Bay Area Interest

by The Intern 9 replies
I've looked through the history of posts looking for bay area meetups or events and I have not found as many as one would expect for such a technologically accomplished community.
I'm just here to test the waters right now. Although my hopes are indeed set high! = )

Are there any people in the Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland + Farther North/South) that are currently reading this post right now. Please answer if yes. Once we can establish the 'amount' of people who simultaneously are actually active on the forum and live in the area we can then assess:

Out of those members which are also willing to participate in a local meetup of some type on one topic or another.

Your responses are appreciated this way I can gauge the level of activity for the bay on this forum.

I have access to use some really nice 'real estate' as places to host meet ups, bootcamps, and events of most kinds. Multiple facilities that can be used Monday - Friday and some weekends.

I also have some ideas for that I've wanted to implement for a while. Baby steps, first.

The main objective of this post is to assess the potential interest of others in meeting like-minded individuals in the same area, who perhaps want to learn more about specific subjects, collaborate on projects of a combined or separate nature, people to share ideas with and potentially work on with, or simply want to meet new people and make new friends who all have a passion for marketing, writing, design, development, business, etc,.

Thank you all for reading and any replies would be greatly appreciated and happily received.

Daniel M
The Intern
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    Hi Daniel M,

    I am in San Francisco. I have been on WF for a few years, and am a War Room member. I would be happy to meet up and combine efforts. I will send you a PM as well.

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    I am interested too, lets plan something somewhere sometime, lets just do it.
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    We will get something going.

    Do either of you have or use Gmail? We can use hangouts to communicate. It's very effective and lightweight and can be used on both phone and computer. Most androids give you the choice to use either your built-in messaging app or hangouts as default messaging application. You can also use it stand alone.

    Either way, let's come up with a way to stay in touch while we grow a group of people til we have about 6 or 7 or so.

    I'll send you both PM's.


    Tek Nite
    Daniel M
    The Intern
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  • I am interested as well!
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    Well we have a few people interested. I'm searching other chanells as well. I want to get a minimum of 10 people together. Once I can reach I will start setting up contact info with everyone and setting up the meet. Like I said we can use my office space as a co-working space for a meet. Looking forward to getting something going.

    The Intern
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    l am in peninsula.
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    Hi, I'm in Walnut Creek. I'm completely new to internet marketing. Trying to get started.
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    Silicon Valley guy here. I'm actually in Campbell. Let me know if you get something going.
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    Looks like he posted this a year ago...so I am assuming he has made his group

    But..also looks like 4 or 5 people within the last 2 months have replied to this thread.

    Anyone up for starting another group?

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