Atlanta Mind Warriors Meet-Up.

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Hi, Im Richard Corbett, an investor and entrepreneur in Atlanta Georgia and Im obsessed with personal development and what makes peak performers tick. I have read hundreds of books, conducted countless hours of research and consulted with dozens of professionals on how they can become the best version of themselves in life and in their businesses.

We are a collection of individuals who have a desire to be a part of a community who are passionate about learning personal development skills and implementing those principles into their life.

We are a secular, non-religious community who strive to focus on personal development skills rooted in scientific fact. If you are like me and have read a lot of personal development literature you know there can be a lot of magical thinking and pseudoscience in this arena and we aim to focus on what has been backed by scientific evidence.

We meet once a week to discuss topics of personal development and how to implement those skills into our life. We will have small group discussions, fellowship, accountability partners, and opportunities to cultivate new relationships.

Pm me for details.
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