Manila Boys! Kwento naman dyan! (Philippines)

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Omar here, I was waiting for anybody from us to post a groupie but apparently I'm the first one to see the announcement. So I get to put in the first post. Hehehe

Thrilled to see a local thread for us! Dito pwede tayong mag-tagalog.

Dumudugo na ilong ko kaka-english eh. :0)

Kwento naman dyan. And looking forward to a strong Philippine Groupie!

Success to us all!

~Raul Omar Diaz aka RapidScc

UPDATE : March 8, 2010

Welcome to this thread. You will find that after more than a year of posting this, a lot of things happened and there were several positive developments. It has grown to be the Largest Filipino Thread in The Forum and the Most Viewed Thread here in Mastermind.

Stick around, you're bound to learn a lot from this thread as I and the Warriors here have worked
hard to give people working advice in this thread. In fact last January we conducted a 48 Hours Make Money Challenge. Below is my result during that time.

There are a lot of Gold Bits in here, from Adsense tips to Freelancing and product creation. Check them out and please, do post your comments

All the best!
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