WSO Launchers And Marketers MasterMind Group

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Hi guys. I was thinking about it yesterday that maybe I should start a mastermind group where we can share info about anything related to creating and launching a successful WSO. This is also for affiliates where we share and discuss how we can actually promote affiliate offers and everything else related to it.

This group is for everyone who is either WSO launcher, Or promoter (affiliate, JV), or anyone else. Maintaining quality is our main aim so no spammers allowed.

Members will be hand picked, but new members are also welcome.

To further avoid spamming, we will not provide direct links here to the group (facebook and skype). Just PM us with title: "I wanna join the Mastermind Group", if you are interested, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

And if the community grows to some good level, then we will also start selecting like WSO of the week, Member of the week etc. Some bonuses will also be rewarded to great members (like member of the day, or member of the week etc.).

Thats all guys. Really looking forward to having you guys in the community. Please note that links to the groups will be provided after we get enough members (like 12 or 25 to start with). Thank you.

To our success,
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