US Disabled Veteran Warriors!

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American disabled veterans, let's link up and network. I have a huge idea I'm working on and I'm going to need some input from you. I'm happy to contribute to your success, whatever that may entail. Leave a post here or PM me. We can create a skype group, a private facebook group, whatever. Thanks!
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    Hi John,

    I'm in. I'm also a disabled Veteran. Let me know what you need.

  • Profile picture of the author John Rogers
    Hi Joe. Thanks for responding!

    More than anything I'm really just trying to establish a support network of disabled vets. My ultimate goal is to establish an intentional community for disabled vets and their families.

    I'll link up with you after the weekend.

  • Profile picture of the author Sys4
    Sounds interesting. Count me in, please.

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