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hello Warriors,

I am looking to create an executive club for small group of IMers in Detroit Area ( Not necessary Detroit, if you around it as well, you more than welcome to apply ).

If you are interested, please PM Me, with a little about your current business, I would like to keep the group of IMers with different activities. e.g. if one of the members specialist is SEO, I would rather to have only one member with that niche, in order to avoid competition between the members.

This is not only going to be a master mind Group Sessions, the group will be holding as well networking event, and lecture by Guest Speakers.
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    I am interested for sure. I own several companies that make and sell dietary supplements. PM me to discuss...
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    I'm on the east side of Detroit. I'll PM you my background.
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    ok let do this
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    Im in Flint michigan near detroit I` m in the Credit restoration biz
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    I'll be sending you a PM.
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    I'm interested in joining too. I noticed that this thread started in march with not more than 2 posts in any month. Has there been any progress?
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      Im also interested.. I am a professional trader 15+ years, currently Forex.. Also have a certain peptide with enormous potential for all but need to figure out the logistics and legalities to bring to market.. from Lansing
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    For those who showed interest, I just want to point out that we launched the group, and we had our first meeting.

    Please, feel free to check out our post :
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    We would love to see more warriors in our meeting. We currently having 2 type of meetings ( networking, and the other is master mind session )

    In the master mind session we get together to help each other with ideas and directions.
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    We currently have over 105 members, we hold monthly meeting ( usually 10 people or less ) come together, where we discuss ideas, strategy, ... etc ).

    Anyone still looking, feel free to join us. There is always one more spot
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      I'd love to join.

      I work in advertising/major media. My specialty and weapon of choice is automotive, but I also lend a hand in retail business/trades/real estate/recruitment, pretty much all verticals, when it comes to digital media.

      on the hobby/entrepreneur side, Im looking to grow myself as a content writer/copywriter.
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    Looking forward to see new members in the area who are interested in getting to know other marketers in the area

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