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Any serious internet marketing gurus interested in
getting together and maybe forming a master mind
group in the WTC - Downtown NYC area and maybe
making some serious money during these though
financial times ?

It's amazing .. in a city this big .. It's almost impossible
to find people who are really interested in making
things happen ..

They all want a job but no body wants to work ...
It's almost like there are too many distractions ...
NYCers go through their lives with everything in the
world available at their fingertips .... they end up
doing nothing ....

but they are very busy doing nothing and have no

Serious people .... well ... give me a buzz
#local meetups, mastermind groups and warrior events #city #group #mastermind #york
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    Hey man, I'm definitely interested and could probably add some legitimate value... what would be the next step to get involved?
  • Profile picture of the author lifeofyourdreams
    I live in central NJ, I am interested
  • Profile picture of the author countdevio
    give me a call.... anyone interested
    212 964 4451


    1) TO sell me a get rich overnight program
    2) Tell me about the latest MLM program That SWEARS
    they'll be in business for more than 6 months ...
    3) Or that you have appointments till the years 2013
    and would like to do this ... but can't seem to find
    the time ...
  • Profile picture of the author Fabioftc
    Hi Guys

    I would love to join in the program also .
    So please let me know What should I do we can get start.

    My name is Fabio and I live in Astoria queens and selfemployee

    That will be great.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Send feed back how we can start.
    Thank you
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    Well .. there's two of us now ...

    It would be nice if we could find 5 people in
    NYC with enough saavy and desire to share some
    ideas, marketing and make some money in this
    changing economy.

    Seems like most new yorkers just want to
    work for someone else, and you know that
    isn't going to happen.

    If you're serious .. contact us
    212 964 4451
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    im in new york city,i can meet up as well
  • Profile picture of the author countdevio
    It looks like we have an organizer - judarican - above ...
    We will be putting together some dates .. down by the wall street area
    .. maybe daytime .. for those who are 'serious' ....and meet the
    qualifications .. no daydreamers or wanna-be marketers need apply...

    This will be a serious group devoted to those who want to
    jump on the fast track
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    I'd like to join as well. I am downtown and could add another motivated member.
  • Profile picture of the author gargonzo
    hola -- im in one of the boroughs.. Umm but im a working class stiff! So daytime is out.. Lets do something in brooklyn? weekend or evening..

  • Profile picture of the author illuminis
    I'm in Manhattan and definitely interested. I wrote a private message to judarican a few days ago but got no response. Please let me know the details through a PM.
  • Profile picture of the author Seekness
    I'm interested too. I'm in Manhattan. Please PM me with details.
  • Profile picture of the author BinderGang
    I'm down for this. Let me know.
  • Profile picture of the author MattRobson
    I'm up for something Long Island on Manhattan / Brooklyn Based...Queens, whatever.

    Fun Places? ESPN Zone, Dave and Busters.
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    Hey guys - just wondering if anyone here has gotten together yet or is interested in meeting up. I'm in Bay Ridge and would love the chance to get together with a few fellow IMers in the area. Just moved out here from Seattle a few months ago and getting anyone together over there was next to impossible.
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    Jason, a member of the new NYC MasterMind Group has put
    up an private forum for you to introduce yourself, share ideas
    and basically answer the questions in the above post ....

    Go to

    MetaMastermind | Google Groups

    If you agree with the items set forth in the above
    post and are serious about making money and sharing
    with others of a like mind
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    Im in. Just spoke to count devio a few minutes ago, and would really really like this for this to happen.

    we spoke about how people in NYC have ADD and stuff, i think if we just start with a meeting, whoever comes comes, those that find benefit in it will continue and those who dont wont. i wouldn't mind meeting you guys for a coffee or something.

    one foot in front of the other.
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    Hi guys... Im in NYC, but my problem is Im a mom, I have a 2 year old and Im pregnant. I really really want to be involved with a group, I really want to meet likeminded people. I occasionally do have my mom come down from upstate so when she is down like once a month or so, I can meet up. But I can't promise that its a regular thing, I went to the google group and don't see much there. I would really like to help organize this, I am a total newbie... I also signed up for a newbie group with billspaced... we will see, I want to work, so please let me know how you would like a pregnant mom to be in your group!
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    Hey All,

    Live in Bergen County NJ. Presently unemployed but fully understand that to achieve success you have to have the desire and fire, I have both. There is alot for me to learn, but I also can provide alot.

    Interested in meeting, as they say there is strength in numbers.Fee; free to contact me.

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    The google groups link is invalid - at least I couldn't find a group called metamastermind ( this the test to join I ask myself)

    Anyway would be up for it - in central NJ but NYC is just a hop skip and a jump away.

    Agree on being pretty harsh on criteria - the value only comes if the group has something decent to offer each other...

    Seems like it has tried to get going a couple of times and hicupped...happy to help this ball get rolling if need be

  • Profile picture of the author metallic07039
    Hi All. I am new here and interested in this get-together as well.

    I live in northern NJ, but I work in NYC for an SEM agency. Previously I used to work for LinkShare. Let's make it happen.

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