Local Meetups, Mastermind Groups and Warrior Events

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    Basic Guidelines: Please Read - Not For Skype Groups! STICKY

    admin in Local Events

    This forum is for posting about Local Meetings and forming Local Mastermind groups. This can be extremely powerful if used correctly. 5 or 6 people getting together and forming a ... [read more]

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    Auckland / New Zealand - World Internet Summit

    adslgeek in Local Events

    Hey there, Has anyone been to these World Internet Summits? Are they any good? Was keen to hear if it is worth going to. http://www.worldinternetoffice.com/ P.S. If anyone is here ... [read more]

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    NJ/NYC Area

    Barbara Gathany in Local Events

    Is anyone else interested in starting a Mastermind Group with me in the NJ/NYC area? Please let me know and if there is enough interest, I will get the ball ... [read more]

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    Mastermind group UK

    The aim of our UK mastermind group is to support Business Owners and decision makers with the latest marketing techniques and business ideas. We do this via our regular teleseminar ... [read more]

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    Lafayette, LA.

    Nucreature777 in Local Events

    I would like to start an IM mastermind group locally in the Lafayette, LA. area. If you live anywhere in South Louisiana or near Lafayette or Baton Rogue and would ... [read more]

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    South Louisiana

    The Lady in Local Events

    I would love to start a mastermind group here. Willing and able to connect with warriors in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans. Can create a circuit if we have enough ... [read more]

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    Cegonsoft Coimbatore | Best DOTNET Training Institute With Exclusive Placements

    anushka patel in Local Events

    Dear IT career Aspirants, Do you want to learn or enhance your knowledge in ‘.NET’ with excellent training & real time Projects which ultimately leads you to placement????? HERE WE ... [read more]

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    Weekly Skype group? Learn to start a real biz!

    dwave in Local Events

    Hello all looking to build a serious weekly mastermind group on Skype. If your not serious and can't hang sorry but this group is not for you. If interested please ... [read more]

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    Davao City, Philippines

    potionchris in Local Events

    Anyone from the same place? Sure I would like to meet you all guys.

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    Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

    tristam15 in Local Events

    Hey guys, With all that information overload out there, I thought I'd like to find other like minded people. People who want to make affiliate marketing work. I've been searching ... [read more]

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    Auckland / New Zealand SEO meetup this Monday

    adslgeek in Local Events

    Hi there, I go to these regularly and it is awesome - great people making heaps of real progress, and really skilled SEO experts, as well as newbies as well ... [read more]

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    t harv eker millonaire mind intensive in London 13th 14th and 15th

    louise0evans in Local Events

    t harv eker is coming to London on the 13th 14 and 25th to do his intensive seminar on wealth creation...

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    NJ/NY/PA Area Call 5-13-2011 at 2:00

    mjh001 in Local Events

    So on 12-07-2008 at 08:26 AM a great idea was born. (See warriorforum.com/local-meetings-mastermind-groups-forum-events/34022-nj-nyc-area.html) Here we are Mother's Day 2011 (5-8-2011) and has anyone begun to start to pull this together? ... [read more]

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    Hi, Southern Colorado?? Want to meet and strategize?

    bettybakebake in Local Events

    Hi, I am new to marketing. But have a few sites and been making inroads. Would love to start a group here for help and assistance. I am trying to ... [read more]

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    Any Young Warrios in Chula Vista or San Diego?

    Luis Carrillo in Local Events

    Hello Fellow Warriors Are there any Young warriors in Chula Vista or San Diego? I am a college student and want to meet and exchange ideas with somebody y Hablo ... [read more]

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    Cegonsoft Coimbatore | Best "LAMP" Training Institute at Coimbatore

    anushka patel in Local Events

    Dear IT Students, CEGONSOFT PVT LTD,Coimbatore– Which has quality training and infrastructure up to the mark of the IT industry requirements.Cegonsoft is a way proud to mention that the Job ... [read more]

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    Cegonsoft Coimbatore | Industry Based JAVA/J2EE Training With Placements

    anushka patel in Local Events

    Dear IT Students, Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd. Who are we? Cegonsoft Private Ltd. is a Bangalore based IT Job Refiners. Feel at home with Cegonsoft • We provide you free educational ... [read more]

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    Brisbane - C'mon Aussies

    NewbiesDiary in Local Events

    Anyone else in Brissie interested in a get together? Let me know if you're interested - we might see you at the function on the Gold Coast this weekend (18th ... [read more]

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    Come Live The True IM Lifestyle With Me In Beautiful Whistler, Canada

    Bank in Local Events

    I'm looking for other full time IMs to party with in whistler this upcoming winter season, please read below. Ok, so here's my story.... I'm a 27 year old male ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing In Vegas Anyone??? :-)

    Tristan Bull in Local Events

    Hey guys, Just wanted to take some time out to share a little milestone with you. In 2 weeks I will be moving to Las Vegas to run my business ... [read more]

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    newer marketers welcome

    MattOwen in Local Events

    the point: im looking for some marketers interested in forming a mastermind to help keep each other accountable on doing work to help their business. following through on projects and ... [read more]

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    cchipster in Local Events

    Hey PHX Warriors! Let's cut the 'talk' and put action into having a meeting and discuss making some $$!! I have a small conference room we can use in the ... [read more]

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    Any warriors in Turkey?

    xtrecoolx in Local Events

    Any SEO gurus in Turkey?

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    DJM587 in Local Events

    Anyone I Brooklyn, NY? I'm based in Williamsburg

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    Playa del Carmen or Quintana Roo??

    Is there any warrior in this beautiful part of the world??

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    Melbourne Australia - Marketers?

    AshtonPereira in Local Events

    Any marketers in Melbourne, Australia? Looking to set something up, just wanting to see how many and who is there?

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    Any Internet Marketers in Sydney?

    mxblaw in Local Events

    Wondering if there are any internet marketers doing well in Sydney. At the moment I'm involved in: -freelance writing -running online store Trying to get into: -CPA -Niche Blog Perhaps ... [read more]

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    London Internet Business Seminar

    coach in Local Events

    Any warriors here in the London area? Headed to London in a couple weeks to speak at a seminar. Couple people asked about meeting up... Others here interested?

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    Boston Massachussetts

    EvanScott in Local Events

    Looking to set up a mastermind group or form a entrepreneur group to attend live avents with and joint venture with in Boston MA. If anyones interested send me a ... [read more]

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    UK ONLY - Skype

    Are you interested in meeting up with online marketers, businessman and affiliate marketing experts based in the UK? PM me with your name, email address/skype id and what you do? ... [read more]

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    3rd Warrior Live Event

    Don Schenk in Local Events

    Who else is going? Mods, (don't shoot me) I am putting this post here so a larger number of warriors see it. It probably belongs over in the meetings and ... [read more]

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    UK Warriors Interested In A Warrior Event?

    Andyhenry in Local Events

    Hi, Now that I'm back in the UK for the foreseeable future I wanted get started on getting warriors together. I met a bunch of you a few days ago ... [read more]

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    Mastermind Group: Lake geneva, WI.

    Gregory Stowe in Local Events

    Hello. I'm Greg. I live in beautiful down town LG. I'm into IM, AM, CPA, WP, and all that good stuff, also getting into local SEO. looking for anybody to ... [read more]

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    Upstate South Carolina

    Chris Ramsey in Local Events

    Are you in South Carolina? Would you like to meet other IM's that want to help you grow your business? Hi friends, I'm Chris Ramsey, and IM and Success Coach ... [read more]

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    Tucson AZ Mastermind Group????

    Mikesweeney in Local Events

    Hi I'm new to internet marketing. I'm curious to know if anyone in Tucson would like to start a mastermind group or if there is a existing one. Thanks Mike

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    jfarrell in Local Events

    Who lives in the desert?

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    Monthly Skype Mastermind Group

    Presto Smith in Local Events

    Howdy, I am building a Mastermind group that will meet up each month via Skype. The focus is for developing internet businesses and creating income streams online. If you are ... [read more]

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    Global Domination Mastermind Group (Oh come on it is my birthday today!)

    Aarron in Local Events

    Warriors, I would like to propse a worldwide venture. A mastermind group all of our very own. I'm not sure how many I would want to limit this too, but ... [read more]

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    SENukeX users in Toronto?

    Marty S in Local Events

    If anyone knows how to use this software and wouldn't mind spending a day with a Nuke virgin, I could make you a real good pasta for lunch in my ... [read more]

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    Free Membership with content?

    dwave in Local Events

    Hello folks we are working on a great mastermind website. Can't say much here yet not launched yet. Looking for folks that want a free membership in trade of some ... [read more]

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    Anyone have Hall Passes to Ad-Tech SF?

    Brian Kerr in Local Events

    Hey, I am a student at SF state and some of my friends in the marketing association are looking to go to Ad-Tech SF2011. If you have access to free ... [read more]

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    Who Wants to Chat?

    Chris W. Sutton in Local Events

    It's Friday night and it's time to talk marketing! Welcome to Live Marketing Chat, where we Discuss Business and Marketing with Professional Marketers...

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    Forming a New Mastermind Group in Thousand Oaks, CA

    kjhosein in Local Events

    Hello all, I'm forming a new mastermind group in the Thousand Oaks, CA area of no more than 5-6 people including myself. You can come from as far away as ... [read more]

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    Chicago Meeting for Warriors

    evarda in Local Events

    Hi everyone I would like to setup a regular meeting for Warriors together in the Chicago area. I would like to have an quick meeting in the next few weeks ... [read more]

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    Any Warriors near Charleston, SC

    Hi, are there any warriors near Charleston, SC who like to mastermind?

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    Warriors In Toronto?

    JamesZakaria in Local Events

    I am interested in meeting some IM warriors in the Toronto area to discuss traffic generation, testing PPC and copywriting both in online email/salespage and offline direct mail. Both advanced ... [read more]

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    stl meet up?

    Nick30 in Local Events

    Just seeing if anyone is interested in the stl area....

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    Albany New York Or 518 area code

    craigslist in Local Events

    Hi I would like to have a meeting with anyone interested in wordpress or just to combine knowledge about success and how WP can help them if you would like ... [read more]

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    Any Warriors in Charleston, SC?

    Hi are there any warriors in Charleston or close to Charleston, SC that would like to form a mastermind group? I'd love to hear from you.

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    cegonsoft | job hunters need cegonsoft to train in "PHP/Mysql"

    sanjubtech in Local Events

    Cegonsoft is a way proud to mention that the Job oriented IT Training is inclusive of platforms that have wider scope in the prevailing and forthcoming IT Job Market. These ... [read more]

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    My AUD$125.000 Story ( workshop SEO Inverse )

    nathansaputra in Local Events

    Hi my name is Nathan Saputra from Indonesia , i want to held small workshop about my SEO blueprint called " SEO Inverse " in Sydney and Melbourne this april ... [read more]

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    LEts get together in NE OH (cleveland,akron,canton,youngstown,ect)

    ikan_sith in Local Events

    hey warriors. I see several MM groups in ohio but none in our area. lets start one and see what we can learn and teach each other!

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    7AM Eastern Time: Long-Term Success

    365Daysof in Local Events

    I had a mastermind group for 9 months that I enjoyed, but the last few months, I felt like the other two ladies were not taking it seriously. I'd love ... [read more]

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    hw can i get pr1

    hi. hw can i get pr1 .can u suggest me

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    Anybody in the Ft. Myers, Florida area?

    Kevingators in Local Events

    I was wondering if anybody the Ft. Myers, Florida area would like to start a Mastermind Group? Let me know, Kevin

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    Any Irish Warriors Fancy Starting A Mastermind Group

    darren13 in Local Events

    Hi I was just wondering if there is any Irish warriors interested in starting up a mastermind group. Let me know if anyone is interested. It would be great to ... [read more]