Local Meetups, Mastermind Groups and Warrior Events

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    Basic Guidelines: Please Read - Not For Skype Groups! STICKY

    admin in Local Events

    This forum is for posting about Local Meetings and forming Local Mastermind groups. This can be extremely powerful if used correctly. 5 or 6 people getting together and forming a ... [read more]

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    UK Internet Marketing workshop

    Robert Puddy in Local Events

    For all those looking for an event in the UK Were holding a workshop in Bristol on the weekend of May 7th to the 9th Its a fun weekend with ... [read more]

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    East London Business Brains

    Glenn Leader in Local Events

    As an IMer, life can get pretty lonely sometimes. Wouldn't it be great to meet like minded people for a chat? If you live in, or close to East London, ... [read more]

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    Pasadena This Sunday 5 p.m: 1st Round of Ale on Me!, Limit 7

    copyassassin in Local Events

    Warriors- How about a round of Ale on me this Sunday? I'll be in the Pasadena CA area this sunday, and would love to chat with like minded IMers at ... [read more]

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    Did you even know about this weekend's NY/NJ Warrior lunch?

    jasondinner in Local Events

    Hey All, I totally forgot this was even happening this weekend until Mike Ambrosio dropped me a line to see if I was still going. And I think I know ... [read more]

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    Scottish Warriors Unite

    Andy Marco in Local Events

    Hi there, Just wondered if there were any Scottish Warriors who might be interested in meeting up over a wee dram perhaps? Send me a PM if anyone's interested. Look ... [read more]

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    Anyone attending the Stompernet Live 9 event on March 25-28?

    csa_dummy in Local Events

    I was wondering if anyone was attending this event. Details in link below: StomperNet LIVE9 | March 25th - 28th | W Hotel, Midtown Atlanta, Georgia The fee is only ... [read more]

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    Any Warriors from Hong Kong?

    PrincessPeach in Local Events

    I always go back to HK every so often, this time I'll be there from April 25-May18. Any Warriors in HK wanna meet up? We can go to Lan Kwai ... [read more]

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    Any Bangladeshi warrior here?

    monsur in Local Events

    Is there any warrior from Bangladesh?Please express yourself. Thanks Monsur

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    Glasgow Meet

    weegie in Local Events

    Time for another coffee anyone! In the usual place Beanscene 1-3 Helena Place Busby Road Clarkston Glasgow G76 7RB

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    Any Warriors in Sydney

    maco in Local Events

    I would like to start an event in Sydney. Anyone interested?

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    MoreNiche Affiliate Gathering - 25/26 June 2010 - UK

    Andy_MoreNiche in Local Events

    After the massive success of last years first MoreNiche Affiliate Gathering we have set to work on preparing for this years event, with one aim.... to make it bigger, better ... [read more]

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    USA and UK seminars

    pickthat apple in Local Events

    please follow the google link: services.google.com/ads_inquiry/awseminars

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    mastermind group in seattle

    thomasmps in Local Events

    Looking to meetup with other professionals who would like to share and possibly work on a project together. I am in the Seattle/Renton area. Thomas

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    Any Bay Area Warriors(SF,Fairfax, Oakland)

    goliathseo in Local Events

    Hey everyone... Just wanted to see if there were any warriors in the bay area that would like to meet up for a mastermind group...

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    Space Coast, FL Warriors

    Chris Ramsey in Local Events

    Hey all, Getting ready to move down to the Space Coast (Titusville) on Sunday - wondering if there are any Warriors down there. If so, I'd love to start a ... [read more]

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    Dot Com Summit: Internet Marketing School For Beginners

    shirley037 in Local Events

    Hey guys! I'm sharing this upcoming event that's open for every Internet marketer out there! Ron Legrand's DOT COM SUMMIT: INTERNET MARKETING SCHOOL FOR BEGINNERS DATE: Feb. 26-28, 2010 VENUE: ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Meet Up in Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!!

    mikepac in Local Events

    RevenueAds an oklahoma based affiliate network is having an affiliate meetup with co-sponsers Ndustry Clix and Ndemand Affiliates March 19th 2010. They will be having a catered lunch and prizes ... [read more]

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    Any London IM's

    Interesting in Local Events

    Hi All, I will be hosting a session with a few well respected online IM Guru's in London Let me know if you would like to join? PM for details ... [read more]

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    Australian Warriors.... Hows your Internet connection?

    Michael Lewis in Local Events

    Hey just wondering how your Internet is there in Australia? Do you have Wi-Fi hotspots all over? Just wondering because im about to hit up Australia for some time. (At ... [read more]

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    Warriors in Central Oregon (Bend, Redmond, Sisters)

    miked in Local Events

    Ok, there is a group forming in Portand - the PBX Warriors. We can't have the Valley showing us up. I have been looking for local outsourcing to web designers ... [read more]

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    WEBINAR SERIES: Learn Affiliate Marketing In 4 Weeks (March 3 - March 28)

    eclario in Local Events

    Are you new to affiliate marketing? Need to brush up on your AM skills? Want to learn everything from effective ways to rapidly produce landing pages, PPC campaigns, ensure compliance, ... [read more]

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    Any Marbella/Costa Del Sol warriors?

    M Thompson in Local Events

    I know there are several internet marketers living down here in marbella. Anybody want to meet up for a chat some time?

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    Mark Anastasi's Speed Cash Seminar

    Brian Wynn in Local Events

    It's on Sat 20th February at Holiday Inn Heathrow - Mark told me it's a smaller, more "underground" event I'm going... anyone else? Site is Speed Cash Seminar dot com [read more]

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    Vancouver, B.C, Canada

    Rob Toth in Local Events

    Every 3-4 weeks, I host a casual "appies, drinks and deal makings" night out. It's a relaxed networking atmosphere held somewhere in Yaletown (downtown Vancouver). If you're interested in dropping ... [read more]

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    Any Warriors in Springfield MO. USA

    fudomyo in Local Events

    Hey folks, If there's any master mind groups in the area, i'd be interested in attending any events Jerry

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    Mastermind Group (Singapore)

    jaeditay in Local Events

    Hi, I'm interested in joining/forming a group made up of people from Singapore. Let me know if you are interested =) Jaedi

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    OMG - There's a lobster loose!

    jacktackett in Local Events

    So, what does the title of this thread have to do with Marketing? Maybe the question you should ask is "Why am I reading this thread?" Because the subject caught ... [read more]

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    WordCamp Toronto - Who's going?

    Brad Gosse in Local Events

    I am going to be speaking about SEO on day 2. Would love to meet other warriors. The Schedule WordCamp Toronto

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    Check translation services in Pakistan

    vishaltamang in Local Events

    Translation.pk have expert translators for many languages including Arabic Translation, Portuguese Translation and in many more languages. Regards, vishal tamang-7367

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    vigrx in Local Events

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    Las Vegas LeadsCon

    isaversnetwork in Local Events

    WHAT: Mastercard/Visa Debacle - FIGHTING BACK! If the recent changes with merchant accounts hurt your business, join this roundtable as we work together to adjust to the new rules. WHERE: ... [read more]

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    Central Virginia and/or DC area

    KimW in Local Events

    Would be interested in getting to gether with fellow Warriors. Get in touch.

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    Stand and be heard, O' Sinful Warriors of Sin City (Las Vegas, duh!)

    Jamie Gillam in Local Events

    If there are any Warriors who live in or around Vegas, I'm here and ready to meet regularly, or semi-so. It's all good for us at my place here on ... [read more]

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    Is anyone going to Mark Anastasi's Ultimate Listbuilding Masterclass ?

    marklyford in Local Events

    Just got the email... I cant afford to go, but would really like to as list building is my top priority... He's offering two for one on tickets at the ... [read more]

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    SoCal Mastermind - Inaugural Meeting THIS WEEK - Don't miss it!

    sunny56 in Local Events

    Hi there. I've noticed a few threads here for meetups in So-Cal, San Diego, LA area, but none that I can see have taken off? This is surprising, especially considering ... [read more]

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    Free Social Media Webinar Tonight!

    donnyg18 in Local Events

    Want to finally take advantage of social media? This free webinar will teach you: How to build your own tribe How to get a massive swarm of Free traffic from ... [read more]

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    Caribbean Internet Marketing Summit

    shirley037 in Local Events

    Hi guys, just want to share this wonderful event with you... CARIBBEAN INTERNET MARKETING SUMMIT You are Invited to Join the World's Top Experts on Internet Marketing Place: Barbados, Caribbean ... [read more]

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    Austin TX Mastermind

    RockstarBen in Local Events

    Hi, I run a Mastermind group that is strictly for entrepreneurs in Austin... atxmastermind.com Let me know if you'd like to check us out.

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    Columbus Ohio Internet Marketing Group

    steelersrule in Local Events

    Looking for some Central Ohio Internet Marketers that speak our language and want to learn how to make their businesses grow online. We have started to outgrow our Columbus meetup ... [read more]

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    Free Ticket Available for The Ultimate Listbuilding Masterclass in London this weekend!

    Tom Lazenby in Local Events

    Hey guys, I have tickets to Mark Anastasi's Ultimate Listbuilding Masterclass this weekend. With my ticket I can bring one guest for free...so if anyone's interested simply email me here ... [read more]

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    John Carlton sws meeting in Calif.

    herrick in Local Events

    Any warriors going to be there that are interested in meeting up ????

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    Anyone here going to the Content Conference?

    Scott Ames in Local Events

    Anyone going to the Buy-Sell Content Conference in April? Buying & Selling eContent 2010

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    NYC Graphic Designer new to the forum

    kshinabery212 in Local Events

    I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. If there are other artists in NYC that would like to connect, feel free to send me a message. ... [read more]

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    Tony Robbins Business Master in Vegas (Jan) - Who is gonna be there?

    Adam Nolan in Local Events

    Hi Guys; So I got into all of this IM stuff because I'm headed to the Tony Robbins Business Mastery Seminar series in Vegas in Jan. All the big shots ... [read more]

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    Needs Help

    gtt in Local Events

    Does anybody know on how those promotional and coupon codes work for Animoto.com? Thanks in advance Gerry

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    Affiliate Summit Vegas: Drinks on me

    Brad Gosse in Local Events

    Who here is going to the affiliate summit in January? I would love to get together for drinks. Let me know. I am booking soon, staying @ the Wynn. Brad

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    Philadelphia (tri-state)

    Brian Edmondson in Local Events

    Local meetings (possibly monthly) & mastermind group for people in the Greater Philadelphia / tri-State area... First meeting is Saturday November 1, 2008, location TBA. Please post if you're interested ... [read more]

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    Hampton Roads Area, Virginia

    DirectoryKing in Local Events

    Anyone interested in a mastermind group who resides in the Hampton roads area.

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    Tampa FL

    If you are new to affiliate marketing, you should consider attending Affiliate Wealth Today presented by full time affiliate marketer and warrior Dan Sherman. We will be covering everything you ... [read more]

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    San Diego, California

    sdentrepreneur in Local Events

    Hello Everyone !!! I am part of Mastermind Group in San Diego, there is several of us who meet and talk Internet Marketing. Add to this Thread if you are ... [read more]

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    MindSet For Success Weekend - A Life Changing Event

    G Allan Roberts in Local Events

    Hey Guys & Gals We are hosting a live event with billionaire speakers. - Mike and Anna McCoy - Millionaire - Anthony Morrison & Many Other Local Millionaire Entrepreneurs They ... [read more]

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    Boston SEO & Affiliate Marketing Networking Events

    phonecards in Local Events

    Boston SEO & Affiliate Marketing Networking Events For the last 3 years i've hosted this monthly free event to share advice and tips on a personal level. The group has ... [read more]

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    Last minute cancellation: Attend Mike Filsaime's "MarketersCruise.com" for 50% discount!

    mmazur in Local Events

    Hey guys, I was supposed to go on the Marketers Cruise hosted by Mike Filsaime and top internet marketers, but something came up and I'm no longer able to go! ... [read more]

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    HenryDicks in Local Events

    Hey guys, I'm trying to reach the next level of marketing...not only making enough cash to survive but actually live in abundance. But...I'm a lazy shmuck. So - I'm looking ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Summit - 7Reach

    7reach in Local Events

    Hi All, The 7reach.com team will be attending Affiliate Summit in Vegas from Jan 16th through the 19th. If you would like to set up a meeting with someone from ... [read more]