Local Meetups, Mastermind Groups and Warrior Events

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    Basic Guidelines: Please Read - Not For Skype Groups! STICKY

    admin in Local Events

    This forum is for posting about Local Meetings and forming Local Mastermind groups. This can be extremely powerful if used correctly. 5 or 6 people getting together and forming a ... [read more]

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    Tri-cities Washington: Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco

    Spencer Haws in Local Events

    Hello: Just wondering if there is anyone from the Tri-cities area on here. I would love to have a local meetup or group to discuss internet marketing with. Just looking ... [read more]

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    NWOhio, SE Michigan area - Let's meet!

    linkmetro in Local Events

    Would like to meet with other Warriors from in NW Ohio (Toledo), SE Lower Michigan and Ft Wayne IN area to share IM experience. Post here or PM if you ... [read more]

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    Anybody going to the affiliate summit east?

    Payback in Local Events

    Hey warriors! first exciting post here! I'm very excited about my opening of this big can of of worms we call IM.. I'm a web designer making my way into ... [read more]

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    London Meeting Friday 17th July

    Kevin McNally in Local Events

    Date : Friday 17th July Time : 2 pm Venue : Ibis London Euston Hotel (Hotel LONDON Ibis London Euston St Pancras: hotel reservation in LONDON) Hi Would any of ... [read more]

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    So who would like to Meet our Lovely Bev Clement in Swansea on 21st July 09?

    Susan Hope in Local Events

    Hi Everyone, Bev Clement is coming to Swansea, South Wales in the next week or so (Date and time to be confirmed soon). She and I are arranging to have ... [read more]

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    Albuquerque New Mexico

    zendolphin in Local Events

    I have a Local Group Meeting Here you can find us at Meetup.com under Albuquerque Internet Professionals.

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    any los angles people here - i'm going to a IM seminar tommorow...

    BJ Min in Local Events

    hi, i am not promoting this or making money from this... but there is an internet marketing seminar that i am going through meetup.com group... i've been there before and ... [read more]

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    July Networking Gathering On The Beach In Florida

    Willie Crawford in Local Events

    In September 2007 and May 2008, I hosted networking meetings at a local restaurant near my house. I announced those meetings in The Internet Marketing Inner Circle and on The ... [read more]

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    Manchester Meetup Thursday 16th July

    Gwuido65 in Local Events

    Just wondering if anybody is interested in meeting up on this date. It would be based in South Manchester. Thanks

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    Internet Marketers in Buenos Aires???

    aidanjb1 in Local Events

    Hey, Im currently in Buenos Aires - Argentina for a couple of months and am keen to get together with other like minded internet marketers...if anyone wants to catch up ... [read more]

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    Manchester/North West meet up Friday 19th July

    Gwuido65 in Local Events

    Hi there, I am planning to start a local meet up for Manchester/North West based warriors. The plan is to meet up at around lunchtime on Friday 19th June. I ... [read more]

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    Launch Tree Live - Anyone Going?

    Mike Filsaimes and Aniks Launch Tree Live seminar this month in Vegas... Is anyone going? I can't wait, looks to be an awesome 3 days! I was just wondering if ... [read more]

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    Free Ticket To Ryan Deiss's Traffic and Conversion Summit

    bigashrial in Local Events

    Hey Everyone - I have got a ticket and am allowed to bring a guest free of charge - any of you warriors interested in coming to austin free of ... [read more]

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    Traffic & Conversion Summit - Room Available

    bigashrial in Local Events

    Hey Warriors - I was able to get the hotel for TAC at the good price before it sold out...anyone want to share a room? PM me if you do! ... [read more]

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    Any one from Hull, UK?

    John Pawlett in Local Events

    Hi Guys I am running a free seminar on SEO and massivly driving your online business forward in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK on Friday 3rd July. I know it's short ... [read more]

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    Looking to meet and network with other in's that specialize in fitness products.

    corygoose in Local Events

    I'm just looking for others that specialize in fitness products and start networking with them. Send me a email! coryvangeest AT gmail DOT com

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    Bay Area, Marin County

    Brian Maroevich in Local Events

    Hi, If there are any Internet Marketers in the Bay Area who are making a full time income just in internet marketing, I would be interested in a mastermind group. ... [read more]

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    International Mastermind Group

    TheGodfather in Local Events

    Hello Warriors, I'm sending out a call to all members that have 200+ posts, and that are willing, in order to form a Mastermind Group with the goal to attain ... [read more]

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    JV Alert Live in Washington DC

    KyleSozah in Local Events

    Hi, Just seeing if anyone out on the forum is headed to JV Alert Live in Washington DC this year? I scanned the blogs and threads for information on last ... [read more]

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    NEED HELP? Offer your feedback for new IM Bartering/Cooperative Website

    in2it in Local Events

    Let's all get together to focus on success and support each others' efforts! If there are already groups that work this way, please let me know and I will join ... [read more]

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    What Internet Marketing Seminars 2009 Are available in NEW YORK From 9th of July till 30th of Sept?

    Sophymav in Local Events

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know of any big name Internet Marketing Seminars that are available from 9th July till the 30th of Sept. or any nearby states? We are looking ... [read more]

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    Cape Town South Africa Warriors lets do this NOW

    Topgunb in Local Events

    We live in the most beautiful part of the world, by anyones standards. Let's get together as warriors and make Cape Town Rock with the warrior spirit. We can put ... [read more]

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    Meets in the South of the UK

    burf.com in Local Events

    Is there many meets in the UK and if so how about around london or the south?

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    Friday 19th June - Pizza Express Wilmslow 12:45

    AndrewStark in Local Events

    Hi Warriors Short notice I know, but if you can get to Pizza Express in Wilmslow for 12:45 on Friday 19th June a quick lunch meeting will be taking place. ... [read more]

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    Looking for Partners for IM Seminar - ME, NH, MA

    GoPeterB in Local Events

    Im looking to hold an IM seminar to teach small business owners how to market online. Im looking to hold this in the Greater Portland, ME area and am looking ... [read more]

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    Melbourne Australia MEET UP

    goindeep in Local Events

    HI i would like to meet up with fellow IMers in Melbourne Australia for a chat and coffee/beer. Ill be back in Melbourne in a few days. Anyone wanna meet ... [read more]

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    Perth Australia Entrepreneurs Meetup - Feb 8th

    Bruce Hearder in Local Events

    Hi all West Aussie based Warriors, I'm in the process of organising an informal meetup for us all. Everyone's invited. If you're visiting Perth during this time, come join us ... [read more]

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    Any Events on the East Coast?

    jvalentin in Local Events

    Any Events on the East Coast? Not too many down here. I was wondering if there is anything coming up soon. Like NY, NJ or PA? jvalentin

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    Chicago Affiliate Marketing Meetup

    marshalfirth in Local Events

    We have a killer meetup for Affiliate Marketers in the Chicago area. You can check it out at: The Chicago Affiliate Marketing Meetup Group (Chicago, IL) - Meetup.com Next meeting ... [read more]

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    Jerusalem Israel

    Harlan in Local Events

    I'm holding a Q&A session Monday night at the Inbal hotel in Jerusalem at 7:30 PM. Bring your online marketing questions, websites, copy, and let's see what we can do ... [read more]

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    UK Internet Marketer's Golf Society

    phil79 in Local Events

    Just throwing it out there for now... Would any UK-based Internet Marketers / Solo-preneurs be interested in forming a golf society? Initial thoughts are that we would play once a ... [read more]

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    Yaniks Underground

    dyaonna in Local Events

    Does anybody know how you find out about Yaniks underground ? thanks

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    Barter Mastermind Group

    TheFrankLee in Local Events

    In Jay Abraham's book - Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You Have Got, there is one single important business strategy that everyone can use immediately to grow your ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Convention Denver 09 - Win $100 At From Offeratti - Jingle Jim & Win

    JimLillig in Local Events

    If you are going to Affiliate Convention in Denver, which I highly suggest you do, then I want to meet you. I have been on Warrior Forum for some time ... [read more]

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    Any Austinite Warriors?

    Emily Meeks in Local Events

    If you live in Austin, I say we arrange a meet-up in a bookstore or cafe. I know several good places around town that would be perfect for a get-together ... [read more]

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    UK Seminars etc

    Neil Morgan in Local Events

    Hey Guys So does anyone know if there are any IM seminars etc planned for the UK this year? Cheers, Neil

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    Jerusalem, Israel

    BizBooks in Local Events

    Any Warriors interested in meeting up in Jerusalem?

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    Anybody Going to Ryan Lee's Continuity Summit?

    Ron Douglas in Local Events

    Ryan Lee's Continuity Summit is this weekend - May 15-17. If you're going to be there, tap me on the shoulder when you see me.

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    Make Money Online Forum for Pinoys

    Ross Dalangin in Local Events

    Good Day! A new forum for pinoys about making money online is now open to the public. It is called IM4Pinoy which means Internet Marketing for Pinoy. Here's the link ... [read more]

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    Las Vegas Meetups or IM Conferences

    Lee Kendrick in Local Events

    Does anyone know of a Internet Marketing conference being held in the Las Vegas area in May 2009? I'm traveling to Las Vegas in May 2009, and want to attend ... [read more]

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    Amsterdam Warriors Needed

    Olu Joseph in Local Events

    Hey guys, i would be in Amsterdam from 26th till 31st May for IT Conference and was wondering if we have Warriors i can hook up with after my daily ... [read more]

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    Local Interest

    ronb4435 in Local Events

    Looking to meet internet savvy people in the Joplin,Missouri area I have met Jerry Myer but looking for others who might be in the Joplin area.

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    hii new here

    bradwilson55 in Local Events

    hi all, i am Brad Wilson , new to here , i am a health expert by profession, please feel free to share your views..

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    Irish Warriors Online?

    st0rm in Local Events

    Hi Lads, Any Irish Warriors around this forum? let me know and we will plan something

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    Calgary Alberta

    fthomas137 in Local Events

    I'm looking to head a mastermind group for internet marketers in the Calgary, Alberta area. If you are interested, please PM me. I'd love to hear from you! Frank

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    London wealth Thing Seminar For UK Warriors

    extremelyhappy in Local Events

    Hi Warriors, I will be organising another sell out business event LIVE in London where you get to meet some of the world's best speakers and business experts all in ... [read more]

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    Make your young child internet savvy .

    Leonill in Local Events

    My husband and I are very busy in our respective professions. That leaves us with very little time for our adolescent twin daughters. Sometimes it so happens that we are ... [read more]

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    Warriors In Mumbai / Bangalore

    Jason Pereira in Local Events

    Hey Warriors, I'll be visiting India soon and will be trying to hold an event or two in Mumbai / Bangalore. The Mumbai one is definite, and depending on interest ... [read more]

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    IM'ers near Monaco?

    ConcordeWarrior in Local Events

    Anyone near Monaco/Nice/Cannes... or maybe San Remo? Calling on Riviera IMers for Mastermind Group. Feel free to PM me. Thank you.

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    The Continuity Summit - 5/15 to 5/17

    J. Barry Mandel in Local Events

    Is anyone here going to the Continuity Summit in Stamford Connecticut? http://www.ozworthlive.com/ I'm thinking about going but have not made up my mind yet!

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    Entusiastic Reviewers..

    Intrepreneur in Local Events

    I Invite people who are entusiastic about reviewing online instant access products. such products will be make money online products, success and empowerment, hosting, SEO, and any other category contributors ... [read more]

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    Central Coast, CA

    tmnoonan in Local Events

    We are trying to start a webmasters club for anyone with a home-based online business on the Central Coast. If you are in Paso Robles, Atascadero, Santa Margarita, San Luis ... [read more]

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    solardave in Local Events

    Looking for IMs in Kentucky. Anyone in South Central Kentucky?

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    Wilmington Nc Area

    Erik B in Local Events

    Hello all! I'm looking for warriors that would like to meet in the Wilmington Nc area. Lets get together.

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    London Internet Marketing Workshop and Networking Meet

    extremelyhappy in Local Events

    Hi, I will be organising another exciting IM workshop in Central London on next Thursday, 29th April 2009 at The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, W1. In this next session, we ... [read more]

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    Vancouver Internet Marketing meeting April 26th

    audio90 in Local Events

    Are you interested in Internet Marketing and making money on the internet? Are you interested in making passive income while you sleep? Would you like to make several thousand dollars ... [read more]