Local Meetups, Mastermind Groups and Warrior Events

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    Basic Guidelines: Please Read - Not For Skype Groups! STICKY

    admin in Local Events

    This forum is for posting about Local Meetings and forming Local Mastermind groups. This can be extremely powerful if used correctly. 5 or 6 people getting together and forming a ... [read more]

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    SW Missouri?

    oneempowered in Local Events

    Any interest in a MM group in SW MO?

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    Warriors in Fiji

    Forsaken in Local Events

    Hello there Any warriors from Fiji Islands here? Preferably in the vicinity of the capital city, Suva. We could meet up and discuss about a major project to launch in ... [read more]

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    GKIC Central Maryland Chapter Meeting.

    MAGICTAINMENT in Local Events

    Dear Business Entrepreneur, HAPPY NEW YEAR andbest wishes for success in your business during the coming year. To help you succeed, we have special topics planned for our upcoming ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing London, United Kingdom??

    Mr. Thiago in Local Events

    I'm forming an internet marketing group for those who are based in London, United Kingdom. I need to create some contacts out of nowhere fast and I suppose if you ... [read more]

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    San Diego Lets Meet

    depotgang in Local Events

    Hello Folks, I know there are a number of people from the San Diego region on this board. I would love to get together and start a monthly meeting, lunch ... [read more]

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    Andrew Milburn in Local Events

    Hi, If there is anyone interested in meeting up for a chat and lunch in the Lichfield Staffordshire area to talk about online marketing, auctions please leave your details below. ... [read more]

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    How to pursue personal, financial, and business goals for 2009

    Dotcomlink in Local Events

    I've arranged to get you exclusive VIP access to an important video that will help your success for 2009. I have also included a calendar to guide your goal setting ... [read more]

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    Any Warriors near Valdosta, GA?

    tedwards in Local Events

    Anyone in the Valdosta, GA and surrounding areas that would like to start a group? Contact me by pm and we'll get the ball rolling. Regards, Tommy

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    Affilicon Conference & Exhibition: November 24-25, 2008, Shefayim Hotel, Shefaim, Israel

    i have found a new conference going on in Israel this month i thing I'll go, but not sure yet. from their site: Affilicon - Affiliate Marketing Conference & Exhibition, ... [read more]

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    Mastermind with Advanced Warriors

    write-stuff in Local Events

    I'm aware that some talented and experienced people are making it big in IM. But I'm betting a small group with the necessary mix of superb talent can do better. ... [read more]

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    November London Lunch - Now Fully Booked!

    Martin Avis in Local Events

    We are now fully booked. The next London Lunch will take place on Friday November 28th. We have a limited number of places available and places are already being booked, ... [read more]

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    South Dakota

    jeankb in Local Events

    HI, Anyone here from SD?

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    Orlando Area Warrior Meeting Reminder

    Jason Anderson in Local Events

    Hi Warriors... Just a reminder, if you live in the Orlando Florida area, we are meeting at the Altamonte Ale House on SR 436 tonight at 7pm. Here is the ... [read more]

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    Warriors In The Temecula/Murrieta Region?

    nair in Local Events

    Anyone up for an event? Post any suggestions.

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    Mastermind Vacation Carribean Cruise (4 Cabins Left)

    CaptainLou in Local Events

    Just want to let everyone know that we sold out this years' Mastermind Vacation with 262 guests in 6 groups coming from 14 different countries, and I see a lot ... [read more]

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    deal123 in Local Events

    I did like to know if there are any warriors who are in the Louisville area and like to meet up.

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    Lunchbox Series, Dublin, Ohio USA

    dbarnum in Local Events

    Hi, I teach "The Basics of Selling on eBay" at a Lunchbox Learning Series on Tuesdays. So if you'd like to meet at the end of class for lunch / ... [read more]

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    Any warriors in the Akron/Cleveland area?

    VinJay in Local Events

    Hi: Vince here Wanted to know if any Warriors wanted to master mind in the Akron / Cleveland area.

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    Orange County Internet Marketing Meetup

    Dan Safkow in Local Events

    I host monthly IM seminars in Irvine. Check us out at at Meetup site. We're at marketing.meetup.com/204

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    UK Mastermind

    Abul-Hussain in Local Events

    Ok guys please continue here... Abul

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    London Event with Simon Leung (ex-Google.com Employee)

    extremelyhappy in Local Events

    Here is your one off opportunity to meet some of the very best in their industry and they will all be meeting you at the Wealth Thing Seminar on Saturday, ... [read more]

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    New York City Warriors

    slashman in Local Events

    Hello, Not sure if anyone would be interested in this. I haven't been on the forum in a while and I just found this forum, so I wanted to see ... [read more]

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    Possible masterminding in Bellevue & Lynwood WA

    balsimon in Local Events

    I mastermind informally with 2 marketers on the Eastside, just east of Seattle, generally once every week or so. I also meet with 1 - 2 other marketers just north ... [read more]

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    Are there any Warriors in South Wales

    mjbmedia in Local Events

    Im in Cardiff and looking for meetings and defineite JVs and affiliations with others in this area, or not depedning on what we can offer each other. My SWOT analysis ... [read more]

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    Recession Proof Income Seminar - LONDON, UK

    Brian Wynn in Local Events

    Hi There To All UK Based Warriors, Brian Wynn here, and I have a quick question for you. Are you worried what impact this UK recession will have on your ... [read more]

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    Detroit & Burbs

    Sandy Barris in Local Events

    Any Detroit Warriors out there that want to meet up regularly to mastermind? Let's to meet, swap ideas and help each other grow bigger, better and more profitable businesses. We ... [read more]

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    I got banned so heres a reminder for brisbane coffee

    Mark Coverdale in Local Events

    Hi All, I was accidently banned from the forum earlier today and it has been sorted out. But some of my posts and threads are gone so I am reposting ... [read more]

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    South East IM Meeting in East Tennessee

    Hi All: Its time again! Notification list signup at ZWebber - East Tennessee Internet Marketing Meeting We're going to have a great group of people here so if you are ... [read more]

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    Any West Australians here?

    revelation in Local Events

    Just wondering if there are any people from Western Australia here. In particular around the south-west region or Perth? Actually, na flag that, anyone from anywhere in WA. Would just ... [read more]

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    In northeast ohio..

    is there anyone in my area (440) that would be willing to hook up and mastermind? (518) 307 - 9749 I know, I know, it's a NY area code, but ... [read more]

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    TeamThrifty in Local Events

    Anyone in the Miss-Lou want to meet up here in Natchez? Central Mississippi City, and only 1 mile to Vidalia, Louisiana.

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    S.E. U.S.A East Tennessee Meetup

    The East Tennessee Warriors meetup date and location has been announced. Be there! You can get on the notification list at East Tennessee Internet Marketing Meeting Date:November 15, 2008 Time: ... [read more]

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    Iowa City / Cedar Rapids Iowa

    Terry Crim in Local Events

    Mastermind and local get together once a month for those in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids / Davenport area. Just a bunch of us getting together once a month ... [read more]

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    Basic Guidelines: Please Read - Not For Skype Groups!

    admin in Local Events

    This forum is for posting about Local Meetings and forming Local Mastermind groups. This can be extremely powerful if used correctly. 5 or 6 people getting together and forming a ... [read more]